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Submitted By:  Cindy Whitis


Benedict Family


Benedict Ancestors in Kentucky

by Cindy Whitis



  This is a record of my ancestors, the descendents of a pioneer who came into the wilderness of Kentucky and through their fortitude, hard work, and courage established a family that has endured for over two hundred years.  They have loved, fought, married, worshipped, reared their children, and buried their loved ones in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  

John Benedict 

   John Benedict was the first Benedict ancestor to live in Kentucky.  It is unclear where he was born, but by 1775 he was living in Augusta County, VA.  He purchased 120 acres on Linville Creek on November 21, 1775.[1]

   John Benedict served twice during the Revolutionary War. The first evidence is from a list of soldiers who participated in the Battle of Kings Mountain in South Carolina[2].

   Col. Ferguson, commander of the British forces in the Carolinas had issued a statement that he intended to invade their lands and lay waste their country with fire and sword and hang their leaders.  He aroused the anger of the Americans to such a degree that they rallied to defeat him. 

  They began to recruit men from the region of the mountains.  These “over mountain” men under Col. Isaac Shelby, Col. William Campbell and others from the frontier met on September 25, 1780 on the Watagua River and marched toward North Carolina. 

   They came to Cowpens, NC where they were joined by Col. Williams of South Carolina and nearly 400 of his men.  They marched toward Kings Mountain and on the morning of October 7, 1780 delivered the first major defeat to the British.

   The second evidence of his military service is from Capt. John Boyle’s Payroll, Document 148 of the Illinois Papers[3]. “Company of Lincoln Militia called into actual Service to Range on the fronteers from Carpenters Bridges and Estills Stations under the Command of Hugh Mcgary Maj. Persuent to Coln. Bengeman Logans order 1782 for service 10 July to 13 August 1782.”  John Benedict received 1 pound 16 shillings.[4]

   From this evidence we know that he was in Kentucky at least by 1782.  Virginia law allowed settlers to claim 400 acres of land by clearing and planting a crop of one acre and by building a dwelling at least 12’x12’.  John Benedict claimed 400 acres on the banks of Harrison’s Creek (later shortened to Harris’ Creek).  Clear title was not established until after his death when Henry French deeded the four hundred acres to his sons Jacob and John, Jr.[5]

    His property adjoined that of Isaac Shelby who became the first governor of Kentucky.  Family tradition claims that the Benedicts and the Shelbys were related. I cannot find proof of that claim, but they served together fighting the Indians and the British and they were definitely neighbors. 

   John Benedict records his stock mark, “a crop in the left ear” in 1784[6] and paid taxes on his land in 1789.[7]

  The second census of Kentucky in 1800, also a property tax list, includes

these entries for Lincoln Co.: Bennedick:  Benjamin, Daniel, John,Sr. and John,Jr.

   Our ancestor was involved in the following court proceedings. The Index to Suits No. 1, Lincoln Co.,KY  File Box 1798:"John Dickson claimed he had lost a gray mare upwards of 5 years old and later found she was being detained by John Benedict together with her dark colored or black colt.  He sued for return of his property and 100 pounds damage.  The jury decided in Dickson’s favor setting value at 9 pounds for the mare and 3 pounds for the colt together with 1 pence damage if mare and colt are found, otherwise damage of 12 pounds."

   The Index to Suits No. 1, Lincoln Co., KY File Box 1806: "John Benedict claimed he had loaned 20 pounds three years previously to Absalom Shannon, secured by a note promising to repay principal and interest at the end of 12 months, but so far had been able to collect on 12 pounds.  He asked for double damage (40 pounds).  The jury decided in favor of Benedict in the amount mentioned and 2 pounds 10 shillings and 8 pence damages."


Children of John Benedict,Sr. (Generation #1) and first wife (unknown):

            2.John Benedict, Jr.  was born about 1765 .  He married Hannah Phillips on Feb 9, 1792 in Lincoln Co.,KY.  After the death of his father he moved his family to Indiana and died in Knox Co., IN  in August of 1840.

