Embracing Jefferson and Adjacent Counties in Kentucky and Indiana
Created 1985 Revised (1995, 1999, 2006, 2008, 2012)

The Louisville Genealogical Society was established July 2, 1985, with the guidance of Jane Turner Hamm, Genealogical
Advisor. The Society was organized as a non-profit educational organization.



The name of this Society shall be Louisville Genealogical Society.


The Louisville Genealogical Society shall promote and share genealogical research; provide educational programs: publish
genealogical information; and encourage preservation of historic buildings, cemeteries, and public records.


Section 1. Membership shall be open to anyone interested in the purposes of the Society.
Section 2. All active members shall have all of the duties and privileges of membership including voting rights and a
subscription to the quarterly.
Section 3. A member shall be classified as inactive if dues become delinquent.
Section 4. Once established the dues shall remain in effect until changed by the Board of Directors.
Section 5. The membership shall be January 1 through December 31.
Section 6. Honorary life membership without dues may be granted to an active member who has rendered notable service to
the Society for a substantial length of time.


Section 1. The Society shall use its funds to accomplish the objectives and purposes specified. The operation of this Society
shall be conducted as an exempt organization according to 501-(C) (3) of the applicable Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2. No expenditure of money outside the approved budget shall be made without prior approval of the Board of


Section 1. The elected officers of the Society shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding
Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Membership Registrar.

Section 2. At the Board of Directors Meetings in August, a Nominating Committee of three members shall be appointed by
the Board of Directors. It shall be the duty of this Committee to nominate at least one candidate for each office to be filled at the election in November and to report such nominations at a regular meeting held in October. Before the election in November, additional nominations may be made from the floor provided the consent of the nominees has been obtained.

Section 3. The officers shall be elected by ballot to serve for one year or until their successors are elected or appointed, and
their term of office shall begin on January 1st. A majority vote shall elect. If there is only one nominee for an office, election may be by voice or the chair can declare that the nominee is elected.

Section 4. If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall automatically become President. If any other
office becomes vacant, the President shall appoint a member to fill the vacancy.

Duties of Officers

Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Directors, appoint standing and special
committee chairmen, sign checks when the Treasurer is absent and perform such other duties as usually pertains to the office.

Section 2. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall exercise the functions of the President, shall be vested
with the powers of the office, and shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office. In the absence of the President and the Vice President, the Past President shall perform the functions of the President with all the powers of the office.

Section 3. The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all proceedings of the Society, and shall perform such
other duties as usually pertain to the office.

Section 4. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the Society, shall maintain a supply of
stationery and envelopes, and shall perform other duties as usually pertain to the office.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive all income of the Society, give receipts, deposit all funds in the Societyís account in a
reliable bank in the Louisville area, issue checks for expenditures as authorized by the Board of Directors, submit the books for audit each January and shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office.

Section 6. The Membership Registrar shall maintain all membership records and shall perform such other duties pertaining to
this office as deemed necessary by the Board.


Section 1. The Society shall meet on the second Tuesday of each month, January through December and the fourth Tuesday of each month, January through October. One meeting a month shall be the regular business meeting of the Society.

Section 2. Fifteen members of the Society shall constitute a quorum.

Board of Directors

Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past President, the Genealogical Advisor
and committee chairmen.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the Society, shall make recommendations to the Society,
and perform such other duties as are specified by those bylaws. The Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of eleven (11) times a year. Six members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum, two of which shall be elected officers.

Section 3. The President may call a special meeting of the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

Section 1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers, the immediate Past President, and the Genealogical

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to act for the Board of Directors when it is necessary to handle
business between regular Board of Directors meetings or in emergency situations.

Section 3. The President may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee.


Section 1: Standing Committees

a. Program/Workshop Committees
1. The Program Committee shall make arrangements for Program Meetings.
2. The Workshop Committee shall provide leaders for the workshops each month January through October.
3. Both committees shall report the programs, dates, times, speakers, places and topics to the Newsletter Editor and the Publicity Chairman

b. The Historian shall prepare an account of the Societyís activities of the year. The account shall be placed in the library.

c. The Librarian shall maintain an index/inventory, a copy of each book and quarterly published by the Louisville Genealogical Society and copies of genealogical materials from other sources.

d. The Attendance Committee shall maintain the attendance records and introduce visitors.

e The Newsletter Editor shall collect news items and publish the monthly newsletter.

f. The Quarterly Editor shall supervise the gathering, organizing and printing of the quarterly.

g. The Postal Committee shall receive and distribute Society mail.

h. The Publication Committee shall review current Society publications and digital media. When publishing Society documents, the committee shall insure that copyrights are secured and that the Societyís logo, title, and subtitle are affixed to all publications, circulars, materials and advertisements. The committee shall receive, fill, and mail orders, and make proper labels for mailing newsletters, quarterlies, and other special mailings. The Publications Committee shall maintain an inventory of published books, quarterlies and digital media.

i. The Publicity Committee shall arrange for publication of announcements of meetings and workshops.

j. The Seminar Committee shall procure the Seminar speaker, make the arrangements and notify the Quarterly Editor, the Newsletter Editor, and Publicity Committee.

k. The Sergeant-at-Arms shall maintain order at the general meetings and other functions of the Society and shall be responsible for the physical arrangement at the meeting site.

l. The Travel Committee shall make arrangements for the destination, lodging, and transportation for genealogical research trips.
Note - Louisville Metro Committee omitted.

Section 2: Special Committees:

a. The Auditing Committee shall audit the Treasurerís books and present a report to the Board of Directors and the membership in February each year.

Section 3. The President and the Board of Directors shall establish or disband other Standing and/or Special Committees with a two-thirds vote of those present.

Section 4. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.


In the event of dissolution of the Society, any funds remaining after payment of all liabilities of the Society, shall be
distributed to one or more qualified genealogical, historical, educational, scientific, or library organizations which are exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and which are selected by the Board of Directors to be the recipients.

Parliamentary Authority
The rules contained in the current edition of Robertís Rules of Order shall govern all matters not covered by the bylaws.

Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the active members present at any membership meeting provided the
agenda of the meeting includes the proposal for the amendment. Any proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing prior to the membership meeting during which they are to be proposed.

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