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Submitted By:  Sandy Kassen

Adams, Carpenter, Hannah, McWhorter, Peyton and Russell Deaths

Cert. No. Surname Given name Birth Place Died Place Cause Usual residence Father Mother Informant Burial Cem
 21280 ADAMS Nannie P 5 May 1848 KY 19 Aug 1916 Lincoln Co strangulated  hernia Crab Orchard George W Russell Mary Crutchfield JG Hayes home grounds
02059 CARPENTER David Spillman 24 Mar 1842 Casey Co 19 Jan 1912 Lincoln Co paralysis Hustonville Jacob Carpenter Patsey Jones CC Carpenter Hustonville
13910 CARPENTER Edman Powell 3 Apr 1858 Casey Co 22 May 1918 Lincoln Co diabetes  mellitus Lincoln Co Jacob Carpenter Patsy Jones ABC Dinwiddie Hustonville
09728 CARPENTER George Alfred 27 Apr 1883 KY 2 Apr 1922 Lincoln Co gastroenteritis Waynesburg John S Carpenter Mattie Peyton William Ernst Goshen
21616 CARPENTER George Station 1839 Lincoln Co 7 Jul 1919 Lincoln Co heart and asthma Lincoln Co Hugh L Carpenter Elizabeth Bright JG Carpenter, MD Buffalo Spgs


CARPENTER John B Sep 1838 Lincoln Co 9 Jul 1911 Lincoln Co peritonitis Crab Orchard Hugh L Carpenter Elizabeth Bright JG Carpenter, MD Buffalo Spgs
02875 CARPENTER Lillie B 12 Dec 1858 Rockcastle Co 12 Jan 1919 Lincoln Co acute cardiac asthma Stanford James Fish Martha Humber JG Carpenter, MD Buffalo Spgs
19911 CARPENTER Sue M 20 Aug 1856 Pulaski Co 22 Aug 1925 Lincoln Co sclerosis spinal cord Stanford John M Hail Melissa John MH Waters Buffalo Spgs
19773 HANNAH Belle abt 1852 KY 14 Jul 1929 Lincoln Co no cause given McKinney HL Carpenter Elizabeth Bright Mrs JM Carpenter Buffalo Spgs
27464 McWHORTER John JC 11 Dec 1841 Laurel Co 8 Dec 1921 Lincoln Co impacted bowel Lincoln Co JP McWhorter America House Ada Edmiston Crab Orchard
25767 McWHORTER Worth abt 1853 KY 1 Oct 1928 Lincoln Co chronic myocarditis McKinney John McWhorter Emily Roylty illegible Estes
24709 PEYTON Ace 17 Aug 1840 Casey Co 13 Sep 1916 Lincoln Co mitral regurgitation Moreland (?) Bennet Peyton Jane Lowe illegible Hustonville
10057 PEYTON Ed Deavera 24 Jan 1855 Turnersville 8 Mar 1929 Lincoln Co coronary disease Stanford E D Peyton Mary Jane Helm Mrs Joe H Murphy Buffalo Spgs
27097 PEYTON George A 9 Apr 1853 Lincoln Co 19 Nov 1925 Jefferson Co lymphosarcoma Jefferson Co Edmond Peyton Mary Jane Helm Mrs. S K Fulkerson pl:Stanford
19643 PEYTON J Frank abt 1839 Lincoln Co 4 Aug 1932 Lincoln Co carcinoma Stanford Simon Peyton xxx McKinney illegible Buffalo Spgs
06072 PEYTON Lena 20 Aug 1862 Lincoln Co 4 Mar 1948 Lincoln Co chronic heart disease Stanford GA Lackey Sallie Tevis Sallie G Beazley pl:Stanford
08415 PEYTON MS 1842 Lincoln Co 3 Mar 1916 Lincoln Co paralysis and grip Lincoln Co Speed Peyton Zuritha Peyton Dr JF Peyton Buffalo Spgs
26345 PEYTON Savilda 2 Apr 1844 KY 13 Sep 1923 Lincoln Co strangulated hernia Moreland John G Sharp Nancy Morsie Mrs Wm Kxxx illegible
no #/mult PEYTON Simeon abt 1794 Lincoln Co 10 Nov 1856 Lincoln Co pneumoney Lincoln Co Valentine Peyton Mary (Edwards) xxxx xxxx
14904 RUSSELL Addie Lee 27 Mar 1907 Barren Co 15 May 1917 Lincoln Co serofuloderma Stanford RFD Steve Russell Bettie Messer Steve Russell pl:Stanford
no #/mult RUSSELL Edmund lstd incorr VA 6 May 1859 Lincoln Co pneumony Lincoln Co Absalam Russell xxxx xxxx
17854 RUSSELL Ellen 20 Nov 1845 Casey Co 27 Jul 1912 Lincoln Co tuberculosis Hustonville Albert Power Sylvania Hafley Albert Russell Hustonville
51 05586 RUSSELL George Earl 26 Oct 1893 Lincoln Co 1 Feb 1951 Lincoln Co paralytic stroke Waynesburg RR Dock Russell Susan Henson xxxx Mt Mariah
08501 RUSSELL George Franklin 26 Jul 1853 Lincoln Co 2 Mar 1936 Lincoln Co bronchial pneumonia nr Ottenheim George W Russell xxxx Crutchfield Margaret Russell Russell Grvyd
transit pmt RUSSELL G W abt 1817 xxxx 18 Sep 1904 xxxx old age xxx xxx xxx xxx pl:Stanford
05436 RUSSELL George Wesley 29 Mar 1883 Casey Co 14 Feb 1920 Lincoln Co gripp and pneumonia Waynesburg JF Russell Julia Coffman OC Russell Buffalo Spgs
01847 RUSSELL Jacob Henry 24 Dec 1839 Lincoln Co 7 Jan 1922  Lincoln Co septic poisoning fr infection Moreland Jas F Russell Aletha Carpenter CC Russell Hustonville
25540 RUSSELL James Reed 2 Mar 1845 KY 24 Nov 1924 Lincoln Co chronic nephritis Highland George W Russell Mary Ann Crutchfield George F Russell Christian Church
24221 RUSSELL John (Fry) 10 Apr 1864 Lincoln Co 5 Oct 1932 Lincoln Co cardiac disease Stanford Henry Russell xxx Kaufman Coleman Grubbs pl:Junction City
05279 RUSSELL John J 6 Jul 1867 Casey Co 22 Feb 1917 Lincoln Co typhoid fever Hustonville Robert Nancy J Earles Maggie Russell Hustonville
15002 RUSSELL Malenia 20 Sep 1842 Casey Co 13 Jun 1934 Lincoln Co heart disease Moreland John Kaufman xxx Willie Russell pl:Junction City
04951 RUSSELL MS (Marcellas) 20 Sep 1855 Lincoln Co 7 Feb 1940 Lincoln Co pneumonia Moreland Martin Russell Elizabeth Benedict Daisy Vaught Hustonville
18950 RUSSELL Mary Evellen 9 Oct 1899 Lincoln Co 15 Jul 1914 Lincoln Co acute indigestion Hustonville Carpenter Russell Bertha Peyton Carpenter Russell pl:Moreland
17862 RUSSELL Robert T abt 1847 Mason (?)Co 6 Jul 1912 Lincoln Co heart trouble McKinney William Russell unk illegible pl:Cincinnatti, OH
29896 RUSSELL Stephen Frye 1867 Casey Co 28 Nov 1933 Lincoln Co heart failure Moreland Henry Russell xxxCoffman xxx White pl:Junction City