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Volume 18, Issue 12 (December 2007)

Gregory Stanton Claypool, Editor

Louisville Genealogical Society
PO Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164


As a Reminder to the Membership

Regular LGS meetings are held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the corner of Linn Station Road and Hurstbourne Lane from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Caffeine, Tobacco and Alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

Meetings & Workshops:

December 11th - "Another Look at Jamestown"
Presented by Mel Arnold
Christmas Luncheon at Big Spring Country Club - Time: Noon
Please check the LGS November Newsletter or LGS website for reservation information.

Mel Arnold is a native of Alabama and a graduate of Samford University of Birmingham. After attending seminary in Louisville, he received graduate degrees from Indiana University. He served on the Continuing Education faculty of the University of Wisconsin and the business faculty of the University of Minnesota. The position which brought him back to Louisville was Director of Education and Training for Humana. When Humana sold both its hospital and immediate care center operations, he became the Director of Education and Training for LGE Energy.

We are coming to the end of a year-long celebration of the founding of the Jamestown Colony 400 years ago. Jamestown was not the first colony established in what is now the continental United States. Indeed, it was not even the first English colony here. However, it was the first surviving English colony and its ultimate success is the primary reason that English is the dominant language in our nation. The principal motivation for the settlement was the potential for financial gain. Unfortunately, the first years were disastrous because of famine, disease, hostile relations with Native Americans, poor leadership, and conflict among the investors seeking huge profits and other settlers simply looking for a better way of life. The survival of the settlement was no small miracle.

December 25th - No meeting. Happy Holidays!

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Louisville Genealogical Society Annual Luncheon
Tuesday, December 11th at Noon
Big Springs Country Club
5901 Dutchman's Lane 40205

The Luncheon Price is $18.00; tax and tip are included in the price.

The luncheon is a buffet with two meats (Roast Beef and Turkey with Dressing), several seasonal vegetables, a variety of salads and fruits, muffins and rolls, and beverages.

For a Holiday Luncheon Reservation form, click here

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Please take note:
Your LGS dues are due for 2008 if the code after your name on the newsletter mailing label is '07 or 'Q7. Please send in your dues before the holiday rush. Thanks. Mailing Chairman

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L&N Memorial and Remembrance:

The worst train wreck in L&N Railroad history occurred in Shepherdsville at 5:28 p.m., Dec. 20, 1917. Fifty-one people died, affecting families throughout Bullitt and Nelson Counties. To mark the 90th anniversary of that tragedy, a special memorial meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. at the Bullitt County Courthouse (2nd floor), 300 South Buckman Street, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on December 20, 2007. The train wreck occurred just outside the windows where the memorial will be held. A permanent display about the wreck will be unveiled at the memorial. The Bullitt County History Museum, located in the same building, will be open, and the Bullitt County Genealogical Society will provide light refreshments. To learn more about the 1917 train wreck, go to and look under the History Table. For further information about the memorial meeting, contact David Strange, Bullitt County History Museum, 502-921-0161,

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Membership Renewal

Annual dues are $15.00 for an individual and $18.00 for a family. Dues are based on the calendar year. Click here for a Membership Application. Application with payment should be mailed to:
Ross Sherer, Treasurer
P.O. Box 24566
Louisville, KY 40224-0566

Take Note: You are encouraged to complete and remit your Membership Renewal form and Holiday Luncheon Reservation together. Submit your fees with a single check.

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Present on December 8, 2007,

"Genealogy Basics, Part I" and "Genealogy Basics, Part II"

This program is designed to teach beginners how to start the process of researching and documenting family history. Participants will learn proper techniques for basic research. Another program will build upon the lessons from Part I, and will present information on resources, repositories, and helpful tips. A light lunch is available at a cost of $5, payable at the door, but registration by noon on Friday, December 7, is required. Location: Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History For more information contact Library Reference Desk at 502-564-1792, ext. 4460 or email Please visit their website of exact details and times.

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Online with Ivan

Researching military records may provide valuable information for genealogical pursuits. An increasing amount of information is available online. It may take some sleuthing to find your ancestor's record. Below are some sources to help you get started.

The National Archives Research Administration has a web site which gives you some general guidelines for researching military records: It includes these topics: Genealogy Research and Military Records, How to Request Copies of Military Service Records, and other specialized topics. The web site also includes links for Online Documents for Veterans, Research on Specific Wars, Cartographic and Architectural Records, and Getting Started with Archival Research at the National Archives along with other topics.

Cyndi's list,, offers an index to help you move to the section that may meet your genealogical needs. This site is a good example of why I like to use Print Preview from the File menu before printing. Instead of one page, I would have gotten all 24 pages (8 ˝ x 11) had I not used Print Preview.

Another site you may want to investigate is the Online Searchable Military Records and Databases-USA: It includes 8 pages (8 1/2 X 11) of links organized chronologically by wars. This site identifies sites which require payment and those which are free.

The above list is by no mean exhaustive. Effective search strategies will help you find what is available online. For example, while working on this article I did an online search for “pension records” +military and found many links. Some sites focus on a particular war or veterans of a particular war from a given state. Another search I did used these instructions: "pension records" +"civil war" (remember the quotation marks tell the computer to look for that phrase, a technique that will significantly focus the returns you receive.

Do you have a favorite military records resource? Please share it with me ( I will gladly give you credit when I pass it along to your fellow genealogical researchers.

Meanwhile, may the holiday season bring great genealogical joy to you and yours as you find new resources for continuing your pursuits in the New Year.

Ivan W. Baugh .

* * * * * *

LGS Needs Your Help

Our brand new LCD projector has come up missing, and we are afraid someone may have taken it. LGS would appreciate a donation from you in any amount you would like to contribute toward the purchase of a replacement. Donations $25 or more will receive a letter from LGS acknowledging your contribution for possible income tax deductions.

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