25 February 2014

Nancy Roberson called the meeting to order and read a card from Jane Turner Hamm.

Jeanne Luhr read the minutes of the January 28, 2014 General Membership Meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Nancy then introduced the following:
Marsha Pence and Barb Harp will be Seminar Assistant Chairpersons.
Greg Claypool will be Publications Chairperson.

Delores Eisenbeis gave the January 2014 Treasurer’s Report which was approved as read. A copy is included with these minutes.

Nancy reported on the 3rd Wednesday evening LGS meetings at Eline Library. The Courier Journal did run the notice about the February 19th meeting and 23 people came. The next meeting will be March 19th.

Announcements were then made for other upcoming meetings all of which are posted on the LGS website.

Jerry Cole reported that we had 47 members and 7 guests present.

Nancy announced the April 29th 5th Tuesday trip would be to Metro Archives. Henrietta Deale would like suggestions for the July 29th and September 30th 5th Tuesday trips. The LGS trip to Fort Wayne will be May 18 – 24 with a weekly rate of $226.87 and a daily rate of $55 plus tax. Reservations should be given to Henrietta by May 5th. The Salt Lake City trip will be September 14 – 21. More details on that trip will follow.

Nancy reminded members of the April 26th Genealogy Workshop at Louisville Free Public Library and our LGS Seminar October 18th.

The deadline for the Spring Lines and By-Lines is March 1st. Nancy explained the problem with mailing the Winter Lines and By-Lines. All who had not received a quarterly should be getting one soon.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne Luhr
Recording Secretary