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    Revolutionary War Soldiers

Honoring Those Who Fought For Our Freedom

designates a will at the Lincoln County Courthouse
Plaque Located At the Lincoln County Courthouse (click on star)

John S Alverson  
John Bailey  
James P Barnett  
Robert Barnett (Captain) Fordyce B Logan
William Barnett (Private) Fordyce B Logan
Henry Baughman Jr. Fordyce B Logan
Alexander Blaine  
Thomas Bosley  
Benjamin Briggs  
Samuel Briggs Fordyce B Logan
William Bruce  
Benjamin Burch  
Thomas Burch  
William Burch  
Adam Carpenter  
Conrad Carpenter  
John Carpenter  
James Collier  
John Collier Sr.  
Peter Curtis  
William Daugherty  
James Davis  
James Dinwiddie  
James Divine  
Benjamin Duncan  
Samuel Duncan  
James Durham  
George Edwards  
Robert Elder  
Abraham Estes  
 James Estill  
Jacob Falconberry

Thelma Dwiggins

John Fleece  
Micajah Frost  
Richard Gaines  
Anthony Gale  
Isaac Garven  
John Webster Gilbert  
Samuel Gilbert  
George Givens  
James Givins  
James Givins Jr.  
Robert Givins  
Bartley Greenwood  
Joseph Hackley  
Joseph Hall  
Drury Ham  
William Hamilton  
Nathaniel Hart  
Luke Hazlewood  
George Helm  
Marquis Helm  
James Hickman  
Nicholas Hocker  
Phillip Hocker  
Samuel Pruitt Hocker

Fordyce B Logan

William Hughes  
Richard Winfred Hunt  
Noel Johnson  
Benjamin Logan (Colonel) Fordyce B Logan
David Logan   
Hugh Logan Fordyce B Logan
John (Blackhead) Logan (Colonel) Fordyce B Logan
John (Whitehead) Logan (Colonel) Fordyce B Logan
William Logan (Private) Fordyce B Logan
Rodham Lunsford  
Daniel McCormack  
John McCormack  
Joseph McCormack  
Dennis McKinney  
Mark McPherson   
Matt McPherson  
John McRoberts   
Garrett Menefee  
James Menefee   
William Miller   
Ezra Morrison   
George Nokes, Jr. Kay Hoover
Benjamin O'Banner   
Thomas Owsley (Private) Fordyce B Logan
William Owsley Sr. (Lieutenant) Fordyce B Logan
William Patton   
Alexander Paxton  
John Paxton   
Jesse Pear  
John Pemberton  
James Peyton Harold Rarden
Valentine Peyton   
Benjamin Potter Valerie J Thompson 
James Renick   
Littleton Salyers  
Martin Dunn Salyers

John C Carter

William Sampson  
William Shanks Sr.

Fordyce B Logan

Isaac Shelby   
Joseph Skidmore   
Abraham Sublet  
Moses Sweeney   
Benedict Swope  
Samuel Swope  
John Taylor  
James Thompson Harold Rarden
Andrew Wallace   
William Whitley   
Joseph Withers  

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