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Submitted By:  Linde Grace White


 The year was 1904 for the store.


Here is the newsletter my grandmother wrote April 24, 1904 at Sugar Grove, KY. titled "Sugar Grove Gazette".
 She was Alice Jane White, daughter of W.T.B. White and Mary Elizabeth Newland White.  When she wrote this,
she was 25 years old and would marry in July, but since she eloped with James Hansford Livingston, she wasn't preparing
for a big wedding.

In copying the letter, my uncle, Billy Livingston, cut a little off the original, but you can figure out the missing parts. As explained at the end, my aunt, Bertie Livingston 
Brown, typed this up in March of 1936.  I guess it was handwritten. 

Anyone who remembers any of these people or knows anything about Sugar Grove, etc. should contact me. 
We can trade info, shoot, we might be related!