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The Louisville Genealogical Society was founded in 1985; membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy, or the history of Louisville, Jefferson County, and surrounding areas.  It was organized in 1985 as a nonprofit,  educational society for the purpose of preserving, evaluating and sharing local records.  Click here for a brief history of the early years of the society.

The Louisville Genealogical Society membership approved revisions to the by-laws of the Society at the meeting held October 23, 2012. Click here to review the amended By-Laws.



Louisville Genealogical Society will have night meetings (in addition to our regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month) beginning in February. These evening meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the month from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at St. Matthews/Eline Public Library. Click here for complete information or click PROGRAM above.



We're striving to keep LGS members informed about what information is available in our Jane Turner Hamm Library. Click here for a Surname List From LGS Library’s Family Group Sheets, Family Trees and Pedigree Sheets contained in the library. These are listed by surname. Also included is a list of current quarterlies received by the library and the geographical areas covered by each. Click here to access the list. Genealogical society newletters that are received by the LGS library will no longer be kept in the LGS Library due to their temporary nature and lack of shelf space. However, the newsletters will be made available to members to take, free of charge, at the LGS meeting sign-in sheets tables. Look for them there.


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Considering using a DNA test to find or confirm your ancestors? LGS has recently become an affiliate of FamilyTreeDNA. If you order their tests through us, a portion of your payment will benefit the Louisville Genealogical Society. Thanks for your support! Click here to place your order.


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IMPORTANT If your e-mail address changes, please notify Amelia Debusman amelia@iglou.com


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Please remember to send in your 2015 dues. Dues are based on the calendar year. Effective for 2015 memberships, LGS has found it necessary to increase dues to $20.00 for an individual and $25.00 for a family. Click here for a Membership Application. Application with payment should be mailed to:
LGS - Treasurer
P.O. Box 43038
Louisville, KY 40253-0038

When you join the Society, we would appreciate your sharing the surnames and locations you are researching.  We welcome your pedigree charts, family group sheets, and any information you have to share.  Materials submitted will be placed in our library files.


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Research is done on a limited basis for out-of-town members.  Specific data must be requested--we cannot do your family history!  Research is confined to our small library collection.  All requests should be mailed to
Louisville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164
or send an e-mail to lougensoc@yahoo.com.  Queries will be accepted to be included in a future issue of Lines and By-Lines; a maximum of 200 words. Include contact information.

The Louisville Genealogical Society is a tax-exempt organization.  Donations are welcome; we will gladly furnish any donor with a receipt for tax purposes.

To make a contribution, contact our treasurer:
    LGS - Treasurer
    P.O. Box 21771
    Louisville, KY 40221-0771

Lines and By-Lines is our quarterly journal. It is mailed the middle of March, June, September and December. A searchable index of articles which appeared in the 1986-1994 quarterlies may be found by clicking here. The editor of the quarterly is Debra Renard. Contact her at debra.renard@twc.com

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month for a program meeting. On the fourth Tuesday (except in November and December) we have a business meeting and workshop on different aspects of genealogical research.

You may view our most recently approved General Meeting Minutes by clicking here.

We issue a monthly newsletter with announcements of our meetings and other information. Click here for the current edition. For earlier editions, click here. Beginning in January 2011, newsletters are no longer sent but are available on this site.

We sponsor an annual, all day Family History Seminar and Book Fair each Autumn with nationally known speakers. In 2015, the event will be held on October 17. The main speaker will be Judy Russell. Interested vendors can obtain contact information about participating in the LGS Seminar by clicking here.

Our own very small adaptation of Cyndi's List is being set up. It can be seen by clicking here

To view a list of sources for aiding us with Kentucky research, please click here.

Be an Informed LGS Member.
LGS has sponsored for some time a Yahoo group used to send special announcements or other information. This is a "by invitation only" site, but it is available to all LGS members if you are registered as a member of the LGS Yahoo group. We will be using this site to communicate with members more and more in the future. As a participant you may post questions, receive important information, or read the answers to inquiries made by others who are not LGS members. To be a part of this group simply send an e-mail saying "I want to be a member of the Yahoo LGS group" to Amelia Debusman amelia@iglou.com and INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. Amelia will send you an invitation to join the LGS Yahoo group and your response to that invitation will automatically enroll you. This action will permit you to post and receive messages to and from the society's yahoo website. This is a special invitation to all members to join this group.

For more information about the Louisville Genealogical Society or any of its programs, you may send an email message to: lougensoc@yahoo.com

View an alphabetical list of surnames on which LGS members are doing research by clicking here. This is a work in progress. Should you find an error or wish to add to the list, please contact Phy3512167@aol.com Effective in 2012, we must limit the number of surnames posted to 10 per member.

For a list of the LGS Officers and Committee Chairpersons, click here

Webmaster, Phil Hysell: Phy3512167@aol.com

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