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Given's Family Cemetery
Lover's Lane
near Junction City, Kentucky


All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, 
 and Ron Terry unless otherwise stated

Chenault, Ann Givens
born Jan 9, 1837 - April 19, 1874
daut. of R.W. & I P Givens
wife of W Chenault
Denny, Bettie L Givens
July 24, 1845 - April 15, 1871
wife of A K Denny
Children of R W & I P Givens
Anna K - Mary J - Phoebe P - John - Richard W - Bettie L - Mary Belle - Margaret - Rachael B 
Givens, Isabella Paxton
Feb 15, 1819 - Jul 3, 1884
Wife of R W Givens
Givens, James
June 18, 1788 - Jan 27, 1819
Givens, John
May 20, 1842 - Sep 29, 1851
Givens, Mary Belle
Dec 24, 1847 - June 27, 1869
Givens, Mary E
Nov 11, 1838 - Oct 8, 1845
Givens, Mary J
August 21, 1818 - April 27, 1835
Givens, Phebe P
Feb 14, 1841 - Sep 19, 1851
Givens, Rachel B
Jan 7, 1852 - July 16, 1867
Givens, Richard W
Dec 8, 1814 - Apr 13, 1889 
husband of Isabella Paxton 
Givens, Richard W, Jr.
Nov 17, 1843 - May 6, 1866
Givens, Sarah Margaret
born Janu 7, 1850 - died Sep 17, 1851
Infant daughter of R W & Isabella Givens 
Mitchell, James H
died Aug 7, 1857 in 76th year
Mitchell, Sarah
died Nov 4, 1856 in 70th year
wife of J H Mitchell

some dates that were unreadable were taken from the book by Shirley Dunn titled "Lincoln County, Kentucky Marriages 1780 - 1850 & Tombstone Inscriptions"

After trying to find (walking) on a couple of occasions over the past few years, I was never able to find this cemetery.  I was told that it was right at the end of the
runway at the Danville Airport.  Half of the airport is in Lincoln County.  Just a day or so back, I stopped at the airport to see if they could help.  Come to find out, in
about 1974 this entire cemetery was moved to Buffalo Springs to allow the extension of the runway.  They told me that in 1974, when the tornadoes came through, extensive
damage was done to the cemetery.  I spoke with David Gambrel and even he didn't know this.  I guess it was done and has been forgotten, after all that has been 36 years ago. 

Met with some very nice folks there at the airport.  They are the ones who showed me where the Shelby City African American Cemetery is located. I'm going back there to get
additional pictures before I send them to you.   And, Mr. and Mrs. Payne both work at the airport and they told me about the Payne Family Cemetery at Crab Orchard.  Sometimes
you get a lot of good information just by talking with people. 

                                                                                                                             Ronnie and Bernice Bates

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