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Volume 19, Issue 04 (April 2008)

Gregory Stanton Claypool, Editor

Louisville Genealogical Society
PO Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164


Meetings & Workshops:

APRIL 8th -- Greg Matthews presents "The Irish and Building of the Railroads". The first railroads were built in the British Isles, England, Wales and Ireland, and then in the United States. The presentation traces the history of the railroads, their construction and impact on the countries, and the major role of the Irish in the development and construction of railroads from the British Isles to America and in other parts of the world, and the impact the Irish had not only on the railroads, but also the areas, people and culture touched by the Irish in the process.

Greg is a lifelong resident of the Louisville area. Born at the old general hospital in Louisville in 1946 and raised in Clarksville, Indiana, he then moved back to Louisville in 1969. Greg Matthews and his wife Marye Dillon Matthews live in the highlands off Bardstown Road. They have three grown children, Megan Matthews, Damon Matthews and Carolyn Abbott Schwendt. Mr. Mathews has college degrees from Indiana University and the University of Louisville. Mr. Matthews worked in law enforcement/juvenile justice/social work and administration for Jefferson County government from 1969 to 1992, was President and CEO of Bellewood Presbyterian Home For Children from 1992 through 2002, and has been the Executive Director and President of the Kentucky Railway Museum since 2003. He has been a consultant to various juvenile and criminal justice groups, a speaker and lecturer, a former adjunct professor at the college post baccalaureate level, one of two Master Model Railroaders in Kentucky, a history buff as well as sports enthusiast and golfer. His family on his mother’s side (Orgain) are from Ireland and the Orgain's (O'Reagans in Ireland) are from the Cork area of Ireland and were early immigrants to America. They were here prior to the revolutionary war. Mr. Matthews’ father’s family were Scots on both the father and mother's side (Lauder) and had been in America as well prior to the revolutionary war. Mr. Matthews’ wife, Marye, has dual citizenship as she spent part of her early years in southwest Ireland in County Kerry and in Dingle where she still has property, and both of her parents (Dillon) were from Ireland and came to the states in the 1920s.

APRIL 22nd --Debbie Campisano will present “Putting the History in your Family History”. Genealogy comprised of nothing other than names and dates can get a bit dry. So why not add some known history? I personally find the life and times of my ancestry most interesting. In other words, what were the driving forces your ancestry had to deal with? What made them do what they did, immigration, move from state to state? Debbie will provide useful ideas and suggestions to add some “life” into your family history.

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As a Reminder to the Membership

Regular LGS meetings are held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the corner of Linn Station Road and Hurstbourne Lane from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Caffeine, Tobacco and Alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

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Online with Ivan

The Heritage Quest Online database organizes searches under six headings: Census, Books, PERSI, Revolutionary, Freedman’s Bank, and U. S. Serial Set.

The Census search indexes only the heads of households. Personally, I prefer the presentation of census records in because of the tools they offer for viewing the images as well as the comprehensive index they have of all entries, not just heads of households.

The Books search provides access to over 22,000 volumes that includes family and local histories.

PERSI presents a “Reader’s Guide” type of index for genealogists and covers over 2 million articles.

Revolutionary War searches selected pension applications and Bounty-Land Warrant Application files.

Freedman’s Bank searches individuals of African-American descent for the years 1865-1874.

U. S. Serial Set accesses Memorials, Petitions, and Private Relief Actions of the U. S. Congress.

If you have a Louisville Free Public Library card, you can access each of these databases online from any computer with Internet access. Simply access the Louisville Free Public Library web site: and click on the Research Tools link on the home page. On the Research Tools page, click on the Biographies and Genealogy. On the next screen scroll down until you can click on HeritageQuestOnline. You will need to enter your Barcode number and password from your library card to complete your research.

You can also access other genealogy materials such as the Biography and Genealogy Index. A click on the word Genealogy on the Research Tools page gives you access to 15 different topics of use for genealogical research. All of that with your Louisville Free Public Library card! If you don’t have one, get one today. It will reap significant dividends for your research. An extensive list of links are available for your use.

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As you may know our computer LCD projector we had just acquired from the successful clock raffle went missing from the LGS library. The LGS board has voted to ask for volunteer contributions to replace it. If you would like to contribute, please send a check marked Projector Fund to: LGS Treasurer, PO Box 24566, Louisville KY 40224-0566 or give cash to our Treasurer, Ross Sherer. Contributions are tax deductible and a note confirming your cash contribution will be provided. The deadline for contribution help is April 15th. Thanks for your support.

