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Submitted by:  Susanna Harris  (See reply from Carole DiSanto - below the images)

I have hit a brick wall with this family the Harris family from Stanford, Kentucky so I am wondering if you can assist.
I found a Martha Harris on the 1880 and 1900 Census but not sure if it is her. She is shown as a servant working for private
families in Stanford, Ky. Can't find her on the 1910 Census for Stanford, Ky. She is on the 1920 Census living with her daughter
in Lexington, Fayette Cty, Ky also it states she was widowed. Trying to find information on her parents also. Her daughter states
that Martha's parents were Samuel Harris and Martha Stevenson but another name was crossed out Petta Bright and when you 
look at James Elmer Harris SS Application he state his parents were Samuel Harrie and Martha Susie Bright a little confusing. I
would be great if you can find the birth records of all her children. I do have a detailed family tree created on called
Harris Family Tree. Thank you for your time. Susanna Harris

Martha Harris - Born March 20, 1864, Lincoln Cty, Ky (African American)
Died January  3, 1924, Lexington, Fayette Cty, Ky
Father - Samuel Harris, Lincoln Cty, Ky
Mother - Martha Stevenson or name crossed out Petta Bright
(Death Certificate, Informant was the daughter see attached)

Martha's Children
George Bailey Harris-Born May 23,1885/1886, Lincoln Cty, Ky (African American & White, picture)
         Died June 16,1968, Lincoln Cty, Ky  (SS Application see attached)

James Elmer Harris-Born September 29,1892,Stanford,LincolnCty,Ky(African American & White, pic)
                 Died August 23, 1959, Seattle, King Cty, Wa  (SS Application see attached)

Percival Harris - Born Unknown (African American & White have picture)
Died Was told about 1960 at sea Baja California Have no record information)

Mattie R. Harris - Born November 27, 1889 Stanford, Lincoln Cty, Ky (African American have picture)
Died November 21, 1980, Lexington, Fayette Cty, Ky


Submitted by:  Carole French DiSanto:

Sussanna,Greenwood Cemetery is listed on Lincoln County Web site Cemeteries.  This is an African -American Cemetery next to Buffalo Springs Cemetery.

Several death certificates simply state Burial: Stanford or Buffalo. 

Found a death certificate for Samuel Harris age 11
Lincoln Co. KY
# 23728
Samuel Harris
b. 25 Dec 1904 - d. 15 Sep 1916
Cause: Heart failure
s/o Thomas Harris b. Ky and Katie Adams b. Ky
Informant: Katie Harris of Stanford, Ky
Burial: Boneyville on 17 Sep 1916
Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
# 3758
Samuel Harris
b. 1881 age 30 - d. 21 Feb 1912
s/o Samuel Harris b. KY and Mahalia Bradshaw b. KY
Burial: Wilmoran Jucassin (difficult to read) ? - Feb 23 1912
 I will do more checking for death certificates.

