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(Jesse's son Michael L. Baird came to Lincoln Co. abt.1919
and bought a farm in the Mt. Salem area. He died 1966 and
 is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery.)
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This certifies that the rite of holy matrimony was celebrated between:
Jesse Baird (preacher) of Campbell Co., Tenn.
and Louisa Smith of Scott Co. Tenn
on the 6th Aug.1853 at John Smith her pa's
by Green Creekmore Esq.
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Jesse Baird born Nov 24, 1826
Louisa his wife born Nov 9th 1836
Joseph B. Baird born Aug.25th 1854
Calvin R. Baird born Oct 8th, 1855
Elizabeth Baird born Feb 8th 1857
John S. Baird born Sept 2nd 1858
Lewis M Baird born June 8th 1860
Zebedee D. Baird born June 15th 1862
James F. Baird born May 1st 1864
Milton E. Baird born Feb 10th 1867
Mary E. Baird born Dec 18th 1868
Rachel S. Baird born May 16,1871
Helen (?) J. Baird Feb 14th, 1873
Thomas M. Baird Nov 7th 1874
Michael L Baird Mar 8th 1878
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J.B.Baird to Mary Trammell April 18th, 1871
J.B.Baird to Hannah Stanfil Dec 28th 1873
J.B.Baird to Mary Brown Oct 22nd 1882
Elizabeth Baird to John Collins May 3, 1874
L.M.Baird to Mary A. Perkins September the 4th 1879
C.R.Baird to Ettie C. McCart June 1, 1884
Susie R.Baird to D.G.Nobels  March 13th 1887
J.B.Baird to Sarah Perkins January 6th 1889
J.F.Baird to Martha Lay January 1st 1889
Z.D. Baird to Ella Baird August 24th 1887
P.C.Perkins to Mary E. Baird June 15th 1888
M.E. Baird to Julie Baird March 18th 1888
T.M.Baird to Julie Gibson Nov 6th 1892
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Jesse Baird
My father Lewis M. Baird was born August the 22nd 1795  died May 1866
Elizabeth his wife was born December 28th 1797
died December the 29th 1882
My oldest bro. William Baird born
Oct. the 19th 1817
He died May the 15th 1885
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John S. Baird died June 13th 1885
Mary E. (Baird) Perkins wife of
P.C. Perkins died December the 4th 1891
Louisa wife of Elder Jesse Baird
died December the 24th 1898
Elizabeth (Baird) Collins died
December the 17th 1910
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