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Submitted By:  David Gambrel


This cemetery list is a work in progress.  I'm trying to find the graves of all the Civil War veterans in Lincoln 
County. Corrections, deletions and additions are welcome.  It has been compiled from a variety of sources plus 
many visits to the cemeteries. My special thanks goes to my good friend Brian D. Thompson for his assistance. 

This is intended for non-profit public consumption. It may not be used for commercial ventures without the 
expressed written consent of the compiler.

David Gambrel
171 Pleasant Point School Road
Waynesburg, Ky. 40489

Buffalo Springs

James Walker Alcorn, Adj., 6th Ky. Cav. (CSA), July 1838-28 June 1914

J. B. Allen, Co. C. 8th Ky. Cav, Civil War

+Joseph Ballou, 1836- 17 June 1921

George C. Boone, 25 Nov. 1810 - 19 Feb. 1891

Jesse W. Bourne, Co. L. 39th Ky. USV Infantry, Civil War

George Peters Bright Co. E 7th TN Cav. b. 17 Jan 1845, Hardeman Co., TN d. 5 Jan 1928 Lincoln Co.,KY

+Stephen Burch, Co. B 6th Ky. Cav. (CS) 25 Nov. 1844-25 Nov. 1895 (great grandson of Indian fighter Col. William Whitley)  (member of Crab Orchard 432 F& AM in 1868 Past Master in 1875).

++Bedell Cancellor, 1849-1922

Alexander C. Carman, Co. A 1st Ky. Cav. b.1844 d. 26 April 1934

J.W. or A.W. Carter, Co. D. 15th 10 WA Infantry

+John F. or H. Cash, 6 Dec. 1842 or 52 - 22 Nov. 1908

William Chumbley or Cumbley, d. 14 Sept. 1917 Confederate pensioner

++W.M. Cook

+Francis Cordier, 25 Sept. 1843-30 Sept. 1912

+John P. Denham, 1845-1924

+W.H. Dudderar, 1834- 25 Oct. 1912

+Marshall D. Early, 1846- 13 March 1918 (Baptist minister).

+R.C. Engleman, 1833-1910

Walter R. Fields, Co. C& B 6th Ky. Cav. CS Nov. 28,1846- 2 April 1930 (Confederate pensioner)

+James A. Givens, 1838- 2 July 1917

+ D.G. or D.D. Goode, Sgt.

++J.C. (James) Hayes, 1832- 24 Feb. 1924

J.M. (James) Hendricks, 14 June 1825 - 10 Oct. 1895, Co. G. 19th Ky. Infantry, Civil War

William J. Mason, pvt.Co. C, Halls Gap Btn, 2 July 1848 - 1 June 1925

++W.R. King, 19 Jan. 1849 - 16 Jan. 1925

Samuel Nelson Matheny Sr., 29 Dec. 1824-29 Ap 1888, CSA

+George H. McKinney, 31 Jan. 1818 - 15 Jan. 1899, qm under Col. Landrum 19th Ky Inf.

+William F. McKinney, Capt. Co. K 19th Ky Inf. 1823-1888

+Sion Messer, 1844-1917

+John H. Miller, 26 Feb. 1832- 30 June 1902

+William H. Miller, 1842-1896

+Steve Myers, 1847-1896

Reuben Munday, Lt. Col., 10 Oct. 1805 - 10 April 1880

+Thomas Oaks, Co. E. 13th Ky Cav. (US), 19 Feb. 1840 Russell Co.- 20 Feb. 1916

J.T. Ohair, 17 April 1837 - 20 June 1901, Ill. Vol. Infantry 62 to 65, Civil War

W.H. Parsons, Co. D. 49th Ky. Infantry, Civil War

James Franklin Peyton, M.D., 1839- 1 Aug. 1932, Soldier, Surgeon and Friend

John D. Pritchett, Co. B. 19th Ky. Infantry, US, 16 Feb. 1842 - 25 June 1910

+Henry W. Rice, 14 Ap 1836-24 March 1902

+Aden J. Rigney, 1845-1920

+M.D. Royalty, 4 Nov. 1844-25 Feb. 1921

+M.C. Saufley, 1st Lt., Co. H, 6th Ky. Cav (CSA), 13 May 1842 - 12 Aug. 1910

+John H. Shanks, 1828-1883

Thomas H. Shanks, 15 Feb. 1840- 21 April 1872, Capt. Co. B. Ky. Cav, Civil War

+ Thomas L. Shelton, 21 April 1846 or (1840) - 24 June 1903

+Edward S. Stagg, 1839- 11 Feb. 1913

++Huey Wilder

James Wilder, CSA Scott's Cav., 1834-Dec. 1916 (IJ obit 19 Dec.)

