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Pennington Cemetery
Located at 625 William Whitley Road
Ask Mgr. of W.Whitley house for directions.  Just east of Whitley house entrance.  
Lincoln County Historical Society is doing excellent job of identifying unknown graves, see flags in
photo of Unknown Stones

All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, David Gambrel and Eldred Melton
unless otherwise stated

Adams, Marion    
Bailey, Allie M.
w/o E. F. Bailey
Collins, Augusta Isabell
1/7/1917 - 10/19/1918
Lunsford, Martha S    
Manuel, Mary Brildia Stevens
04 Sep 1851 - 27 Dec 1939
d/o John Stevens b. VA
w/o Wm. Thomas Manuel
Carole French DiSanto
Manuel, William Thomas
11 Aug 1851 - 01 Aug 1915
h/o Mary B. Stephens Manuel
s/o Thomas Manuel b. NC & Angeline Boyd
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto  
Menefee, Jarrett
1721 - 3/7/1811
Mike Rowley
1825 NW 129th ST
Clive, Iowa 50325
Menefee, Sophriah   
Owsley, Ann Bell  
Owsley, Sabra E  
Owsley, Samuel    
Pennington, Callie G
1848 - 1919
Pennington, Ephram L
1878 - 24 Oct 1911
s/o Stephen & Sally Livingston Pennington
Killed by a horse
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto 
Pennington, Sallie J.
19 Nov 1849 - 19 Apr 1919
d/o J. H. & Arabelle Griffin Livingston
w/o Stephen Pennington
Death Certificate
Carole French DiSanto   
Pennington, Ephraim D   
Pennington, George H
1873 - 1894
Pennington, Infant Son
of S.B. and S.J.
1/??/1877 - 2/1/1877
Pennington, Jennie Belle
Daut. of Stephen & Sally
11/28/1887 - 5/30/1926
Pennington, Stephen B
1849 - 1892
Unknown Stones  

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