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Leach Cemetery
Located at 977 Rocky Hollow Road
Waynesburg, Ky
Beautiful well kept cemetery


All photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, David Gambrel and Eldred Melton
unless otherwise noted


A. L.
Anderson Leach
b 1839 d 9/29/1915
no tombstone - there are stones with A.L. and E.L. 
s/o John & Almira Salyers Leach 
h/o Elizabeth Cummins
d/o George William Cummins & Martha J
 Jerry Leach
B. L.   
Alfred D. Baugh 
b: abt. 1861, d: 3/23/1935
s/o Jane ? Baugh. (no stone) 
h/o Lousia Padgett
Jerry Leach     
Lousia Padgett Baugh
b: abt. 1864
d/o Ephraim Padgett & Elizabeth Padgett (no stone) w/o Alfred D. Baugh
Jerry Leach     
Joseph Riley Cannon
9/23/1941 - 6/1942
s/o John and Ellen Cannon
Alice F Caudill
10/13/1892 - 11/6/1960
Carol Ruth Clarkson Caudill
wd/o James Lowell Caudill married 12/25/1964
James Lowell Caudill
13 Aug 1932 - 26 May 2004
s/o George M. & Dora A. Fields Caudill
h/o Ruth Clarkson Caudill married 12/25/1964
 Carole French DiSanto

George Washington Jacobs
(fieldstones for markers)
b: March 18, 1840 in KY., d: Oct. 14, 1924 in Holbrook, Grant Co., KY
Jerry Leach  
Lydia Webster Jacobs
(fieldstones for markers)
b: May 1846 in Downingsville, Grant Co., KY, d. bet. 1900 & 1910 in Lincoln Co., KY
Jerry Leach  
E. L.
Elizabeth Cummins Leach
b 1839 d after 1880
no tombstone - there are stones with A.L. and E.L. 
w/o Anderson Leach
 Jerry Leach
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jacobs Leach
11/1865 - 1905
2nd w/o Matthew Leach
d/o George Washington Jacobs and Lydia Webster
Jerry Leach  
Geo Leach
born 1/4/1921 - died 1/4/1921
s/o Virginia Myrtle Leach
grandson of William Ashford Leach
(fieldstone for a headstone)
Cause of death unknown, but lived for 8 hrs. according to his death cerificate
Jerry Leach      
Jeffrey Wayne Leach
born and died 4/29/1964
s/o Donald "Hulie" & Wanda Bland Leach
Joe is a brother to Don & James is the father of Joe & Don
Ronnie's Group   Jerry Leach
John Leach is said to be buried at this cemetery or across the road (east) on a farm he lived on.
h/o Almira Salyers Leach
Jerry Leach    
Josephene Padgett Leach b: 2/1857 d: 5/7/1936, d/o Ephraim Padgett & Elizabeth Padgett, w/o Thomas Leach. (fieldstone) Jerry Leach   
Kate Padgett Leach
d/o Ephraim and Elizabeth Padgett
b 3/25/1873 d 12/18/1931.
Jerry Leach
Lucy, Meccie, Maggie Leach (Triplets)
b: & d: abt.1905
they lived for two weeks
d/o's Matthew Leach & Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jacobs
Lizzie died not long after.
Jerry Leach   
Martha Susan Leach
9/1872 - 1/1/1851
w/o Cicero Padgett
d/o Matthew and Sarah Jane Yocum Leach
(she has a fieldstone for a marker)
Jerry Leach
Matthew Leach
no dates - 
Co M 13th KY Cav
b. 10/14/1845 - d 2/27/1905
h/o Sarah Jane Yocum
s/o John & Almira Saylers Leach
Jerry Leach