U. S. Colored Troops Military Service Records 1861 - 1865

Samuel Harris
Enlistment Date - 09 Sep 1864
Enlistment Location - Camp Nelson
Branch of Service - 5th U. S. Colored Cavalry
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1842
Roll : M1817_67
Enclosures: 8
Missing in Action
Possible Relatives
1870 - Stanford, Lincoln Co. Ky
Family # 165 - 149
William Bright 47
Candacy Bright - 46
Francis Bright - 22
Benjamin Bright - 15 - b. 1859 - d. 22 Oct 1913  Father - Wm.(mother was Candis Culbertson) Buried Turnersville - Informant W. E. Craig of Moreland
Robert Bright - 13
Henry Bright - 07
John Bright - 03
Ben Culberson - 72 - lives on farm
Page 24 - June 16, 1870 , Stanford, Lincoln Co.
Family # 164 - 148
Barney Bright - 45  - Farmer
Ann Bright - 43 - Keeps house
Bettie - 23 - Domestic
Henry - 22 - Works on farm - b. 29 Mar 1848 - d. 15 Apr 1914 - Buried in Danville Ky
John - 20 - works on farm
Mollie - 18 - domestic
Cansus - 16 - domestic
Richard - 13 - works on farm
Tine - 11 - works on farm
America - 09
Carry - 06
Sallie - 04
Ellen - 1/12
Caleb Bright
Sep 1864 Lincoln Co. - 05 Dec 1938 Lincoln Co.
son of Caleb Bright
Mother: don't know
Burial: Buffalo Cemetery - ( Aka Greenwood Cemetery)
Informant Callie Dawson  
John Bright
28 Feb 1872 Ky - d. 30 Dec 1931 Lincoln Co.
Widowed ? (Married twice?)
s/o Henry Bright and Josie Street
h/o America D. Bright
Informant: Jas S. Bright of Danville
Burial: Bauge Cemetery, Lincoln Co. Ky - Possibly Barrows Cemetery?
America D. Bright
b. 25 Oct 1875 Ky - d. 06 Jun 1926
d/o David Helm & Sara Beatty
Informant: J. S. B. Josephine Bright of Stanford
Burial: Barrys Hill Cemetery -
Undertaker: Jas S. Bright - Danville KY
David Bright
20 Jul 1875 Ky - d. 01 Oct 1928 Lincoln Co.
s/o Henry Bright b. Ky - Josie Street b. Ky
wife: Maud D. Bright
Informant: Maud D. Bright
Burial: Hill Dale Cemetery
undertaker: Jas S. Bright of Danville
Anderson Bright
10 Mar 1876 Lincoln Co. - 29 Jan 1916 Lincoln Co.
s/o Caleb Bright b. Lincoln Co. and Better Walker b. Lincoln Co.
Buried: Buffalo Semary Stanford ( way it was written) - Greenwood Cemetery
Candacie Bright
1881 Lincoln Co. - d. 07 Jan 1931 Lincoln Co.
d/o Jessie Bright b. Louisville, Ky
Burial: Lincoln Co.
Informant: Jessie Smith
Mack Bright
1883 - 24 Dec 1952
parents not known
Informant: Cara Le Shanks of Stanford
Burial: Buffalo Springs ( probably Greenwood Cemetery)
James Bright Sr.
b. 30 May 1885 - d. 03 Mar 1952
s/o Albert Bright & Sallie
Burial: Crab Orchard, KY
Calvin Bright
1886 - d. 04 Aug 1939
s/o Henry Bright b. Ky &  Josephy Bright b. Ky
Spouse's name; Annie M. Bright
Informant: Annie M. Bright
Burial: Hill Dale Cemetery
undertaker: Amilee Bright - Danville, KY
Josephine S. Bright
05 Nov 1895 Ky - d. 28 May 1927
d/o John Bright b. Ky  & America Davis b. Ky
Burial: Barrys Hill Cemetery
Informant: John Bright of Stanford, Ky
undertaker: Jas S. Bright - Danville
Jula Bright
1898 Lincoln Co. - d. 22 Nov 1934
d/o Cedena Perkins b. Lincoln and Creasey Higgins b. Lincoln
Husband: Wisley Bright
Informant: Wisley Bright
Burial: Barry's
Calvin Theophlis Bright
05 Apr 1916 - 24 Dec 1919
s/o Calvin Bright and Annie May Bright
Informant: Calvin Bright
Burial: Stanford, KY
Alfort Bright
b. Virginia - age 80 - d. 09 Apr 1924
Occupation - Carpenter
parents unknown
Informant: Alfort Bright of Stanford
Burial: Turnersville, KY
Calup Bright
age 92  - d. 25 Dec 1924
parents unknown
Informant: Calup Bright of Stanford
Burial: Stanford, KY
Tin Bright
b. Ky age 65 - d. 09 Feb 1925 McKinney, Lincoln Co. KY
s/o Barney Bright
Informant: George Craig
Burial: Turnesville
Charles William Bright
27 Oct 1932 - 04 Mar 1934
s/o Wm. Bright b. Ky - and Bertha Ross b. Ky
Burial: Crab Orchard, Ky
Polly Bright
b. Stanford - aged 69 - d. 11 Jul 1933 Stanford, Ky
parents unknown - ( see Census)
Informant: Balip Bright of Stanford
Burial: Buffalo Springs
Josephine Strut Bright
b. Lincoln Co. aged 93 yrs - d. 27 Jul 1935 Hanging Fork, Ky
d/o Thomas Strut
Informant: Bettie Hays
Burial: Hill Dale Cemetery
undertaker: Amilee Bright, Danville
Mattie Lynn Penington Bright
b. Lincoln Co. aged 85 yrs - d. 05 Mar 1947 Halls Gap, Ky
Burned to death by house fire
d/o Claben Penington
Burial: Halls Gap
America Bright Givens
b. Ky  aged 50 yrs. - d. 24 Aug 1916 Turnersville, Lincoln Co, KY
d/o Barnie Bright & Ann Bright
Informant: George Miller Givins of Stanford
Burial: not listed