Greenwood Cemetery - listed on VGC as Buffalo Springs Colored

++Elijah Baughman, Co. E., 119 USCI

++ James B. Baughman,

++Caleb Bright, Co. H 5th USCC

Bony Hayes, Co. C 12th USHA (unmarked)

++ William Salter

Pennington 2 miles north of Stanford (not MHD)

FL¯++W.J. Hunter

Hubble Cemetery 7 miles north of Stanford (not MHD)

++Thomas Reed

Logan's Creek 4 miles west of Stanford (not MHD) -cemetery is actually 3.5 miles southeast of Stanford.

++Phillip Shanks Co. B 124 USC Inf.

It is believed that James H. Bridgewater, Major of Halls Gap Btn., US is also buried here.

Bruce Cemetery

Ira Jones (may be black soldier with aka Ira Toombs), 1847-1897

Barrows Cemetery (not MHD), 2.5 miles north of Stanford

 Richard Faulkner 1st Sgt. Co. K 12th USCA (1890 vets census says he was a private AG's report says 1st Sgt.)

++Isaac Hayes Co. D 114th USCI (source AG's report & 1890 census)

++Spencer Higgins Co. B 5th USCC (source AG's report)

++Rhodes Lackey Co. C 6th USCC (source AG's report)

Thomas Lackey 1844-1918

++Waller Lackey  Co. C 6th USCC (AG and 1890 census)

++Dan Newland

++Allen Smith Sgt. Co. K 12th USCA (AG says he was a private 1890 census says Sgt.)

Givens 3 miles south of Stanford (not MHD)

++Willis Crow, Co. E 114 USCI

++Aaron Givens, Co. H 116 USCI

Goshen Cemetery

James W. Long, 19th Ky. Inf., 20 Dec. 1839-16 Jan. 1912 (IJ obit)

++Benjamin Boone Co. B 8th Ky. Cav.

William C. Spratt, Oct. 8, 1837-March 26, 1915 Co. B 6th Ky. Cav. CSA

**William B. Price, soldier, Co. 2 Ky. Cav.

Birchfield at Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++Dabner Davis

Old Payne Cemetery 2 miles north of Crab Orchard

++William A. Payne

Eastin Cemetery 8 miles south of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++William Playforth Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf.

Destroyed cemetery off Bowling Road (not MHD)

William Petrey, Co. B. 8th Ky. Cav

Daniel Oaks, Co. B. 8th Ky. Cav.

Allen-Shoemaker Cem. at Chestnut Ridge

**S.F. Allen 4 Sept 1858-26 Mar 1930, Confederate pensioner, Co. G, 13th Ky. Cav. CSA

G.W. Miller 11 Oct 1842-4 Jan 1934 (Civil War Vet)

Mt. Hebron Baptist Church Cem. at Chestnut Ridge

Joseph Kidd  Co. B 8th Ky. Cav.

Samuel Petry Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

Preachersville Cemetery

**Frederick C. Shaw, Co. A 4th Ky. Infantry

Old Drake's Creek Cemetery

Reuben Payne, Co. F. 9th Ky. Infantry, Civil War

Efe James 4 miles west of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++Finley Adams Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf. (US)

++Green Ballard Co. B 8th Ky. Cav. (US)

++William Wardlow Co. B 8th Ky. Cav. (US)

Chandler's Graveyard 3 miles west of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++William Chandler or Candler (delete)is a Span Am War Vet

Simpson Graveyard 8 miles south of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++J.E. Benge

++Syrus G. Watson, 28 Feb. 1846- 21 Aug. 1895

Pine Hall (not MHD)

++David G. Harris

++Cloyd Oaks

++Moses Soard

++Calvin Whitt

Crab Orchard

**Joel Adams, 14 Aug. 1880 - 5 Oct. 1905, Co.F 19th Ky. Inf.

Arch D. Carson, Lt., Co. B. 8th Ky. Cav., Civil War (Master Crab Orchard 432 F&A.M. 1868)

James F. Carson, Co. F. 3rd Ky. Infantry, Civil War

George W. Dollins, Cpl., Co. H. 7th Ky. Cav., Civil War

Boston Dillion, Capt. Co. E, 1st Ky. Cav.

