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Green Briar Springs Cemetery 
This cemetery is located on land now owned by George Day.  It’s located on top of a hill down 
and across Old Fall Lick Road from the current Hopkins Cemetery.


On September 23, 1907, Joe & Elizabeth Hopkins purchased 106 acres of land on Fall Lick Road in Lincoln County from John C. Robinson.  This land was called the “Greenbrier Springs” property.  In previous years, a hotel had stood on this property.  Tourists frequented this location because of the mineral water springs that was located there.  After Joe bought the property, he tore the old dilapidated hotel down.  

The Green Briar Springs Cemetery was started by the Hopkins family when Ellen Fugate and her infant baby died and were buried at this location on April 29, 1912.  Three others would be buried here before the family decided the burying ground was too inaccessible.  In 1917, Joe’s son, Leonard Hopkins, was buried across the road at the current Hopkins Family Cemetery.  Upon her death in 1937, Lucy Bryant Hopkins was laid to rest at the Greenbriar Springs Cemetery beside her two daughters who had died in a house fire in 1916.  Lucy was the last person buried at this location.

 It was fenced many years ago but today only a few scattered wires remain.  Hardly anyone knows this cemetery exists today.  Most of my family has never seen it.  I feel that we shouldn’t forget it.  I hope, if given permission, to be able to fence it and restore it in some small way.           Shelby Roy Hopkins

This cemetery and all photos submitted by Shelby Hopkins unless otherwise stated           

Ellen Fugate
8/1882 - 4/26/1912
Ellen died while giving birth.  She and her unnamed baby are buried here together.  The baby's father's name was Andrew Jackson Saylor Sr. Ellen was the Daughter of Bo & Elizabeth Sprinkle Hopkins Fugate


Unborn baby of Ellen Fugate
April 26, 1912
(Unborn daughter of Jack Saylor Sr. & Ellen Fugate; Buried in the same grave as her mother)

Dillard Hopkins
April 12, 1919 - April 12, 1919
Stillborn son of Mack and Ollie Saylor Hopkins

Elizabeth Hopkins   
1909/1910 - February 4, 1917
(Daughter of George & Malinda “Linda” Fugate Hopkins)

Gladys Hopkins
1/7/1911 - 8/5/1912
d/o Ewell and Ella Saylor Hopkins.  Died from suffocation caused by the membranous croup at the age of 1 year 6 months and 29 days.Dr. Harmon from Crab Orchard stated if he could have arrived a little earlier, he could have performed an emergency tracheotomy.

Viola Hopkins 
8/22/1912 - 4/27/1916
d/o Joseph (Joe) Jr. & Lucy Bryant Hopkins.  She was 3 years, 8 months, 5 days old when she died along with her sister Vergia in a house fire.
(Daughter of Joe (Jr.) & Lucy Bryant Hopkins)


Vergia “Virgie” Hopkins         
8/25/1914 - 4/27/1916
d/o  Joseph & Lucy Bryant Hopkins.  She was 1 year, 8 months, 2 days old when she died along with her sister Viola in a house fire.


Lucy Bryant Hopkins                
2/7/1896 - 2/13/1937
w/o Joseph Hopkins Jr. 
d/o  Bill & Lizzie Adams Bryant. 
Wife of Joseph Hopkins Jr.
Lucy was the last person buried in this cemetery.


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