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Lincoln County, Kentucky

Compiled by: Debbie Oaks Bentley & Carole French DiSanto

Special Thank you to Fox Funeral Home  for assistance in directions. 312 West Main Street, Stanford, KY  40484  ( 606- 365-2670)                                                          

ABRAHM’S/ABRAHAM’S CEMETERY – ( Now called Elihu Saylor Cemetery ) Pine Grove,  Cemetery is on private property, On the South side of Old Ottenheim N. Road,  one mile past Pine Grove Road.  (Roy Standish, contributor). Please ask for permission before entering.  

ALBRIGHT CEMETERY - Turkeytown - From Crab Orchard @ # 150,  take Rd # 39 south. about 2 miles. Turn left (East) on Turkeytown Road. Continue for 1/2 mile to Edwards Rd.  Turn left (NorthEast) on Edwards. Cemetery appears to be on a farm.  Request Permission.  

ALLEN – SHOEMAKER CEMETERY – Chestnut Ridge (need directions) 

BANTON CEMETERY-  Located on the Old Huffman farm. at Gilberts Creek. Request permission. 

BARROWS CEMETERY -  Located between # 27 & # 590 North of Stanford. Just off Old Lancaster Rd.
Take # 27 North out of Stanford. Turn Left on # 590. Turn Right on Old Lancaster Rd. Turn Right on Barrows Street?  Cemetery is on the right. 

BASTIN CEMETERY -  Remote private Property. Permission required before entering.  Located on David Williams Road, off KY. 
Hwy #328. South quadrant of Lincoln Co.

BENEDICT CEMETERY – Located one mile west of Hwy 127. Turn west at Harris Creek Road, to Toombs Lane.  

BETHEL CHURCH CEMETERY -  From Crab Orchard take Rd # 39 South. Very near Rockcastle, Pulaski County border at the tip 
of Lincoln Co. Turn left (East) on McMullin Rd. Continue till you come to first road on the right. Bethal Church and Cemetery is on 
the right side of this road just before Rd # 39 again. 

BLACKERBY GRAVEYARD-  On "Old Pence Place"  Now Holtzclaw farm. Request permission. 

Buffalo Springs Cemetery -  Stanford, Ky.  Take Hwy #27 to # 150 west. Through Stanford town to Hustonville Road.  Turn left 
(West) on Hustonville Rd  # 78. (.25mile)The Cemetery is located on both sides of of the road. Main entrance, office and old section 
of cemetery is on the right. New section on the left.  

CALDWELL CEMETERY –Waynesburg. Located on South Fishing Creek Road. West of Hwy 27. On Walter Caldwell farm. 
Request admission.  

CLARK – NEWLAND CEMETERY. Between Stanford & Crab Orchard,   See Clark – Newland Cemetery for directions. 
( in cemetery section) 

COOK CEMETERY – Located 6 miles east of Stanford on Dick’s River. William Chancellor farm. 

COOK – FALCONBURY GRAVEYARD – Waynesburg – Located on Pond Road, west of Waynesburg on Dallas Patterson farm.  

COOK’S POINT CEMETERY – Kings Mountain. 

Crab Orchard Cemetery – Crab Orchard
Proceed 12 mi. on KY 643, turn left at  Cedar  St., proceed .1 mi, cemetery on the Left. A
draped shaft monument marks the 
graves of about 30 Civil war soldiers from Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. Listed on the National Register.



EASON CEMETERY – Located 1 mile from McKinney on the McKinney-Geneva Highway.

EDWARDS FAMILY CEMETERY – Crab Orchard - Located on the Edwards farm on Edwards Road. Request permission. ( Also 
Edwards Family Cemetery in Boyle Co.)

ENGLEMAN CEMETERY -  Northern tip of Lincoln Co. in Hubble. Located on the Sam Bell farm.

EPHESOS CHURCH CEMETERY – 2 miles East of  Ottenheim. Located on # 643 West of # 1781 . Between # 1781 & Allen Store Rd.  On the 
North side of # 643. West of Mt. Olive Church Cemetery.

DRAKES CREEK CEMETERY – OLD DRAKES CREEK CEMETERY – Preachersville .  Located on the Cecil Smith Farm. 

EPHESUS BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY- From Crab Orchard, at # 150, traveling East, Turn Right onto # 643 ( By Crab 
Orchard City Hall.)  Proceed 5.0 miles on # 643. Church and Cemetery is on the Right. 