+Franklin W. Dillion, 19 Oct. 1840 - 20 July 1900, Capt. Co. E, 1st Ky. Cav.

Louis Dishon, 3rd Ky. Infantry Co. F., Civil War

Theo Egbert, Sgt., Co. F. 19th Ky. Infantry, Civil War

Albert F. Horine, Lt., Co. F. 3rd Ky. Infantry Volunteer, wounded Stone's River, 31 Dec. 1862, died 10 Jan. 1863, Civil War

W.G. Howell, Co. D. 13th Ky. Cav, Civil War

***W.T. Humber, 29 Aug. 1834 - Assassinated in Kansas 8 Sept. 1856

Harbert King, Capt. Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf. b. 23 Nov. 1820 d. 20 Oct. 1862

George H. Patten, 21 Jan. 1826 - 11 Feb. 1906, Lt. Co. D. 4th Ky. Infantry

Perry T. Pollard, Co. B. 8th Ky. Cav., Civil War d. Sept. 29, 1917

Samuel F. Reynolds, 2 Sept. 1842 - 14 Oct. 1917, Co. E 11th Indiana Infantry.

William Severance, Sgt., Co. B. 8th Ky. Cav., Civil War

++Calloway Simpson, 22 Nov. 1841 - 16 July 1925 Co. E 49th Ky. Inf.

Robert H. Singleton, 29 Oct. 1840 - 31 July 1863, Hospital Steward 19th Ky. Vol. Inf., Civil War, died at General Hospital St. Louis.

 G.W. Sutton, 3rd Tenn.Infantry Co. I ?, Civil War

**Francis M. Thompson, 23 March 1843 - 22 Jan. 1912, Co. D. 8th Ky. Infantry

Note: 26 Confederate soldiers buried in Crab Orchard

 William Gatewood Welch b. April 4, 1841 Morgan’s Cavalry, Co. A 7th Cav. (member of Crab Orchard 432 in 1875 & Lincoln 60 F & AM in 1889) Enlisted July 25, 1862 at Monticello, Tx. d. May 3, 1904.

BLACK SOLDIERS - listed as Crab Orchard Colored on VGC

++ Moses Fish, Co. E, 100th USCI, 1835- 9 April 1907

++William Tucker, Co. L 6th USC, 1850-1930

Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery

Franklin Delaney Co. K 19th Ky. Inf

Madison Delaney Co. H 13th Ky. Inf

William Delaney Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf

Ison Ellison Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

Hiram Griffin Co. F 19th Ky. Inf

James Sords Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf

John Turner Co. F 4th Ky. Inf

 Ephesus Baptist Church

Bonapart Adams Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

Wilson Adams Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

T.S. Blankenship, Cpl., Co. G 9th Ky. Inf

**William Broughton Co. A, 24th Ky Inf. (spelled Braughton on stone)

Thomas Chappell Com. Agt. Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

Matthew Delaney Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf

William H. Delaney Co. B 7th Ky. Inf

James Dishon Co. E 3rd Ky. Inf

+Robert Frazier, Co. A 8 Ky Inf.

++James Melvin

Abraham Mounts Co. A 12th Ky. Inf

David Noakes Co. B 8th Ky. Cav

George Parish Co. F 19th Ky. Inf

Adam Petrey Sgt. Co I 1st Ky. Cav

Isaac Stapleton Co. F 9th Ky. Inf

John Warren, Sgt., Co. E 1st Ky. Cav

 Davis Graveyard 4 miles N.E. of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++J.P. Davis

++T.P. Elam, 8 Oct. 1831 - 18 July 1919

++Robert H. Walls, 4 July 1849 - 12 Nov. 1880

Hackley Family Graveyard

++James Thomas Hackley, 25 June 1833 - 15 May 1925, Co. D 18th Ky. Inf. 14th Army Corps

++Willis Myers

Whitley or Redd Cemetery

Henry Redd, Co. F. 119 USCI

Whites 1.5 miles west of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

++James Joslin

Bethel Church of Christ

J.F. Lewis Co. I 7th Ky. Cav.