            2.Susannah Benedict married John Veach on July 2, 1787 in Lincoln County.

            2.Hannah Benedict married John Winfrey on Mar 13, 1798 in Lincoln County.

            2.Daniel Benedict  is a possible son as he is listed on the 1800 tax list but is not in his father’s will of 1810.

            2.Benjamin Benedict [8]  was born in 1774 in Virginia.  He married Mary Richey on May 5, 1798 in Lincoln County.  Benjamin moved his family to western Kentucky first to Adair County, where he paid property tax in 1802, and then to Allen Co.,KY.

            2.Catherine (Catty) Benedict married William Silvers on Apr 2, 1803 in Lincoln County.

            2.Anthony Benedict   moved to Natchez, Mississippi where he married Anna Terry on July 8, 1805 in Adams, Hinds Co., MS.  Anthony died there in 1820.   
2.Jacob Benedict (My ancestor will always be in bold print.)


   Mary Magdalin, who is listed in John's will, was his second wife and he was her second husband.  Mary was the widow of William Mansfield of Virginia. William Mansfield brought his family to Kentucky sometime during the late summer or early fall of 1779.  Sometime between November 1783 and April 1789, William died and his widow married John Benedict.[9]

   Lincoln Marriage Records Vol. I p.53 has this entry:  “Consent of John Benedict and Magdalene Benedict for their daughter Mary Mansfield to marry James Crafton, Sept 3, 1798.  Witnesses were John Benedict, Jr. and James Mansfield”.

   John's will is recorded in Lincoln Co., KY Wills  Bk.D.  p.385.

    “In the name of God Amen. I John Benedict of Lincoln County and state of Kentucky Being weak in body but sound in mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament.  First of all I give my sole to Almighty God who first gave it, and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in a decent Christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors and as to my worldly estate wherewith God hath blessed me with in this life I give demise and dispose of it in the following manner and form  that is to say I give to John Benedict my oldest son all the land lying on the West side of the creek of the tract I now live on also to Jacob Benedict the rest tract on the East side of the creek whereon I now live reserving to my wife Mary Magdalin Benedict during her life that part of Jacob Benedicts tract that lies East and North East of a line beginning at the mouth of the still house branch thence up the branch to the lane thence with the lane and path leading to the pine lick to the south line of said tract and at her death to revert to the said Jacob Benedict his heirs forever.  and to Benjamin Benedict I give five shillings and to Anthony Benedict I give five shillings and to Susannah Veach and her heirs I give five shillings each and after all these legasees are made up and paid and also all my just debts and funeral expenses satisfied the rest of my personal estate I give to my wife during her life and to dispose of as she may think proper.  I also appoint John Benedict and Jacob Benedict and William Silvers my Executors in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of November 1809.” 


William Warren                                                                      John Benedict

Benjamin Good

Val Peyton      

   His will was proved in court on January 15, 1810.                    

   Undoubtedly John Benedict and his second wife, Mary Magdalin, are buried at the site of the Benedict Cemetery - on a hill overlooking Harris’ Creek in Lincoln Co.,KY. 




  2.Jacob Benedict was born to John Benedict  (mother unknown).  He married Elizabeth Goode Rowzey.  Elizabeth was born about 1778[10] to Benjamin Goode (son of John Goode) and Elizabeth Camden (daughter of William Camden and granddaughter of Henry Camden.  William was Scotch-Irish and lived to be 114 years old.)[11]

   On November 5, 1792 she married Leonard Rowzey in Amherst County, Virginia.  Leonard brought his family and Elizabeth’s parents and three brothers (Daniel, Joseph, and Macajah Goode) to Kentucky. They settled in Milledgeville, Lincoln Co.,KY.  Leonard died sometime before 1808.  Elizabeth was the mother of five children (Sarah, Kilbourn, Jordan, Malinda, and John) when she married Jacob Benedict on November 5, 1808 in Lincoln Co., KY.  

