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Yocum Graveyard 
201 Manford Sims Road
Mckinney, Ky

cemetery is to the right of the cedar in the center of the field up at the tree line. Then approximately 100' into the woods, look for stack of stones
Rev. Mike Yocum showed me this cemetery.  Reverend Yocum and I agree that there are 50 - 60 graves here.  He knows an elderly lady that possibly 
has the names of those buried here.  He will let me know.  Ron Terry told me of this cemetery existing and advised me to 
find it before the rattlesnakes awaken for the year!  Thanks, RB

Unless otherwise noted, Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Reverend Yocum and Ron Terry submitted graveyard and photos.
Ron Terry was able to obtain names for some of the unidentified stones from family members of which he is a relative.  I have listed each 
name with one of the unidentified stones - IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THAT PARTICULAR STONE IS, IN FACT, THAT PERSON'S STONE.  

Martin M Brown
02/25/1874 - 06/15/1904

Son of Willis Brown CW Soldier on site)
Willis Brown
12/01/1820 - 07/29/1886
M. B.   
M. B.   
Henry Yocum I
born 1753 - 1815
Elizabeth Corn Yocum
Born 1759 Died 1817
Henry Yocum II (Son of above)
Born 1771 Died 1854
Malinda Sarah King Yocum 
Born 1771 Died 10-12-1854
(Wife of Henry II)
William Josh Brown 
Born 1860 Died 12-7-1948
(Son of Willis Brown CW Soldier on site)
Unidentified Stone  
Unidentified Stone  
Unidentified Stone  
Unidentified Stone  

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