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Death Certificate #28319
Margaret Wren
Born 2/9/1874
Died 12/27/1924
Father: Malan Irvin
Mother: Jane Church
Informant: Alex Wren
Buried:  Ephesus Church


Death Certificate #08110
Richard 2 Wren
Born: 3/14/1918 Lincoln Co Ky
Died: 3/14/1918 Lincoln Co Ky
Father: Richard Wren
Mother: Serettie  Wren


Death Certificate #25320
James Harmon Wren
Born: 4/16/1918
Died: 10/19/1920
Father: Lincoln Wren
Mother Sarena Reynolds
Informant: Manford  Reynolds
Death Certificate #04907
Delaney Malen Wren
3 years 1 day
died: 2/3/1912
Father: A A Wren  Rockcastle Co Ky
Mother: Margaret Irvin  Harlan Co Ky


Death Certificate #07184
Jessie Wren
Born: 3/24/1924 Lincoln Co Ky
Died: 3/24/1924 Lincoln Co Ky
Father: John Wren
Mother: Mae Blanton


Death Certificate #08110
Serettie Wren
Born: 2/1/1896
Died: 3/14/1918
Father: J H Johnson Bell Co Ky
Mother: Emily Rice
Buried:  Ephesus Church Cem
Death Certificate #25024
Ollie Florence Wren
Born: 10/20/1922
Died: 11/30/1922
Father:  Lincoln Wren
Mother: Srena Reynolds
Informant:  Cloyd Reynolds
Buried: Ephesus Church Cem

*Indexed under Lillie F Wren


Death Certificate #14505
Garvil Wren
Born: 5/22/1924
Died:  6/1/1924
Father: Cleve Wren
Mother: Lillie King
Informant: Belia Wren
Buried: Reid Graveyard


Death Certificate #08614
Anna Wren
Born: 5/28/1894
Died: 3/23/1937
Husband:  Eve Wren
Father: James Wilson
Mother: Armima Gooch
Buried: Ephesus Church Cemetery


Death Certificate #22360
Hazel Gertrude Wren
Born: 8/11/1926 Kentucky
Died:  9/13/1926 Fayette Co Ky
Father: Ollie Wren Lincoln Co Ky
Mother: Mary Hubbard Bell Co Ky
Informant:Ollie Wren
Buried: Friendship Church 9/14/1926


Death Certificate #07071
Lester Ledford Wrenn
Born: 10/15/1922 Kentucky
Died: 3/5/1936 Fayette Co Ky
Father: Ollie Wrenn Kentucky
Mother: Mary Hubbard Kentucky
Buried: Friendship Church 3/7/1936


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