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Adams, Carpenter, Hannah, McWhorter, Peyton and Russell Deaths

Ernest Pettus Campbell

Bluford A Carter

Mollie Delaney Chappell

James Dunn

Jennie North Dunn

Eva M French

Nancy Ellen Gilpin

Marie Hacker

Bobbie Hendrickson

Ludema Hendrickson

Verna Hensley

Henry Hubbard

Emily Elizabeth Johnson

Augustus Davis Pierce Martin

Milton James Morgan

Thomas Wilson Napier

John A Osborne

Josephine Osborne

John T Pence

George Petrey

Hannie Elizabeth Phillips  

Reed Phillips

Beatrice Pullum

Andrew J Quarles

Carl Milton Reynolds

Lilly Reynolds

Almedia Rice

Ella Shanks Rice

Jasper Rice

Jessie E Rice

Lettie Rice

Phillip Rice

Rebecca Rice

Stephen H Rice

William Shelby Rice

Mahala Jane Sims

Dent Smith

John Robert Smith
submitted by:  Melanie Smith Chenot

Herbert Thompson

Margaret Jane Troxell

Brilda Turner

Anna Wren

Eve Wren

McClelamb E Wren

Hazel Gertrude Wren

Lester Ledford Wrenn

Mary Elizabeth Wrenn

Nancy Wrenn

Sarah Wrenn


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