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Wheeldon Cemetery
Located on the Forrest Wheeldon Property in Pulaski County, Kentucky
It is a little over 2 miles into Pulaski Co. behind a barn at the bottom of 
a hill before crossing Buck Creek where the road goes into trees.  
From Hwy 27 in Waynesburg, take Hwy 328 East. 

Photo taken by Lyman Foster Reynolds

Photos submitted by Ronnie and Bernice Bates, Eldred Williams and Ron Terry unless otherwise noted

Nancy Hines    
Hiram Reynolds
11/6/1854 - 11/7/1888
h/o Elizabeth Denny 
f/o Laura, Mintha, Avery, Cloyd, Mansford, Srena
Unknown Stone    
Unknown Stone    
Warren Infant Daughter
d/o Fount & Emma Warren
6/3/1882 - 10/11/1883
Basel M Weaver
3/2/1876 - 3/8/1905
William H Weaver 
10 Feb 1852 / 6 April 1920
S/O David Weaver & Nancy Acton
W/O Mary Jane Reynolds
Lois Carson   
Cornelius Wheeldon
h/o Jane W. Wheeldon
Darla Singleton Shell
Foster Reynolds
Jane "Jenny" Wright Wheeldon
w/o Cornelius Wheeldon
Darla Singleton Shell
Foster Reynolds
Nancy Reynolds Wheeldon
w/o Pleasant Wheeldon
m/o Cornelius G., William H., Sarah J., George H., John W., James M., Charles F.
d/o Jesse Reynolds & Sarah Singleton
Darla Singleton Shell
Foster Reynolds
Pleasant Wheeldon

s/o Cornelius & Jane Wheeldon
h/o Nancy R. Wheeldon
Darla Singleton Shell
Foster Reynolds

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