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Tammer Cemetery
African American cemetery
Located on west side of RR in Geneva-Mckinney area.

This cemetery and all photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, 
David Gambrel and Eldred Melton unless otherwise stated

Located Near McKinney High School
(From Shirley Dunn's Book)

Brown, Rev. Ben       
Brown, Effie "Zelffer"      
Burton, A. Capt.
25 Feb 1782 - 25 Mar 1868
   Carole French DiSanto  
Burton, Capt Archibald "Archie"
b. 25 Feb 1782 VA - 25 Mar 1868
wd/o Rosamond Pigg Burton
Father of Elizabeth Bettie Burton
Carole French DiSanto  
Burton, Rosamond
d. 1843 age 50
w/o Archibald Burton
Carole French DiSanto   
Burton, Infant "daughter"     

Burton, Katherine
 04 Jan 1820   age 23 Yrs.
Carole French DiSanto
Burton, Mary Jane
16 Sep 1826 - 08 Jun 1865    
w/o W. M.
Carole French DiSanto

Burton, Rosamond
died Oct 1843  age 50 Yrs    
w/o A. Burton
Carole French DiSanto  
Burton, Thomas
01 Oct 1922 - 16 Dec 1926
Carole French DiSanto  
Burton, Thomas A.
 Nov 1835 - 12 Jan 1836
Carole French DiSanto  
Burton, Thos. R.     
Brown, Zora    
Givens, Anderson
CO. F.   14 U.S.C.1
Givens, Bettie
wife of J. W. Givens
Givens, Bettie Burton
22 Nov 1837 - 02 Oct 1876
death record has died 30 Oct 1876
d/o Archibald & Rosamond Burton
w/o James W. Givens b. 1836
Carole French DiSanto      
Huntsman, Jane
dates unreadable
Carole French DiSanto     
Huntsman, Capt. Josiah
Dates unreadable
Married Mary Ann Porch 1828
Ky. Land Grants 1793 - 1856 - bk C pg. f 13 - to Wm. Huntsman; Paity Huntsman, now Rutherford;
George Huntsman; Benjamin Huntsman:
Sally Huntsman. Aug 8, 1815
Virginians in Revolution - Capt. Josiah Huntsman 
Robert Barnet's Co
Carole French DiSanto   
Huntsman, Mary
dates unreadable
w/o Josiah
Carole French DiSanto  
Huntsman, Sally
dates unreadable
Carole French DiSanto  
McKinney, Ann Eliza    
McKinney, Burton
16 Jul 1799 - 10 Aug 1874
Carole French DiSanto     
McKinney, Lucinda    
McKinney, Leander
15 Jun 1823 - 19 Aug 1872
Carole French DiSanto  
Peyton, Ann
1796 - 1830
Carole French DiSanto  
Peyton, Mary Ann
17 Oct 1836 - 21 Jul 1862
Carole French DiSanto  
Purdom, Thomas A.
Nov 1835 - 12 Jan 1836
Carole French DiSanto    
Skidmore, Hannah
 Carole French DiSanto    
Trice, Emma R.    
Trice, George    
Trice, John M
Unknown Stone    
Unknown Graves    
Yocum, G. A.
CO. K. 15 KY. INF.

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