Campbell Graveyard

Jonathan Mason Co. F, 3rd Ky. Inf

 Moss graveyard on Edwards Road

Robert Parrigin Co. D 12th Ky. Inf

 Holtzclaw Cemetery Mouth of Gilberts Creek on N 27

Hugh Burns, Sgt., Co 8 19th Ky. Inf

 Holdam Graveyard

L. F. Hutchison, Sgt., Co. B 8th Ky. Cav.

 Albright Graveyard

Alford Rowland Co. K 19th Ky. Inf.

William Rowland   "  "   "   "  ", d. 10 Nov. 1862, Crab Orchard, Ky. (last name is “Roland” in Ags report

 Payne Family Graveyard

Harrison S. Payne Co. F 3rd Ky. Inf.

Hustonville Cemetery

Logan Beecher Adams, Confederate Soldier Co. B 4th Tenn. Inf. (Master & member of Hustonville 184 F&AM)

Dr. Hawkins Brown, surg., 1st Ky. Cav., 12 Nov. 1832 - 1 Dec. 1903(Master & member of Hustonville 184 F&AM)

+ Willie E. Bell,

++James E. Burkett, Co. C. 6th Va. Cav. d. 29 March, 1930 (unmarked) Confederate pensioner

William Dodd, Sgt. Co. B 1st Ky. Cav., 1844-1932

+Dr. W.S. Drye, 20 Sp 1833 - 10 Ap 1892 member of Hustonville 184 F&AM)

+Jackson Garrison, 1819-1910

W.H. Gilliland, Co. M 18th Ky. Cav, Civil War

James B. McKinney, 1845-1905, sgt., Co. K, 19th Ky. Inf.

+J.D. Myers, 1843-1925

+Levi Turpin, 1844-1929

Francis Marion Ware, Co. H, 32nd Ky. Inf. 25 Dec. 1846 - 29 Oct. 1934 (last known Lincoln Co. Civil War vet.)

+Isaiah White, 1844- 25 Dec. 1924


BLACK SOLDIERS - listed as Hustonville Colored on VGC

++Carter Anderson, Co. C. , 124th USCI

++George Bailey

++William Cooper, 1842-1905

++Albert Givens

++Joseph Givens

++Benjamin J. Powell, Co. D. 12 USHA

++Edward Riffe, d. 13 Feb. 1935

Miller Cemetery 1.5 miles west of Moreland (not MHD)

++Daniel A. McElroy, 6 July 1834 - 13 Nov 1918

McCormack Church Cemetery

**Benjamin F. Powell, Capt., 22 August 1840-24 Dec 1921

Moreland Cem. B

Thomas Helm Co. H 12th US Colored Heavy Art.

Estes Cem.

James M. Snow 25 May 1845-13 Feb 1919 Co. M 13th Ky.. Cav.

McKinney Cemetery

++Edward B. Browner

O.T. Bone Co. B 2nd Ohio H A

James F. Caughey 12 Nov 1845-4 Jan 1922 Co. E, 7th Ky. Cav.

J.J. Curtiss Co. B 32nd Ky. Inf.

++Samuel N. Davidson, 6 April 1825 - 30 Jan. 1907

Benjamin P. Estes, Lt. Col., 17 Dec. 1831 - 21 July 1893

++Samuel A. Light

John Myers, Co. D 44 Indiana Inf.

John Toombs, Co. F 1st Ky. Cav.

++James R. Upthegrove Co. K 19th Ky. Inf.

G.A. Yocum Co. K Ky. 19th Inf.

Eason Cemetery at McKinney

++Jeremiah Davis

James W. Linthicum Co. B 19th Ky. Inf

G.H. Walls Co. K 19th Ky. Inf

Zach Walls Co. K 9th Ky. Cav

Tammer near McKinney (not MHD)

++Anderson Givens

Pruitt (not MHD), Moreland

James Buchana

Pleasant Point at Kings Mountain

Stephen F/P. Blankenship Co. B 8th Ky. Cav. (member of Waynesburg 328 F&AM)

Ellis Burton Co. C, 3rd Ky. Inf.

William Burton Co. C, 6th Ky. Cav. CSA & Co. C, 3rd Ky. Inf. USA b. b. 1836-d.25 Jan. 1928

Francis Dishon Co. F 19th Ky. Inf.

++George W. Ellison Co. I 11th Ky. Inf.

Thomas Houp Co. B 6th USV Inf. (delete Span Am War vet)

Green Kidd Co. C 19th Ky.Inf.

+ And or Aud. W. Leach, Cpl., Co. M 13th Ky. Cav.