Children and some grandchildren of Jacob & Elizabeth Benedict:

  3. Wesley Benedict  was born in 1809 in Lincoln Co.,KY[12]  He maried Clementine Stigall on July 26, 1826 in Lincoln County.  The 1850 census & tax roll shows Wesley owned two slaves valued at $650.  Family tradition[13] states that further down the hill at the Benedict Cemetery are the graves of slaves whose names are now lost to memory

   His obituary as written in the local newspaper: 

   "Wesley E. Benedict, the subject of this notice, was born August 8, 1809 and died Sept 8, 1889 having lived his fourscore years and one month over.  All these many years except a short time toward the close of his life were spent on the little farm where he was born, in the vicinity of Milledgeville, Lincoln County. His wife, to whom he was married in early manhood and who preceded him to the grave about two years since, was a sister to Mrs. L.D. Goode of this county, her maiden name being Clementine Stigall. They had nine children born to them, seven of whom reached the age of maturity and four of these are still living, viz; George A. and Jordan A. Benedict, Mrs. M.T. Russell and Mrs. Wm. J. Gaddis.

   The decedent enjoyed none of that which the world calls distinction, nor did he crave it, but was content to be a plain, unpretentious, honest man, a kind and generous neighbor, and an orderly law-respecting, quiet citizen doing his full duty, as he understood it in all the relations of life.  His leading characteristic was generosity, which was manifested in every conceivable way toward all with whom he was associated.  His hospitality was unbounded, and no one ever asked help at his hands who did not receive it to the extent of his ability.  Indeed it is well known that his too liberal contributions to the necessities of others, together with his extraordinary hospitality prevented him from acquiring that competency to which his industry entitled him.

   In politics Mr. Benedict was a democrat of the old school and in his younger days he proved his loyalty to his party as well as to his own value to its cause in many a hard fought contest and throughout his lifetime he steadily followed the old democratic banner through thick and thin.

   Twenty-two years before his death he attached himself to the Christian church and from that time until his final summons came he lived the life and acted the part of a sincere and true Christian, and gave every evidence of his undoubting belief that eternal happiness awaited him beyond the grave.  One Who Knew Him Well "[14] 

  Children of Wesley & Clementine:

            4.Elizabeth Jane Benedict   was born June 21, 1828.  She married Martin Russell on April 20, 1847 in Lincoln County.

   "Martin Thomas Russell, my great Gran'pa... was a son of Edmund Russell, who with  his wife are buried in the grave yard of McCormack Church on Hanging Fork.... It was the location of their cabin at Dripping Spring, on Harris Creek, we waded the creek to locate.  I often walked with Ma, from Milledgeville to visit Gran'pap and Little Gran'ma Benedict at the cabin on the bluff above the Spring, attended the log Benedict Baptist Church by a hole of water in Harris Creek where they did their baptizing.  My own mother was baptized there.  Preston and other brother Wesley Benedict were located further up the creek."[15]

      Elizabeth died on Aug 2, 1896 and her obituary appears in the local paper:  "Mrs. Martin S. Russell, who was 65 years old, died of heart disease and left besides her husband several grown children.  She was an excellent Christian woman and Mr. Russell and his children have the sympathy of all in their bereavement."[16]

            4.James H. Benedict was born on June 29, 1830.  The 1850 census lists his occupation as a carpenter.  He married Sarah E. Terry on October 6, 1851 in Boyle Co., KY.  James died just past his 25th birthday on November 18, 1855 and was buried in the Benedict Cemetery.

     At the time of his death, they had three children, Josephine, Mary and Sarah. His widow married Charles Epperson and moved to Missouri where she had 3 more children: Olivia, William, and Charles Epperson[17].

            4.Lawrence Benedict  was born in 1836.              