Eubank Cemetery –Located in Pulaski County. 18.2 miles South of Stanford.  From
Stanford, proceed on US # 27 South. Turn Right onto Hwy # 70 West,  0.8 miles. The cemetery is located on the corner of Hwy 
# 70 & # 1247 (Eubank Church is visable from cemetery Hwy # 1247- 150 Ft.)

FAIRVIEW CHURCH CEMETERY – US 27 south to the top of Halls Gap, turn left onto Ky Hwy. #1247, proceed ½ mile. The 
cemetery is on the right, beside Fairview Baptist Church.

Stanford, take US # 27 South approximately 13 – 14 miles . Turn Left onto #1781 (old name was Greenbrier Rd).  Go about 7 1/2 
miles to Friendship Baptist Church Rd, turn left about 1/8th of a mile.

GILBERTS CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY – Just east of # 27, Gilbert Creek Road, near Garrard Co. border. Established in 1781

GOOCH CEMETERY – Kings Mountain – (need directions)

GOOD GRAVEYARD – Peyton Wells Section – ( need directions) 

GOSHEN CEMETERY – From Stanford, travel north on US 27, turn right on Goshen Cutoff Road, Continue to Goshen Road. Turn left 
onto Goshen Road. Continue for about 4 miles. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. 

HIGHLAND UNITED METHODIST CEMETERY – See United Methodist Church Cemetery 

HILLCREST CEMETERY – (need directions) 

HUGH CALDWELL FAMILY GRAVEYARD – See Hugh Caldwell Family Graveyard – Request permission before entering.

HUSTONVILLE CEMETERY – Hustonville – On Hwy # 78 West of  # 127 

IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH CEMETERY – Ottenheim – Travel south, from Stanford on Ky Hwy. # 27. Turn left at the top of 
Hall’s Gap Hill onto Hwy # 1247. Continue about 3/4 mile. Turn right onto Ky Hwy # 643 . Continue 7 or 8 miles to where the road 
forks. Turn left at the fork of the road. The cemetery is about 500 yards on the right. 

ISAAC SHELBY CEMETERY  “STATE HISTORIC SITE “ Near Boyle Co.line. Hwy # 300 just  east of # 127. On the south side of 
# hwy 300.  Follow signs. Governor Shelby (Kentucky's first governor) and family are buried at this site, open to the public.

JOHNSTON ELLIOTT FARM CEMETERY – see Johnston Elliott Farm Cemtery (In cemetery section). Request permission. 

K.P CEMETERY –KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  – Kings Mountain, Vimeda Lodge No. 242. Located at Duncan, West of Kings Mountain . 
From Stanford, travel south on Hwy # 27, turn right onto KY Hwy 501 (west) continue for about 6-8 miles. Cemetery is on the left side 
of the road a few yards from the Locust Grove Baptist Church. 

LEE CEMETERY -  See Lee Cemetery –(In cemetery section).  Request permission 

LOCUST GROVE CHURCH CEMETERY –Kings Mountain – Located on Hwy # 501 at the border of Casey Co. 


McCORMACK  CHURCH CEMETERY- From Stanford, west on KY # 78. Continue 4 -5 miles. Turn right on KY # 1194 scenic 2.5 mi. 
drive, go over a bridge, turn right on Moores Lane, Church and cemetery on right. Erected in 1819 with brick kilned on the site. Was 
known as "The Church" because all, including slaves, came to worship. The church is on the National Register of Historic Places. 
The cemetery dates back to 1780. Services held every Sunday. 

McKINNEY GRAVEYARD (CEMETERY) – Cemetery is about 3.5 miles southwest of McKinney on Hwy # 198, on the East side 
of the road.

MORELAND CEMETERY  - Moreland Ky.  Hwy # 127, turn west onto Community Center Drive, About ½ mile this turns into 
Black Pike Road. The Cemetery is about 1000 yards on the left. 

MT. HEBRON BAPTIST CHURCH ( CHESTNUT RIDGE CHURCH ) – From Stanford, take US. # 27 South, proceeding 13- 14 miles. 
Turn Left onto Hwy # 1781. Proceed 4.7 miles. Turn Left onto Jct. 1948 continue  for 2.2 miles. Mt. Hebron is on the right, 
cemetery is on the left side of the church. 

