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Volume 18, Issue 9 (September 2007)

Gregory Stanton Claypool, Editor

Louisville Genealogical Society
PO Box 5164
Louisville, KY 40255-0164


Meetings & Workshops:

September 11th - "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage: Men and Women of the Underground Railroad in the Indiana and Kentucky Borderland" presented by Laura Wilkins. She has worked as the Director of Education at the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, Indiana, since April 2001. Before that, she worked for 2 years as an assistant in the education department of the Speed Art Museum. Originally from Bowling Green, Kentucky, Laura holds Bachelor's Degrees in Art History and French from the University of Louisville. As Director of Education at the Carnegie Center, Laura leads tours for students as well as adults, develops tour materials for school groups, presents a monthly free art workshop for families, develops and teaches art classes for young people, works with the press to publicize Carnegie Center events, and develops educational materials for exhibits. "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage: Men and Women of the Underground Railroad in the Indiana and Kentucky Borderland", a unique interactive learning experience, produced by Solid Light, Inc., for the Carnegie Center for Art and History, highlights the prevailing effects of the Underground Railroad by concentrating on its local reverberations. The program enhances awareness of the deep political and ideological divisions experienced throughout the Ohio River Valley as a result of slavery. Since its production, the presentation has significantly increased visitation and sparked numerous local and regional educational initiatives, integrating the DVD interactive into curriculum development and community programs.

September 25th - "Land Patents" - Ever wonder if your ancestors had a land patent ??? Kandie Adkinson of the Kentucky Secretary of State's Land Office will describe the Kentucky land-patenting process and the genealogical information that these records can yield. This should be a very valuable presentation for those LGS members whose ancestors may have owned real estate property and acquired it through the land-patenting process. She will be using an actual Case Study of Ephraim Dicken/Dickens, a relative of Jane Turner Hamm. Don't miss this workshop which is going to be chocked full of information for you.

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As a Reminder to the Membership:
Regular LGS meetings are held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the corner of Linn Station Road and Hurstbourne Lane from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are not permitted on the premises.

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Online with Ivan

Maintaining your Computer
In response to some questions, this month I want to offer you some guidance in maintaining your computer.

1. Have you updated your virus software? If not, you should do it at least once a week. Personally, I update my virus software daily. If you don't have any antivirus software on your computer, get some immediately. AntiVir and AVG are two good programs that offer free versions that are reliable.

2. You will want to set the antivirus software to run at least once a week. If you are on the Internet often, set your antivirus software to run daily.

3. Another program I recommend is Anti-Spyware. This software helps keep programs from monitoring your use of your computer. Microsoft has started including Anti-spyware with their version of windows. They also are offering a firewall with Windows XP and Vista. A firewall blocks outsiders who try to access your computer when it is connected to the Internet.
Note: you will need to know how to turn off antivirus software, spyware software, and firewall software. These important programs can interfere when you install a new program on your computer. After you complete the installation of the new program, then turn on your Antivirus, Spyware and firewall software.

4. The version of Windows you are running will make some difference in how you go about maintaining your computer. This issue I will address Windows XP. Click that Start button and then choose All Programs. From the menu of programs choose Accessories; from the Pop out list choose System Tools. From that pop out menu choose Disk Cleanup. This will remove temporary files such as those created when you view web sites or work in Microsoft Office.

5. After you have run Disk Cleanup, next you will want to run Disk Defragmenter. The hard drive on a computer consists of a series of circles. When you save a file the computer finds available space on a circle and starts saving the file in that space. If the file is too big to fit in that space, when the space is filled it looks for another empty space to continue saving the file. If the file is a large file, it can be in multiple spaces, created when you deleted files from your hard drive. This file is considered “fragmented.” You can still retrieve it, but the fragmenting of the drive impacts the operating efficiency of the drive.
Click the Start button and then choose All Programs. From the menu of programs choose Accessories; from the Pop out list choose Systems Tools. From that pop out menu choose Disk Defragmenter. This program realigns the files so that all segments of a file are contiguously stored on the drive. You do not lose your data; you simply efficiently store the file on your hard drive. You should do this periodically in order to maintain efficient operation of your hard drive. If you have never done this, it may take a while. I suggest starting the process and letting it run while you do something else. You will not want to work on your computer while this program runs.