            4.Jordan Alexander Benedict was born in 1839.  He married Susan Ellen Bowman on June 20, 1861 in Lincoln County. They had three children John Wesley, Dora, and Mary Julia.  John was a well digger[18] and his wife, Molly Ely Benedict, killed herself in 1884:

"Mrs. John Benedict, of the Milledgeville neighborhood, shot herself through the wind pipe, Saturday, while in a pet with her husband.  An old negro woman who was there says she heard her say to her husband that she was going to see her mother and on his replying that he could furnish her no way, she answered "I'm going or kill myself one."  Benedict went out and in a few moments a shot was heard and the woman found dead.  She was a daughter of Mrs. Ely, of this place, and was considered a woman of good sense.[19]

   Jordan Benedict and his sister Elizabeth Benedict Russell both died in the same week of 1896:  "Mr. George A. Benedict, of this place has been drinking of the bitter cup

during the last week.  He has lost a sister and a brother, both of whom were useful citizens.....Jordan A. Benedict had lived at Junction City for years and was a kind-hearted, good man.  He was 56 and the cause of his death was flux.  He leaves a wife and several children." [20] 

            4.Mary Catherine Benedict  was born in 1842.  She married William Gaddis on May 25, 1858 in Lincoln County.[21]

            4.Nancy Ellen Benedict  was born on January 4, 1845.  She died on March 3, 1859.            

            4.George A. Benedict was born in 1847.  He married Sarah (Sally) Mitchum on December 6, 1867 in Lincoln County. Sally was the daughter of W.H. and Harriet Steele Mitchum. They had six children: Josephine, Lois, John S., Nannie, James A., and Albert.  

   George was a prosperous businessman in Stanford for many years before he moved to Washington Co., KY in 1898.[22] "Mr. G.A. Benedict is the "tradingest" man in the country and as a general thing he comes out ahead in his deals.  Several days ago he left here with a Texas pony, a 25 year-old mule, a blind mule and a pretty good work mule with the intention of spending a while "swapping."  He returned Wednesday and gave us the following report:  "I was at Lebanon court and the rest of the time I spent in Taylor County, which I found to be a first-rate one in which to swap horses.  I made 20 swaps in all and traded for the blind mule and owned him three times in four days, but finally got rid of him for good."  Are you ahead on your trip? Our reporter asked.  "A little," was his reply.  "I brought back two nice five year-old mares, a good brood mare, the best mule I started with besides a yoke of oxen worth $50 and a $7.50 sow.  I also have several dollars more than I left with.  Mr. Benedict said he really enjoyed the trip and that he would go back to Taylor County and try it again as soon as he heard of the death of the blind mule."[23]  

  George's daughter Lois was written about in this article: "Miss Lois Benedict, the pretty daughter of Mr. George Benedict, who ran off several months ago with Jno. Hatcher, son of Mr. T.J. Hatcher, our boss shoemaker, and were made husband and wife, has realized that youthful marriage is not as pleasant as she anticipated and has returned to her parental roof.  She claims that her husband made no effort to support her and will ask the court to grant her a divorce on those grounds.  Mr. Benedict, who at the time of his daughter's marriage declared he would never recognize her again, was so worked upon by her earnest appeal to again become a member of his family that he soon forgot his oath and welcomed her back with open arms, as a father should do."[24]

   Lois became the bride of John McCarley on Aug 2, 1894.[25]

   George's son, James A. Benedict, a carpenter died in 1919 at the age of thirty-seven.  The death certificate states: "was shot by his own hand" and ruled a suicide.[26]

            4.Marion M. Benedict was born in 1848.              

            4.Sarah Benedict  

   3.Preston (Presley) Benedict was born about 1812 to Jacob and Elizabeth Benedict.  Sometimes his name in the records appears as Preston and sometimes as Presley.  He married Mary Ann Phillips on August 10, 1837 in Mercer Co., KY.  The 1850 Census of Lincoln Co. shows Preston and Mary Ann living in the household by themselves with no children.  However, in 1845, Preston took in a child.  The courts were very specific regarding the rights and privileges of children apprenticed out and the duties of their guardians.

