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Elliott Cemetery
Located at 1285 Skyline Dr
Stanford, Ky

Submitted by Ronnie  Bates

A family member showed me the exact spot of this cemetery; however, some years 
back someone took a bulldozer and pushed old stones, small trees, etc. over the hill 
to make a softball field.  Some of the Elliott family intends to come in a few weeks and 
look for some of the stones.  I truly hope that they can find them.  There are several 
members of the Elliott family buried here as well as members of the Hale family.


It took me a while to get the info that you needed for the Elliott Family Cemetery. Yesterday I visited an Aunt in a Nursing Home 
in Louisville. She said that there were several graves there. Some had tombstones and others were just marked with Geodes.The only names 
that she could remember were ....Isaac Elliott, his Wife..Amanda Sprinkles-Elliott, Dolly Hale, and Rosa Elliott-Hale. Rosa was buried 
there but a tombstone was later placed for her in the Fairview Baptist Church Cemetery. I remember seeing this tombstone during 
my many visits there. I was surprised to find out the circumstances for it being there. Rosa was the daughter of Isaac and Amanda 
and was the first wife of Dellie Green Hale. Dolly was a Daughter of Dellie and his third Wife, Ellen Phillips-Elliott-Hale. 
Ellens first Husband was Albert Elliott,my Grandfather who was also the brother of Rosa....getting confused yet!
                                                                                                   Douglas Elliott


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