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New Members:
Jerry Wayne and Jennifer Cole, 1925 Milburt Drive, Louisville, KY 40223
Beverley Ballentine, 1209 Navajo Court, Louisville, KY 40207

* * * * * *

Joe Reinhart is asking for your help with a research project. He is looking for the location of graves and dates of death of soldiers who served in the 6th Kentucky Volunteer infantry U.S. 1861-1864. He wants to put them on his website for that regiment. For those already listed see Please send any information to him at or 8420 Oxford Woods Ct., Louisville, Ky 40222.

* * * * * *

African American Cemetery Research Project..... Daniel Buxton, chairman of The Bullitt County Genealogical Society Cemetery Committee is heading a project to document every cemetery in Bullitt County. This documentation includes reading, mapping, photographing, and taking GPS readings of each cemetery. As part of this project the committee is attempting to document (or re-document) all of the African American Cemeteries in Bullitt County. At this time we have personally visited and documented 10 African American Cemeteries. They are as follows:
Weathers Cemetery- We are looking for any information on the history of the cemetery. I have been told that there were 18 African Americans buried there or in the area of the cemetery because they were not allowed to be buried in Nelson County. Any information on this story would be greatly appreciated.
Hall African American Cemetery
Cedar Grove African American Cemetery
Hardy/Cruise African American Cemetery
Roberts Family/Curd Cemetery
Simmons African American Cemetery
Lebanon Junction African American Cemetery
Magruder Slave Cemetery
Kelley Family Cemetery
- This is the cemetery of Grandison Kelley, an African American Civil War Vet. There are 4 tombstones and 4 field stones. This cemetery was read by Dolores Calvert in 1977.
Unnamed African American Cemetery- Located behind the Immanuel Baptist Church. There is a African American Civil War Vet in this cemetery as well George C. Lee.
Mystery Cemetery- Located in Bernheim Forest at this time it is uncertain who is buried there. Could this be an African American Cemetery? We have information on the following cemeteries but have not located them yet.
Samuels Slave Cemetery- Located on Brooks Hill near the Samuels Cemetery I need more information on this.
Mooney Slave Cemetery- Located near 245 and I65 We need more information on this.
Unnamed Slave Cemetery- Located on the current property of Karen Smith at 243 Kool Springs Drive. Karen's home was built during the Civil War and the story is that in her yard next to the drive way are the graves of three children. One story was that they were African Americans and the other white. Does any one have any information on this?
David Hester Property- There is said to have been a slave cemetery on this property.
James Hamilton Property- There is said to have been an African American cemetery on this property.
Geneva Jackson Property- There is said to have been an African American cemetery on this property.
Unnamed Slave Cemetery- Located on Mooney Lane (Possible African American Cemetery)

Any information that you can give on any of the above cemeteries or any not mentioned above would be greatly appreciated. Contact information is as follows:
Daniel Buxton
148 Coral Bay Court, Apt.2
Shepherdsville, KY 40165
(502) 543-9875

* * * * * *

Silent Auction for the LGS Family History Seminar
It’s not too early to be thinking about what your might donate to the Silent Auction at the LGS Family History Seminar in October. Are you crafty? Do you arrange flowers or cook special dishes? Do you have a stock of heirloom seeds? Do you own a business or have connections with a business that might donate a product or service genealogists might appreciate? Do you have a collection of genealogy related books that you no longer use but which are in good condition? What about those mystery novels with a genealogy bent that have been discussed on the Ancestry and Rootsweb e-zines? Could you put together a gift basket of small tools a scrapbooker might like (archival safe glues, tape, pens, etc.)? Do you have a scanner and would be willing to scan photographs and documents and put them on a CD for someone who doesn’t own a scanner? Let’s be creative and expand our horizons on what other attendees at the Seminar might be willing to bid on this year. All items can be brought to any of the LGS regular meetings or I will be willing to pick them up here in the metro-Louisville area if you can’t get to a meeting. Jeanne Luhr, Silent Auction Chair, 425-1931.

Don’t forget that we need “volunteers” to help support the functioning of the LGS Family History Seminar. We are going to a new facility, Beargrass Christian Church at 4100 Shelbyville Road, 40207. This is a far bigger building than we have been in before and we are looking forward to having the Seminar for years to come. Your help with this event is important to make it successful. Thanks

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