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Volume 16, Issue 10 (October 2005)

Gregory Stanton Claypool, Editor

Louisville Genealogical Society
PO Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164


Meetings & Workshops:

October 11th - "William Russell Beeler: An Aviation Treasure" by Charles Arrington. When one thinks of aviation in Southern Indiana today, the modern Clark County Regional Airport immediately comes to mind. But, it wasn't always that way. In the years before World War II, William Russell Beeler from New Albany was involved in nearly every flying venture in both Floyd and Clark Counties. He received his pilot's license in 1919, was a classmate of Charles Lindbergh when both were Army Air Service aviation cadets in 1924 and is best known for Jeffersonville Airport which he opened in 1930. Russ Beeler was not only a pioneer aviator from our area but also a first rate amateur photographer who captured his experiences on film little knowing that we would be enjoying them today. A retired middle school teacher, Charlie Arrington is known for his research into local aviation history. All of his programs contain wonderful slides and documented stories of numerous aviation accomplishments in the greater Louisville area. He is currently co-authoring a book on aviation in Floyd and Clark Counties in Indiana and has plans for a publication on Louisville aviation.

October 25th - "ASK THE PROS". We are fortunate to have Betty Rolwing Darnell, Deborah Lord Campisano and Jane Turner Hamm to do a program that can be lots of fun and very informative. Here's your chance to ask questions regarding just about everything dealing with and in genealogy, from organization, software experience, research techniques, actual genealogy found. Bring your notebook to be able to leave questions just in case they can't get to everything this day. The meeting will have extended hour for this program, but we must be completely out of the room by 3:00 p.m., so we will target final questions to end around 2:30 p.m.

As a Reminder to the Membership:
Regular LGS meetings are held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the corner of Linn Station Road and Hurstbourne Lane from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

New Members
HAAG, Donald A., Sr.
PDAADT, Donald Joseph, Sr.
MATTHEWS, William E.
VALENTINE, Robert F. and Wilma C.
CHAFIN, Elena M.
LAWSON, Rebecca
SADLER, Priscilla

Bullitt County Genealogical Society
Meets Thursday, October 20, 7:00 p.m., at Shephrdsville City Hall.
Speaker: Reggie Van Stockum
Topic: Prehistoric Inhabitants of Kentucky.

Green County Genealogical Society
will be holding its third annual Genealogical Society Book Fair, Saturday, November 5, 2005, from 8:30 till 3:00 CST at the Green County Fire Department and Rescue Building on East Hodgenville Ave., one block off Main Street. Turn between the Greensburg Baptist Church and Central Bank.

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye"
Ye members of the Louisville Genealogical Society are hereby given notice that the Executive Board of ye said Society has established a Nominating Committee to seek out and search for candidates to fill appointments for a variety of Officer and Committee Leadership positions for ye Society. Should ye have an interest in being part of ye Society leadership and wish to help in any fashion or form, now is the time to speak ye mind regarding ye interest in doing so. It's a lot of fun getting involved in ye Society this way. Please express ye interest to any of the following Nominating Committee members: Larry Selby, Ross Sherer, Lynn Grossman or Greg Claypool.

Sites Worth Seeing
Google Language Tools
I haven't looked too deeply into this website by Google, but it could turn out to be rather interesting. It is a language translation helper from English to (your choice) or (your choice) into English. For those of you that need document translation, this just might do the trick.

Before the Days of Ellis Island, there was Castle Garden. From 1830 to 1892 immigrants entering America through New York stopped at Castle Gardens, now called Clinton Gardens; its actual original name was Castle Clinton. Perhaps your ancestor passed through this port of entry along with 10 million other people before Ellis Island in 1892. Check out the website.

Kentucky Genealogy:
Data such as marriage and cemetery records, taxpayer lists, church members, naturalizations -- various years, various counties can be found at this internet site. You might find something of interest.

Treasurer's Report:
August 2005
Bank Balance $ 6,331.44
CD's $ 6,077.67
Paid Membership 295

Have you ever heard of KIPCUG?
The Kentucky-Indiana Personal Computer Users Group has been around for years and offers all kinds of computer-related support. Their monthly user news is usually available at most computer outlets, book stores, libraries and can be found at
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide users forums for specific interests. A couple of these SIGs are Genealogy SIG and Genealogy II SIG. The first SIG meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday at the LFPL Eline Branch at the St. Matthews City Hall, Grandview Ave. and Fairfax Ave. The second SIG meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month at the LFPL Jeffersontown Branch, 10635 Watterson Trail. In both cases, the SIG Leader is Susan Moore, and she can be contacted at either 499-5222 or for any questions regarding program content each month or check out KIPCUG.

Should I remove my photographs from old albums, such as black paper albums or self-stick albums?
Don't rush to remove photographs from albums just because you think the album is not "archival". Many older albums with black, gray or colored paper actually may not be harming your photographs, while removal may cause immediate damage that is not easily repaired! In addition, older family heirloom albums frequently have valuable inscriptions and a character all their own that would be lost by replacement with a modern album. People sometimes erroneously assume that damage they see is caused by the paper, when in fact the damage occurred years ago. For example, stains and fading (especially on black and white photos) can be the result of poor processing by the photographer or the glues originally used to spot-adhere the photos to the pages. Very little can be done to reverse the damage in these situations. However, some album page papers, even different types of photos or poorly processed photos or previous tape mends which are in contact with photos on adjacent pages may be contributing to fading or staining. One simple solution is to interleave those pages with these problems using high quality paper or plastic sheets to isolate each page from its neighbor. Care should be taken so that the album doesn't become overstuffed with the interleaving, possibly breaking the binding. If the photos really are deteriorating and you choose to have the album disassembled to ensure their preservation, photocopies in color or black and white can be made of each page to capture the look and feel of the original, preserve all inscriptions and keep a record of the order in the album.

As mentioned above, removing photos from old self-stick album pages that have dried up, especially when the plastic cover sheet no longer sticks to the page and the page has discolored, may be easy -- frequently the photo just falls off! However, removing photos from pages that are in the extremely tacky stage can cause permanent damage. This treatment, especially for those photos that are very important to you, is best left to trained conservators. Photographs which were recently attached to self-stick album pages usually can be removed easily within a year or two by inserting a thin knife under the edge of the photo and gently separating the photo from the page. Never curl or peel back a photo from a self-stick page, as the photo may be permanently cracked and curled in the process.

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