Jerry Leach      Ronnie's Group

Ollie Baugh Leach
8/9/1893 - d: 4/11/1981 
d/o Alfred D. Baugh & Lousia Padgett.
shares stone with Walter Leach
Orbie Leach
4/4/1931 - 5/31/1983
Sarah Jane Yocum Leach
d/o William Daniel & Elizabeth Jane Reed Yocum
no stone but was born 1849 - ca 1885
Jerry Leach    
Sarah Jane Leach
b: Jan. 1886, d: at a young age
aft. 6/9/1900 census when her dress caught fire from a fireplace & died from the burns
d/o Matthew Leach & Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jacobs
Jerry Leach   
Thomas Leach
b 1884 d 2/9/1935
h/o Kate Padgett
s/o Matthew & Elizabeth Jacobs Leach
Jerry Leach
Thomas Leach 
b: 1853 d: 1/30/1938
s/o John & Almira Salyers Leach
w/o Josephene Padgett Leach. (fieldstone)
Jerry Leach   
Wilburn "Tippie" Lee Leach
b: Jun 2, 1931 in Waynesburg, Ky
d: Feb 18, 1934 in Kings Mtn., Ky. from (Meningitis) s/o Toney Sloan & Gracie Leach. 
Undertaker was Neighbors, his grandfather Walter Leach was the Informant on his death record. Fieldstone for Headstone.
Jerry Leach   
Walter Leach
6/22/1892 - 12/24/1960
shares stone with Ollie 
s/o Thomas & Josephene Padgett Leach
Jerry Leach
Mary E Martin
3/11/1914 - 4/16/1914
Lewis McMullin
3/14/1884 - 5/17/1940
Corintha McMullin
7/19/1884 - 11/26/1967
d/o Thomas & Josephene Padgett Leach
 Jerry Leach
Cicero Padgett
8/16/1868 - 8/20/1940
h/o Martha Susan Leach
s/o Ephraim & Elizabeth Padgett.
Jerry Leach
E.(Ephraim) Padgett
1826 - 1908
aged 83 years
h/o Elizabeth Padgett
s/o William M. & Jane Salyers Padgett.  
Elizabeth Padgett
b: 4/5/1832 d: 1/12/1891
w/o Ephraim Padgett
d/o Jon & Satira Camden Padgett
Jerry Leach
Emma C Padgett
Infant daut. of Kate Padgett
Isabelle Padgett
12/25/1859 - 12/7/1945
also, Isabelle Padgett b: 12/25/1866 d: 1/12/1891, d/o Ephraim Padgett & Elizabeth Padgett.
Isabelle Padgett 
b: 12/25/1866 d: 1/12/1891
d/o Ephraim Padgett & Elizabeth Padgett.
Jerry Leach   
Jane Salyers Padgett 
b: bet. 1810 - 1812, d: aft. 1880
w/o William M. Padgett
d/o Martin Dunn Salyers
Jerry Leach  
John L Padgett 
3/23/1884 - 2/8/1966
h/o Laura Bunch born about 1885 married 4/2/1911
s/o Littleton Padgett
No stone
Jerry Leach  
Laura Bunch Padgett 
born about 1885
w/o John L Padgett
No stone
Jerry Leach  
Sadie Padgett
Infant daut. of Kate Padgett
Samie Padgett
Infant son of Kate Padgett
Satina Camden Padgett
b: abt. 1808 Garrard Co., Ky. d: 2/14/1871 or 77
w/o Jon Padgett
d/o William Camden
Jerry Leach   
William M. Padgett
b. abt. 1809, d: bet. 1850 - 1860
h/o Jane Salyers
Jerry Leach    
Esom Powers
1908 - 
h/o of Julia C Powers
Jordan Trey Powers
born and died 2/4/1997
Julia C Powers
w/o Esom Powers
Maurice Powers
11/9/1946 - 9/28/1977
shares stone with Robert Lee Powers
Robert Lee Powers
2/4/1951 - 10/16/1951
Catherine Leach Reynolds 
2nd w/o Major Tilden Gillespie Reynolds who is buried at Waters Cemetery. She has a fieldstone with letters C. R. on it.

Jerry Leach

Mary Annie Reynolds
6/2/1923 - 3/4/1925
Thelma Reynolds
born and died 5/20/1923
d/o Marion Goble Reynolds & Flora Leach
Jerry Leach
Charles Routen
PVT CO C  19 KY INF  1830
Mary J Padgett Routen
2/15/1833 - 11/15/1915
w/o Charles Routen
Pleasant Routen
4/25/1859 - 1/31/1941
Cinthia A Smith "Mother"
died 1/4/1923 aged 31 years
w/o Dean Smith
d/o Matthew & Elizabeth Jacobs Leach
   Jerry Leach
Unknown Stones - approximately 30       

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