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Moreland-Tucker Cemetery 
Located at 87 Community Center Road
Moreland, Kentucky

This info came from Pruitt Funeral Home in Moreland.  The lady at Pruitt Funeral Home says it was also called Tucker Cemetery since it was on a 
Mr. Tucker's property years ago.  Mrs. Dunn has it in her book as Moreland Cemetery B.  

A beautiful setting for a once majestic old cemetery.  There are many broken stones and sunken graves.  
Approximately 100 graves scattered over this knob.  I hope that someone has some history on who all is buried here.  
Note:  Thomas Helm, Civil War Vet.  
                                                                                               Thanks, Ronnie


All Photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Ron Terry
and Eldred Williams unless otherwise stated

John Adams
3/16/1874 - 9/29/1953
h/o Nannie Adams
McKindley Adams
1/7/1897 - 10/15/1923
Nannie Adams
12/25/1870 - 10/7/1952
w/o John Adams
Artemesa R Bruce
1822 - 1899
Ronnie's Group   Yvonne Lay Logue
Alexander Bruce
5/18/1844 - 6/21/1914
Fredna Bruce
Born July 28, 1917
James Bruce
Died Aug. 22, 1895
Katie H. Bruce
1866 - 1941
w/o Thos. Gilbert Bruce
Thos. Gilbert Bruce
1861 - 1943
h/o Katie H. Bruce
Bert Eird
12/25/1878  - 4/5/1948
h/o Mary H. Eird
Mary Hocker Eird
1/9/1886 - 15 Oct. 1923
w/o Bert Eird
Carole French DiSanto
Berdie M. Eird Harlan
14 Sep 1913 - 18 Oct 1997       
see obit file # 21
d/o Bert & Mary Hocker Eird
wd/o Willie Harlan
Carole French DiSanto       
Thomas Helm
CO. H. 
Thomas Helm  
Elisha Hocker "Father"
1842 - 1909
h/o Mary J. Hocker
Mary J. Hocker "Mother"
1843 - 1911
w/o Elisha Hocker
Wm. Gilmore
9/13/1857 - 12/12/1910
Nellie B. Jarman
1864 - 1893
Nellie Jarman Baby Daughter   
Bessie Johnson
9/29/1882 - 1/5/1914
Ira Jones
1847 - 1897
Fred P. Laughlin
10/15/1885 - 12/31/1919
Olivia Laughlin
1891 - 1973
Dilcy McCormack
w/o Wm. McCormack
George McCormack "Father"                
Ronnie's Group   Yvonne Lay Logue
June McCormack
died 1953
Lucretia McCormack   
Robert McCormack   
Wm. McCormack
1/5/1856 - 1/23/1923
h/o Dilcy, his wife
Felix McCormick   
Dellar T. Napier
1880 - 1923
w/o of Thomas Napier
Thomas Napier
1872 - 1937
h/o Dellar T. Napier
Emma Owsley
1848 - 1916
Ronnie's Group   Yvonne Lay Logue
Cora Sanders
8/10/1888 - 2/20/1942
Sunken Graves   
Samuel Dennis Tucker
3/23/1893 - 11/15/1969
Unmarked Graves     
John Williams

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