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Braxdale Cemetery
Located  at 628 Jeffries Lane, Hustonville, Ky
At 628, cemetery is straight North .3 mile with fence line then .2 mile East 
with fence line.   Walk or drive if gates are open.


This cemetery and all photos on this page donated by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, 
Wanda Glover and Eldred Melton unless otherwise stated


Braxdale, Fannie A.  
Braxdale, W. B.  
Braxdale, William B.  
Compton, Braxdale  
Compton, Carrie L.
w/o William B. Compton
Compton, Farris J.  
Compton, Infant Daughter  
Compton, Infant Son  
Compton, Lantie
09 Jul 1850 - 07 Sep 1926
d/o Barlow & Fannie Haley Braxdale
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto  
Compton, Mattie W.  
Compton Phillip R.  
Compton, Tilden C.  
Compton, William  
Compton, William B.
h/o Carrie L. Compton
Gaddis, Arthur  
Gaddis, Arthur
h/o Lollie Gaddis
Gaddis, George B.  
Gaddis, James  
Gaddis, Lollie
w/o Arthur Gaddis
Gaddis, Martha A. Gresham
22 Oct 1852 / 9 May 1938
w/o William D. Gaddis 
Married 9 Sept 1898 Lincoln County, Ky
Lois Carson    
Gaddis, William D.
21 Nov 1868  / 31 Jan 1940
h/o Martha A Gaddis
Lois Carson 
Gibson, Donald L.  
Gibson, Goebel  
Gibson, Mattie L.  
Gooch, Carrie  
Gooch, Mattie Vaught 
w/o William Gooch
Married 26 Dec 1889 Lincoln Co. Ky
Lois Carson 
Gooch, Reddish  
Gooch, William
1872 - 1957
h/o Mattie Gooch
Lois Carson
Gresham, George F.  
Gresham, W. B.  
Reid, Brack
h/o Hallie Reid - married 8/22/1910
Reid, Hallie
w/o Brack Reid
Reid, Powell  
Sheene, Anna Lee  
Wilkinson, Hattie Mae
d/o John and Henry Rettar Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Hawkins Brown  
Wilkinson, Jennie Braxdale
w/o Lazarus Powell Wilkinson
m/o Hawkins Brown Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Lazarus Powell
h/o Jennie Braxdale Wilkinson
f/o Hawkins Brown Wilkinson


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