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Engleman Cemetery
Ky Hwy 590 Hubble Road
Stanford, Ky

I have a list of the people who are recorded in the Lincoln County Cemeteries books which I found in the library in Stanford.  However, since my husband and I have been working
out on the farm to restore the cemetery, I have found several others not known (or at least not listed) as being buried there. Some of the tombstones are not currently readable.
All of them are broken from their bases and many are broken in pieces. I do have pictures but the cemetery has been not only let go to the elements, it looks as if at some point,
someone may have tried to "bury" the whole thing.  I have also found a tombstone/memorial stone which is missing only the name but has the birth and death dates of someone who
" died as a prisoner of war at Camp Douglas" which you probably know was a Civil War prison camp in Chicago, IL for Confederate soldiers. I have been trying to find the
name of this man and have contacted Camp Nelson. The soldier(s) who may be buried there can and will with confirmation receive new military stones. One may be a
revolutionary war vet as well.

Quite a few of the stones I have uncovered are at or beyond what we were told marked the boundaries.  I think that we are going to have to find someone
 knowledgable in cemetery restoration to help us as the stones are so scattered and many are broken into multiple pieces.

I will send a listing of who is recorded as being buried there and those we have found in addition. Thank you so much for your reply and interest. 

                                                                                                             Thank you again, Kelli Whitt


                                   The Engleman Cemetery


Formerly farm of the late Sam Bell,Jr.; now owned by Tim and Kelli Whitt

Hubble Area

KY Hwy 590


Lincoln County KY Cemeteries;  copied by Homer and Shirley Dunn; 1967-69







Found Stone?



Mary Jane E. Gentry,

Wife of Reuben C. Engleman

October 29, 1834

May 28, 1854




Jacob Engleman

March 8, 1793

April 1, 1826



Stone very worn,

Difficult to read

Polly Thurman

January 15, 1811

August 13, 1850



Found pieces of date and cross with P.T.

Mary Clark,

Wife of John R. Farris

May 19, 1854

October 9, 1884




John Engleman

December 27, 1807

April 8, 1877




Mary F.,

Wife of John Engleman

January 16, 1807

February 12, 1880




Polly Engleman

February 4th, 1770

September 4th, 18--



Very large, vault-like-broken into pieces

_____ ______,

Wife of B. Hickman

November 13, 1828

July 11, 1880




                                                  Stones I Have Found - Not Listed in any Resource I Have Found







Simon Engleman

August 28th, 1761

May 18th, 1829

Born on Germany and came to US in 1770, married to Polly Griggs in 1790; original owner of plantation-1000 acres

Also very large like a vault cover—size of a door-matches Polly Engleman’s ; broken into pieces-have not found all yet


Samuel Engleman

February 4th, 1791

June 21, 18_9

Son of Simon and Polly

Stone broken by a limb which fell during ice storm ‘09


Barbara Engleman,

Daughter of Simon and Betsy Engleman

________, 183_

________, 1850

Should be grandchild of Simon and Polly – but I only found a daughter named Barbara?

Stone was buried at outside edge  of current boundary; some broken, some difficult to read

________ __________,

Died as a prisoner of war at Camp Douglas

June 1, 1830

August 27, 1864


Top of stone with name is missing






Front of stone almost completely eroded but at base on back is name of ? mason/or monument company; some broken off corner


  There are numerous ? footstones with initials and many stone blocks without writing -- ? Monuments?  multiple stones unable to read and some still partially covered in earth