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Baughman Station Cemetery
Located at 645 Gooch Rd, Stanford, KY.  
Approx 75' x 150' in size.  Approx 60 - 70 graves. 
Located on Hollis Carrier's property, 645 Gooch Road, Stanford, Ky.  
Please get permission from the property owner.


The only thing that I did not find is the stone of William Wooley, age 23 years, who was a Civil War Soldier.  He was a prisoner of war, survived Andersonsville 
Prison, and died in a steamboat explosion on the Mississippi River, after his release from captivity at the end of the war.  His stone was here in 1977 
when Mrs. Dunn transcribed the information on each stone that she could find.  It is my intentions to go back in the near future, turn over every stone that I can, to find 
William Wooley's stone, and any others we might have missed.  Perhaps some of the stones that have weathered away hold many secrets.

This cemetery and all photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, 
Wanda Glover and Eldred Melton unless otherwise stated

Adams, Charles  
died Jan. 8, 1835  age 75
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky

Lois Carson

J. A. (initials)   
Adams, Mary Holtzclaw
b. May 17, 1801, d. Oct 23, 1862
Bryant, Daniel
Oct. 25-1827  Aug. 11-1832
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky   
Lois Carson

Ronnie's Group
Bryant, John H.
1827  - 1833
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Bryant, Sarah Elmina
 b. Nov 20, 1825, d. Dec 01, 1830
Hamilton, Mary Wooley
b. 1807, d. Feb 07, 1828, age 11yr
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Hamilton, William
b. 1757, d. Sep 24, 1827, age 70yr


Holtzclaw, John N.
Dec. 14, 1865 - June 14, 1896
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Holtzclaw, Mary Ann 
wife of William  Russell Holtzclaw
January 1, 1835 - Dec. 21, 1865
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky


Holtzclaw, Mary Jane
daughter of William & Mary Ann  
b. Dec 02, 1862, d. Jul 28, 1863

Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Holtzclaw, W. Russell
b. Jul 01, 1835, d. Dec 27, 1845
h/o Mary Ann
Vaught, Patsy
d April 23, 1835 age 1
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky   
Wooley, Barbara
Shares headstone with William
her age 84
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Wooley, Cary A.
b Dec 18, 1796, d. Apr 08, 1817/1847
Wooley, David
b. Dec 04, 1790, d. Dec 1825
Ronnie's Group
Wooley, David
b. c.1785, d. Apr 26, 1820, 35yr
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky    
Ronnie's Group
Wooley, Henry, Jr.
b. c.1775 died Jan. 11, 1791 age 16 yr
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Wooley, Henry 
b. 1742 died Sept. 10, 1822  age 81 yrs
 Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Wooley, John
b. 1783 died Sept. 7 1795 age 12yr
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Wooley, Mary
died May 25, 1831 age
another record has 73yr
Wooley, Mary
12/28/1796 - 4/8/1847
Lois Carson Nicholasville, Ky  
Wooley, William
no dates, age: 23yr 
Wooley, William
no dates, age 85yr
s/w Barbara
Unidentified Stone  

              There are many other unknown tombstones                  

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