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All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Ron 
Terry and Eldred Williams unless otherwise stated

David Floyd Graveyard 
2600 S. Fishing Creek Road
Waynesburg, Ky

Found this cemetery description in The Bicentennial History of Waynesburg, Kentucky and Southern Lincoln County 1792-1992.
I remember from my youth exactly where this house stood.  It has probably been torn down for about 30 years.

Following is the exact description that I retrieved from this old history book. 
David Floyd, b ca 1792; d ca 1870, is buried on the south Fishing Creek farm now owned by Lloyd and Donna Ruckel.  
His grave is unmarked and descendants state that a portion of the addition to the house extends over his grave and 
also that of his wife, Nancy Singleton Floyd.       David Floyd and his wife Nancy, d/o Christopher and Sarah (Threlkeld) 
Singleton, were the parents of Harvey Floyd b 29 July 1827; d  5 May 1912, married Esther Ann Elliott; 
Rutha Floyd m Elias Ellison for whose family the community of Ellison was named;  and Mariah Jane Floyd who married 
(1) James D. McKinzie; and m (2) Isaac Hubble.

A slave graveyard also with unmarked graves is located on the same farm.  
I guess you know my next project will be to find the slave graveyard mentioned.  If the following is accurate, these 2 graves are within 30 - 40 feet of where these pictures were taken today.  
I hope to put this description in something waterproof and attach it to the telephone pole in pic 4.  Thanks, Ronnie


Today I found what appears to be one of the back foundation stones (picture 1)


Pics 2 & 3 are what is left of an old outbuilding and I dug this stone out of the rubble.  It appears to be part of a tombstone??? 


                                                                                        Pic # 4 is walkup view, house was just at top of this bank.


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