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Volume 17, Issue 6 (June 2006)

Gregory Stanton Claypool, Editor

Louisville Genealogical Society
PO Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164


Meetings & Workshops:

June 13th - Ethan Sullivan Smith, Kentucky Chautauqua Program of the Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc., portrays "Price Hollowell, Black Patch War Hero". Hollowell is a Caldwell County, Kentucky, 12-year old whose family was attacked by the Night Riders on May 12, 1907, during the Black Patch War. He tells of his experience, the federal law case, and the outcome of his bravery. Ethan Sullivan Smith lives in Cynthiana and attends Harrison County High School. He is a three-time state champion in public speaking and prose interpretation at the middle school level. Smith has been performing since he was six years old. His credits include the Georgetown Children's Theatre and Kentucky On Stage series at Georgetown College. This program is partially funded by the Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc., and by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

June 27th - "Creating a Website Workshop", presented by Ivan W. Baugh. If you can type, point and click, you can create a website! It involves content, planning, creating and publishing. This workshop will examine each phase. No prior knowledge of website creation is needed. Prior experience with a computer will help you greatly. He will discuss things to consider when choosing software for developing a website and where to publish your website. Participants are invited to bring a laptop computer to the workshop (sorry, I don't believe we'll have room for desktop units). You will receive a step-by-step handout. As much as is possible, this will be a hands-on workshop. A computer screen projector will demonstrate the steps as we work together. Besides freshly charged battery in your laptop, bring your power supply and an extension cord.

As a Reminder to the Membership:
Regular LGS meetings are held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the corner of Linn Station Road and Hurstbourne Lane from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

Bullitt County Genealogy Society
To be announced at the LGS Meeting.

New Members:
ANDERSON, Phyllis B., Louisville, KY
CARLISLE, Jeannie & Steve, Nabb, IN
BATLINER, Doris J., Louisville, KY

September 17-24, 2006
Our travel plans have been finalized to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This facility is a premier genealogy library - books, microfiche and microfilm from around the world. Although many items may be ordered through the Family History Centers, many of the books and family histories have not been filmed and are available only at the library. Most of our group will be staying from 17-24 September at the Carlton Hotel and travel on Southwest or Delta. Weekly rates are $365 single, $405 double and $445 triple. Please check the LGS website or e-mail Larry Selby at for additional details.

Treasurer's Report - April 2006
Checking Account - $3,805.55
CD's - $6,213.27
Paid Membership - 352

Query: I am interested in sharing information on these families: Bischoff, Dreschler/Drexler, Hirt, Hoffman, Knorr/Knoerr, Lajans/Lauyans, Nierman, Porzig, Rohmann, Schmitt and Staib.
Martha Gammons
3200 Carrie Drive
Louisville, KY 40216

Don Pfaadt has become the Co-Chairman for the LGS Family History Seminar 2006. Welcome aboard, and we are delighted to have you join the Seminar Staff.

LGS Family History Seminar
August 26, 2006
John Konvalinka, noted and nationally recognized genealogical speaker and researcher, is going to be the Guest Speaker for the seminar. Registration Required.
Your Immigrant Ancestor(s) -- Find 'em in CyberspaceThe "Other Side" of the Courthouse
The Newest Electronic Frontier = Searchable Scanned Newspapers

Registration Form can be found on the LGS website (click here), local book stores, libraries and many other genealogy events as handouts. Several "FREE" presentations are being offered as well. Pre-paid lunches are available.

Please register quickly, as seating could become limited.

2006 Family History Contest

Don't forget to submit your entry into the contest as was announced in the Spring LGS Quarterly. The contest is open to all LGS members in good standing. The winner of each category will receive a $20.00 Gift Certificate from a local bookstore, and all entries will be published in Lines and By-Lines. Deadline for all entries must be postmarked by September 1st and mailed to:
Lines and By-Lines Editor
P.O. Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40207

Please refer to the Contest Guidelines printed on Page 1 of the LGS Quarterly. Hurry up now; get cracking.

Found, But Not Lost

Here's a new area that will be periodically made part of the Newsletter or the Quarterly. Chances are that you may have something to include that you have found: a document, newspaper article, obituary, funeral card, birth, marriage or death certificates. The list can be endless, I guess, all of which has nothing to do with your family research line but might need a home in someone else's research. The way it will work:
1) Bring in the item you have to me (Greg Claypool) at a regular meeting or mail it to me as the Newsletter Editor. (Limit 5 items per submission)
2) Items accepted are those that can fit in a business letter-size envelope and generally mailed for the cost of one USPS first class stamp. In other words, a page or two, no books. Anything else, please ask me first.
3) I will list it in the Newsletter or Quarterly.
4) Items submitted are to be given away FREE, not for sale.
5) A person making a claim for it will send in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to LGS, so I can send it out quickly.
6) Claims are on a first-come, first-served basis only.
7) Unclaimed items will be given to the Family History Library.
..........Here's One For Starters..........
Certificate of Marriage, Mayes Hill and Bettie Newton
September 17, 1917, Louisville, KY Chestnut Street C.M.E. Church

Copying Old Photographs Question: My local copying store will not make reproductions of my old family photographs. What can I do?
Answer: According to the U.S. copyright office, photocopying shops, photography stores and other photo-developing stores are often reluctant to make reproductions of old photographs for fear of violating the copyright law and being sued. "Copy shops have been sued for reproducing copyrighted works and have been required to pay substantial damages for infringing copyrighted works. The policy established by a shop is a business decision and risk assessment that the business is entitled to make, because the business may face liability if it reproduces a work even if it did not know the work was copyrighted." In the case of photographs, it is sometimes difficult to determine who owns the copyright and there may be little or no information about the owner on individual copies. Ownership of a "copy" of a photograph is distinct from the "work" itself -- the intangible intellectual property. The owner of the "work" is generally the photographer or, in certain situations, the employer of the photographer. The subject of the photograph generally has nothing to do with the ownership of the copyright in the photograph. If the photographer is no longer living, the rights in the photograph are determined by the photographer's will or passed as personal property by the applicable laws of intestate succession. However, in the U.S. virtually all photographs published before January 1923 are now in the public domain.

There also may be situations in which the reproduction of a photograph may be a "fair use" under the U.S. copyright law.

But, "Access and use of unpublished materials or those created after January 1923 can be much more complex, since each of the four rights of the copyright holder can be controlled separately . . . it is possible to acquire a physical print of an image through purchase or gift, without obtaining any other rights to the image. The copyright holder may retain any or all of the four supplemental rights associated with subsequent use of the work."

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