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Richard Singleton Cemetery
Located at 45 Highview Drive, Waynesburg, Kentucky

All photos submitted by  Ronnie and Bernice Bates, David Gambrel 
and Eldred Melton Williams unless otherwise stated

Brown, Lily
1897 - 1924
Cooper, Dorlan Louise
11/25/1945 - 2/4/1946
"dau of Gerline Hodge
Gooch, R. D.
3/10/1816 - 8/21/1876
Jennie Williams
Gooch, Sarah
w/o R.D. Gooch
Jennie Williams
Hodge, Audey T
9/16/1897 - 6/13/1939
Hodge, Audy Elven
born and died 6/18/1937
Hodge, Clifford J
6/17/1917 - 5/3/1930
Hodge, Joe
1874 - 1930
Hubble, America Jennie Williams
Hubble, Bennie Jennie Williams
Morgan, M. T.
9/28/1846 - 7/4/1908
Morgan, Samuel Arthur
8/8/1878 - 11/11/1904
born and died Waynesburg, Ky
s/o William Morgan and Louisa Williams
f/o Erly, McKinley and Ernest Young
Jennie Williams
Morgan, Rutherford
12/1875 - 1/1/1901
born Waynesburg died Lincoln Co
s/o William Morgan and Louisa Williams
h/o Sally Byrd married 11/19/1895 Lincoln Co
f/o Lillie, Lafayette, and Lenard Morgan
Jennie Williams
Morgan, Talitha C.
2/3/1851 - 3/11/1924
wife of M. T. Morgan
Myers, Albert G
12/14/1874 - 1951
Myers, Ermintha
9/30/1875 - 10/14/1950
Price, Ermintha
1/20/1844 - 4/3/1871
wife of E. R. Price
Singleton, A. J. Jennie Williams
Singleton, Amanda C.
1900 - 1929
wife of Barrett Singleton
Singleton, Ansel O.
son of N. C. and S.A. Singleton
Singleton, Chris Jennie Williams
Singleton, Christopher
12/11/1809 - 1/18/1876
Jennie Williams
Ronnie and Bernice Bates, David Gambrel, and Eldred Williams
Singleton, Deniza Jennie Williams
Singleton, G.W.S Jennie Williams
Singleton, Garfield
1880 - 1955
Jennie Williams
Singleton, Isaac  
Singleton, J. G.
Jennie Williams
Singleton, John Jennie Williams
Singleton, Lillie
1878 - 1914
Jennie Williams
Singleton, Martha Jennie Williams
Singleton, Mary Jennie Williams
Singleton, Monon
dau of I.C. and S.A. Singleton
Singleton, Paul
born and died 1916
son of Barrett and Amanda Singleton
Singleton, Polly A
3/11/1827 - 12/14/1911
wife of Aaron Singleton
Singleton, Ressie J.
6/29/1916 - 3/6/1933
wife of Barrett Singleton
Singleton, Richard Jennie Williams
Singleton, Robert Jennie Williams
Singleton, Sally Jennie Williams
Singleton, Sarah Ann
7/1866 - 12/1952
wife of Isaac Singleton
Singleton, Thos. Jennie Williams
Ware, Lillie
born & died 2/28/1875
dau of C.G. and T. S. Ware
Wesley, Gladys "Mother"
9/16/1936 - 
w/o Taylor Wesley
Wesley, Taylor "Father"
8/14/1922 - 8/25/2006

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