Henry C. Leach Co. K 19th Ky. Inf.

Anderson Mainard Co. D, 13th Ky. Cav.

++W.A. Middleton, Co. K 19 Ky. Inf.

George Padgett Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

Willis G. Padgett Co. C 19th Ky. Inf.

James Scales Co. G 3rd Ky. Inf.

Rev.David V. Singleton Co. B 8th Ky. Cav (member of Waynesburg 328 F&AM d. Sept. 28, 1875)

++David D. Smith Co. K 19th Ky. Inf.

W.B. Smith Co. B, 19th Ky. Inf. 1 June 1845-28 May 1902

**James W. Stull Co. D 53rd MD Inf. (d. 18 June 1960 age 86)

Howard Sweeney Co. B 8th Ky. Cav.

Reason Sweeney Co. F 19th Ky. Inf.

George W. Wilson Co. B 13th Ky. Cav.

** Jesse J. Wright Co. K, 131th  Ohio National Guard Infantry or Vol. Inf. (private enlisted 5-2-164, 33 years old, mustered out 8-25-1865 at Camp Chase, Ohio)

Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Black), (not MHD) on Skyline Drive

++Fayette Owsley, Co. E, 123rd, USCI

++Pallis Higgins, Co. I 119th USCI (unmarked)

Halls Gap Christian Church (Black) (not MHD) on Ky. 1247

++Isam Elliott, Co. A, 114th USCI

++James Baughman, Co. A USHA, d. 11 July 1922

Fairview Baptist Church

+Ansel Baugh, Co. C. 19th Ky, Inf. 16 Oct. 1834 –Nov. 25, 1916

John T. Phillips, 28 Oct. 1846 - 16 Aug. 1917, Confederate pensioner, fought under John Singleton Mosby

Mount Moriah at Highland

+Alexander A. Bastin, 10 April 1844 - 1 Feb. 1905, Corp. Co. A Halls Gap Btn.

Alfred Baugh, 19 Oct. 1843 - 26 Sept. 1924

++Otto Greenberg

+Milton P. Hubble, 25 Jan. 1835 - 15 June 1907

Robert E. Lee Co. B 13th Ky. Cav

++Perry Reed, 1 Jan. 1833 - 19 Jan 1908

+John W. Spires, Co. C. 19 Ky. Inf., 11 Jan. 1845 - 5 Feb. 1920

Andrew Jackson Young Co. M 13th Ky. Cav.

+John Young, Co. M 13th Ky. Inf., 22 Aug. 1819 - 30 April 1887

Michael C. Young Co. M 13th Ky. Cav

Nelson Young Co. C 19th Ky. Inf

Highland Methodist Church

Perry Baugh  Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

Green Boler  Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

W.H. Boler, Capt.  Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

J.H. Melton Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

Leroy Nix, Sgt., Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

Mitchell Retherford Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

George R. Terry Co. C 19th Ky. Inf.

W.M. Terry Co. G 19th Ky. Inf.

George R. Vaught  Co. C 3rd Ky.. Inf.

Note: Although not found in VGC or MHD 8 Jan. 1901 Interior Journal says G.W. `Dock' Bastin CA age 60 d. at Science Hill and was buried at Highland, member of the 19th Ky. Inf. Also according to George Ross of Greasy Ridge a CSA soldier is buried off Greasy Ridge in an unmarked grave on property owned by Barry Carrier, near Alfred K. Reichenbach's home.

Lee Cemetery (not MHD)

Thomas K. Baugh, Co. K 19th Ky. Inf.

Gooch Cemetery at Kings Mountain

+Samuel Ham, Co. B, 4th Ky. Inf.

+Robert Sims, Co. C. 19th, Ky. Inf.

William Trusty Co. K 3rd Ky. Inf.

Kings Mountain Methodist Church

Samuel Carey Co B, 4th Ohio Cav

+David M. Creichton, Co. C 17th Ohio Inf. 9 March 1824 - 8 Oct. 1905

Sims Cemetery off Robertstown Rd Kings Mountain

J.C. Sims Co. C 19th Ky. Inf.

Clear Fork

+Andrew W. McCoy, 18 March 1846 or 1 Aug. 1830 or d. in Pulaski Co., 26 Nov. 1928 or 4 Jan. 1925

+John P. Vaughan, Co. K. IW, VA, Vet. Inf.