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LGS Quarterly: Lines and By-Lines

Just a reminder that I am always looking for interesting items for the Lines and By-Lines. You can submit family group sheets, family stories, pedigree charts, extracts of records or photos. A more detailed list can be found on the back page of the quarterly. I would also like to hear your comments or suggestions about the quarterly; what do you like or dislike. If you have any questions give me a call or send me an email. Susan Snyder - 240-7088,

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Picture Found in Attic
When I cleased our attic in May, I found wrapped together three large oval portrait photographs in wall frames. Two were of my husband's grandparents, Fred and Bertha Weigel. The third portrait was of a man my husband did not recognize. His Weigel cousins did not know who the man was either. Written on the back of the photograph was a balance due and "deliver July 17 to Mr. Herter, Hancock & Chest." We had no clue who Mr. Herter was, and as far as we knew none of Gary's ancestors lived at Hancock & Chestnut - until - I reread a 1980 letter from Gary's uncle. In this letter, Uncle Carroll Luhr stated, "After one year Chas. Sr. (Luhr) married for the third time to a Mrs. Herter - a divorced woman whose maiden name was Katerine Salome Baas." Katerine (Gary's paternal grandfather's third wife) had lived with my husband's family for a few years when he was a child, and I imagine the portrait was wrapped up with those of Gary's maternal grandparents and moved from Gary's mother's attic to ours over the years. The portrait is probably early 1900's. If there are descendants of the Mr. Herter, married to and divorced from Katherine Salome Bass (b. 1878, d. 1965) out there, I would like to get the portrait to them. Contact: J. Luhr,

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This company says they include almost half the deaths in the US. They work for newspapers (including Louisville and Lexington, among many others) to provide the "guest books" and so forth that are now seen on the newspaper Web sites for deaths. They link you to recent obits, and say they provide obits from their "archive" for a small fee. This site may be useful to find death dates for those that have died in the last few years that aren't on KY Deaths or the SSDI.

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Alexander Hamilton Society of Kentucky
Meets on the third Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m., at St. Matthews Eline Library.
September 15: Thomas Paine: Enlightenment, Revolution, and the Birth of Modern Nation. By Craig Nelson. Discussion Leader: Richard Ernst. The goal of the organization is to promote a better understanding of the founding fathers' political philosophy, the writing and ratification of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and related issues. For more information, contact Lynn Olympia, 897-5726, or e-mail at

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Illinois State Genealogical Society's Fall Conference October 20, 2007 - ?Illinois: The Way West, Tracing Your Migrating Ancestors" Fall 2007 conference of the Illinois State Genealogical Society. Waterford Banquet Conference Center, Elmhurst, Illinois. Speakers: Tony Burroughs, Shirley Gage Hodges, David McDonald, Kathy O'Leary, Dan Niemiec, and Matt Rutherford. For further information, visit the conference web page,, which includes a printable registration form. You may also contact the conference chair at Early (discounted) registration deadline is October 1, 2007.

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New Members:
PERRY, Kenneth & Sarah E. 1440 Sweetgum Ave. Rosamond CA 93560
CHILDERS, Sherrie M. 8605 Shelbyville Rd. #221 Louisville KY 40222
KETTERER, Cathy Ann 2211 Liverpool Ln. Louisville KY 40218
LAMKIN, Martha Penick 5305 Blevins Gap Rd. Louisville KY 40272

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The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library (Fort Wayne, Indiana) and the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy, Inc., announce a partnership in operating, a new social networking website for genealogy. is totally FREE and makes it easy to upload family trees and images, find and connect with other family members, share research easily, and extend lines. is now the largest English language genealogical wiki in the world. In the past few weeks, has uploaded over 73,000 ancestor wiki pages. also has more than 430,000 wiki pages for current and historical inhabited places, 115,000 given and surname wiki pages, and 1.3 million wiki source pages. WeRelate is now the largest English language genealogical application. Please watch our new video at -

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