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Milton-Simpson Cemetery
2448 Boneyville Rd, Stanford.  
Turn at sign and there is a nice graveled drive .3 mile one way
African American Cemetery


All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Eldred Melton and Ron Terry unless otherwise stated

Alcorn, Joe L
4  12    12  31
Ronnie's Group
Alcorn, Lula Mae
16 Jul 1921 - 16 Aug 2001
d/o Luther & Belle Givens
wd/o Preston L Alcorn married 11/9/1940
Ronnie's Group
Carole French DiSanto
Alcorn, Michael
7/24/1941 - 8/14/1993
Ronnie's Group
Alcorn, Preston L
1/12/1919 - 1/12/2000
h/o of Lula Mae married 11/9/1940
Ronnie's Group
Alcorn, Raymond Hoover
26 Feb 1929 - 10 Nov 2010
s/o James W. & Mallie Simpson Alcorn
Carole French DiSanto  
Arnett, Andrew
02 Dec 1922 - 02 Sep 1996
s/o Kenny & Leldr Arnett
h/o Virginia Arnett
  Carole French DiSanto   
Arnett, Virginia
10/1/192? - 
Ronnie's Group
Beasley, Margaret S
9/25/1922 - 
Ronnie's Group
Boatley, Jessie M
8/25/1917 - 8/27/1985
w/o William T Boatley
Ronnie's Group
Boatley, Lucille S
8/10/1922 - 4/17/1993
Ronnie's Group
Boatley, Shelia Faye
sister of Brenda Boatley Thornton
Ronnie's Group
Marcia K Carson
Brenda Thornton
Boatley, William T
11/11/1910 - 9/30/1983
h/o Jessie M
Ronnie's Group
Brown, Clarence J "Shug"
2/6/1918 - 12/7/1982
h/o Dorothy Brown
Ronnie's Group
Brown, Dorothy
1/25/1921 - 
w/o Clarence Brown
Ronnie's Group
Carson, Jarvis L "J - Head"
12/22/1969 - 12/15/1991
"A Faithful Muslim"
s/o Marcia K. Carson
Ronnie's Group
Carson, Sue Addie
  an unmarked grave to the right of Nancy    Stewart - this is her mother.  
Marcia K. Carson   
Craig, Cordelia H Alcorn "Mother"
5/19/1910 - 5/19/1997
m/o Geraldine and Evelyn
d/o James & Mallie Alcorn
wd/o Everhart Craig
Ronnie's Group
Carole French DiSanto
Gooch, Emma J
5/4/1925 - 10/2/1999
w/o John T Gooch
Ronnie's Group
Gooch, John T
7/21/1924 - 
h/o Emma J Gooch
Ronnie's Group
An Indian Grave
have been told that it is an Indian grave, by   my mother and older relatives
Ronnie's Group
Marcia K Carson
Brenda Thornton
Jones, Anna Mae Logan
1/6/1897 - 7/21/1987
Ronnie's Group
Mason, Nettie W
9/1/1914 - 5/18/2003
Ronnie's Group
Miller, Oliver
07 Apr 1918 - 27 Nov 1998
s/o George & Mattie Simpson Miller
h/o Olive Miller
Carole French DiSanto   
Palmer, Beverly
Niece of Brenda Boatley Thornton
Beverly Palmer's is the large slab at the foot of the plot with no grass.  The area without the grass is Shelia Faye Boatley
Ronnie's Group
Marcia K Carson
Brenda Thornton
Simpson, Lee Edward
4/28/1928 - 12/03/2006
s/o Anna Mae and William B Simpson
uncle of Marcia Carson
Ronnie's Group
Marcia K. Carson
Simpson, Ollie W
1924 - 1989
Ronnie's Group
Simpson, Robert P
7/20/1932 - 11/10/1991
Ronnie's Group
Simpson, William 
1/23/1919 - 4/10/1981
father of Marcia K. Carson
Ronnie's Group
Stewart, Earl J "Brother"
7/16/1920 - 1/23/1983
Ronnie's Group
Stewart, Nancy E
17 Aug 1936 - 06 Aug 2004
d/o J. Glenmore & Sue A. Carson
wd/o Rev. Willie Stewart married 12/4/1957
Carole French DiSanto    
Stewart, Willie Jr., Rev.
13 Feb 1929 - 06 Aug 1998
s/o Willie & Georgia Stewart
h/o Nancy Stewart married 12/4/1957
"Pastor, Boneyville Baptist Church"
Carole French DiSanto     

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