Singleton Graveyard at Eubank

**John Brackett (no grave marker).

Chris Singleton  Co. K 19th Inf

J.G. or J.C. Singleton Co. A 13th Ky. Cav

W.H. Singleton Co. A 13th Ky. Cav


Double Springs at Waynesburg

Virginus S. Denson, Co. G. 9th Va. Inf., 4 Nov. 1844 - 17 Aug. 1917, Confederate pensioner

** John H. Leach 15 March 1842-9 April 1949, Sgt., 1st Ky. Light Art

Z. (Zachariah R.) Padgett Co. B Halls Gap Btn. Ky. Mil., Sept. 1845 - 11 June 1912

Alexander C. Reynolds 29 Nov 1845-19 July 1894  Co. K 19th Ky. Inf

Jonathan Singleton Co. C 19th Ky. Inf

+William.H. Smallwood, 11 Sept. 1844 - 15 June 1927, Co.D 39th Ky. Inf.

 Charles A. Smith, Co. A 17th Va. Inf., b. 19 Dec. 1839 d. 9 June 1918, Confederate pensioner, .

Leach (aka Padgett-Leach) Cemetery (not MHD)

Charles Routen, Co. G. 19th Ky.. Inf.

Matthew Leach Co. B Halls Gap Btn.

Waters Cemetery (not MHD)

John Craig Leach, Co. F, 3rd Ky.. Inf. d. Oct. 10, 1934

Major T. Reynolds, Co. K, 19th Ky.. Inf. (Major is name not rank).

Henry L. Waters, Co. K. 19th Ky.. Inf.


George Washington Stephens

David Williams, Co. D. 13th Ky. Inf.

Note: Charlie Hocker is listed on VGC as being buried in Louisville in unknown cemetery.

NONE LISTED: Dinwiddie Cem. in Casey Co., Falconbury Cem. on Walltown Rd. in Casey Co., Gilbert's Creek, Cook Cemetery, King Cemetery, Old Huffman Farm, Carter Graveyard, Carter Family Cemetery, Edwards Family Cemetery, Coldiron Cemetery, Pennington Graveyard, Good Graveyard, Middleton Cemetery, Wooley Cemetery, Peyton Graveyard, Sweeney Graveyard, Reed Farm Graveyard, Miller Cemetery, John Logan Home, McRoberts Graveyard, Cloyd-Washington Cemetery Squire Bailey's farm near Hustonville, Cooper Graveyard, Black Givens Cemetery, Cloyd Graveyard, Dinwiddie Graveyard, Middleton Cemetery As of 1977 on George Hail farm, Posey Graveyard near Hustonville, Powell Cemetery, Carpenter Cemetery, Carpenter Burying Ground at Carpenter's Station, Bright Graveyard, Stephenson Graveyard, Higgins Burial, Cook-Falconbury Graveyard, Moreland Cem. A, Engleman Cem., Benedict Cem., Clark-Newland Cem., Hays Family Graveyard, Holtzclaw Graveyard at Goshen, Center Family Graveyard, Logan Family Cemetery at Logantown, Bosley Family Graveyard, New Hope Baptist Church, Wilcher Cemetery, Camenish Cemetery at Blue Lick, St. Sylvester Catholic Church, Swiss Cem. near the Ottenheim Lutheran Church, Mt. Olive Baptist Church Cem., Parlor Grove Cem., Sandidge Cemetery, Farm of George Spears at Moreland, Braxdale Cemetery, McKinney Graveyard on Short Pike,  Knights of Pythias Cem. West of Kings Mountain, Shelby Family Graveyard, Givens Graveyard near Junction City, Blackerby Graveyard, Rush Branch Graveyard, Shanks Graveyard, Craig Family Cemetery, Higgins Cemetery at Walnut Flat, Owsley Graveyard (all moved to Buffalo Springs in 1969), Hopton Graveyard, Walnut Flat Cemetery, Holtzclaw Cemetery at Hubble, Engleman Cemetery, Granite Hill Farm, Old King Graveyard 3 miles south of Crab Orchard (not MHD)

+, on VGC (veterans' grave census) and MHD (Shirley (Mrs. M.H.) Dunn's book) and doesn't have veteran's marker.

++, on VGC but not MHD

*Some information from Shirley (Mrs. M.H.) Dunn's Marriages and Tombstone Inscriptions, 1977, by David K. Gambrel and Brian D. Thompson