MT. MORIAH CHURCH CEMETERY- Located on West side of Hwy # 27, South of Stanford. About Ύ  mile South of Shake Rag Road

MT. OLIVE CHURCH CEMETERY – Ottenheim.  Located on # 643 and Junction # 1781. Church and Cemetery in on the North side 
of #643 just pass the curve.  East of the Ephesos Cemetery. 


MT. ZION CHURCH CEMETERY–  From Crab Orchard, Hwy # 150,  take Hwy #39 South ,  5.3 miles. About one mile South of Mike 
Benton Rd. Turn Right onto # 618. Junction of  # 39 & 618.  (Also a Mt. Zion Cemetery in Laurel Co. Ky.)

NEGRO CREEK CEMETERY – Located in Rockcastle County, Kentucky – Brodhead.            On # 3245 .  Fenced Cemetery is 
on the Left.

NEW BETHEL CHURCH  – Located off  Hwy  # 698 on Naylor Road. 

NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY  – Located on Hwy # 618, West of # 39 at the curve. Across from Mt. Zion Church.

NEW SALEM CEMETERY- McKinney – From Stanford, take Hwy # 78 west to Hwy # 698 to McKinney. The cemetery is at 10600 
KY Hwy # 698, located on the right,  beside New Salem Baptist Church.

OLD DRAKES CREEK CEMETERY – Preachersville – Located on Cecil Smith Farm 

OLD TROWBRIDGE CEMETERY-  See Old Trowbridge Cemetery

PARLOR GROVE CHURCH CEMETERY – From Stanford take Hwy # 27 about 10 miles south. Turn left (East) onto KY Hwy # 1781, 
continue about 2- 3 miles eastward. Cemetery is on the left, at the curve.

PILOT BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY -  Eubank – Cemetery is located on # 328. West of KY Hwy 27. South of Waynesburg. 
(About one mile southwest of the Friendship Church.) 

PINE GROVE CHURCH OF CHRIST CEMETERY  – Pine Grove. Old Ottenheim Road.  Proceed on US # 27 , 6.1 miles South from 
Stanford. (To the top of Halls Gap). Turn Left onto Hwy # 1247 for 0.2 mile and turn Right onto Hwy # 643. Continue 3.7 miles and 
turn Left onto Old Ottenheim Road. Proceed 2.0 miles along a long curvy road. Church is on the right.

PLEASANT POINT CHURCH CEMETERY – Proceed on US 27, 10 miles South of Stanford. Turn Right (west) onto Hwy 501  Located 
on Hwy # 501 just South of  South Fork Lake
Rd. (Shell Station on the corner, right, just before the church, cemetery on the right. 

PREACHERSVILLE CEMETERY -  Preachersville – near border of Garrard Co. Ky. North West of Crab Orchard. From Crab Orchard at # 150 . 
Go West to # 39, turn Right (North) . Cemetery is on the Right side of the road before Preachersville.

REED CEMETERY – Between Hustonville & Stanford . On Robert McCormack Farm (year 1977.) 


SIMPSON CEMETERY – Crab Orchard –From Crab Orchard, take Hwy # 39 South, continue 5-6 miles, cemetery is on the Left, 
behind Don’s Country Market store. (Bee Lick Community.)

SIMS CEMETERY – From Stanford, on Hwy # 27 south, turn right onto KY Hwy. # 501, continue for 5-6 miles, turn Right onto 
Robertstown Rd., continue for 2-3 miles. Cemetery is on the left in a pasture field, surrounded by a fence. 

ST. SYLVESTER CATHOLIC CHURCH CEMETERY -  From Stanford, take US # 27, 6.1 miles South (This places you at the top 
of Halls Gap) Turn Left onto Hwy # 1247, proceed 0.2 miles. Turn Right onto Hwy # 643, proceed 3.8 miles and turn Right onto Hwy 
# 1948 . Where the road curves, take a right and proceed 0.1 mile to the church . Church and cemetery is on the Left. 

UNITED METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY  – Highland. Located on  # 1247 , West of # 27          (same as Highland United 
Methodist Church Cemetery)

WILCHER CEMETERY – Near McKinney – On McKinney - Geneva Highway  # 698. 2.5 miles S.W. from Stanford. - 


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