   “This Indenture made this 7th day of April 1845 between Thomas Helm Clerk of Lincoln County Court of the first part and Presley Benedict of the second part witnesseth that the said Thomas Helm Clerk as aforesaid in persuance to the order of the Lincoln County Court made at the April Term in the 1845 (unreadable) Sarah Jane Nix age ? 3 years[27] on the 1st day of January 1845.  (unreadable) she allows (until) the age of 18 years to the said Presley Benedict to learn the art trade and mystery of a spinster.  And the said Benedict covenants with the said Helm, that he will at all times furnish the said Sarah Jane with wholesome neat clean (unreadable) and suitable clothing for the different seasons of the year and said Benedict further covenants with the said Helm that he will teach the said Sarah Jane Nix as cause her to be taught to read and write, common arithmetic including the Single Rule of Three and that he will at the expiration of apprenticeship to the said Sarah Jane Nix - thirty dollars and her a decent new suit of clothes.  In testimony thereof the said Helm as clerk aforesaid and Benedict have hereunto submitted their names and affixed their seals the date above written.

                                                                        Tho. Helm

                                                                        Presley Benedict"

   On November 16, 1858 Preston gave consent for Sarah Jane Nix to marry David Watson in Lincoln Co.,KY

  In the 1860 Lincoln Co. census, Preston is living unmarried in the household of his brother Wesley Benedict.  However, Preston married Rachel Burchell Sep.24, 1860 in Boyle Co., KY.

   Three children appear on the 1870 census in the home of Preston: James whose date of birth is listed as 1856, Logan who was born 1858, and Thomas J. Benedict born 1861.[28]  I’m unsure if James and Logan are Preston and Rachel’s children or Preston’s stepchildren, or their ages were given incorrectly, or James might be James Hardwick and his last name was written as Benedict.

     Preston married Docia Christison Hardwick on March 11, 1865 in Marion Co.,KY.  Docia, who was born July 3, 1834, was the widow of Jeff Hardwick and the mother of at least two children, James b.1854 and Mary L. b.1858.[29]

   Family tradition says that James Hardwick killed a man and the judge gave him the choice of prison or leaving the state.  He left and went to Oklahoma.[30]  Preston and Docia had three children: Marion Wesley, Martha, and Sallie. 

   In 1885 this short article tells of Martha's horrible death:  "A daughter of Presley Benedict was burned to death a few days since, her clothing having become ignited in consequence of her being busy near the fire."[31] I know it is not Sallie as she married A.F. Crutcher on May 19, 1889 in Lincoln County.

   Presley died in 1895[32] and Docia Benedict died of chronic bronchitis on April 17, 1914[33], and is buried in the Benedict Cemetery.

   3.Daughter  The 1830 census of Lincoln Co. shows one female living in the family of Jacob and Elizabeth Benedict, but does not give her name.  Perhaps it was Amarilla Benedict who married John Warford in Lincoln Co. on Dec 13, 1837.

   3.Jacob Shelby Benedict was born in 1818.  He married Mary Ellen Yates.

   3.James  Benedict was born about 1820.  He left Kentucky and moved to Missouri where he married Narcissus Downey on Nov 23, 1836 in Boone County, MO.  They had three sons:  Westley E., James W., and Thomas Benton Benedict.  During the Civil War James W. Benedict and his brother Thomas Benedict are listed as captured Confederate soldiers:

            “Benedict, J.W.  rank: Pvt   Regiment: Poindexter’s

             captured: Boone Co.,MO  Nov 1, 1862 

             sent to Alton, Illinois Prison”[34]


            “James  Benedict & Thomas Benedict captured & charged

            with rebellion against U.S. Government Dec 19, 1861 in

            Missouri.  Found guilty and sentenced to be held as prisoners.”[35]



          3.Jacob Shelby Benedict  was born December 28, 1818. He married Mary Ellen Yates  who was born in 1825[36] to Charles Yates & Emily (Milly) Bibb Yates of Mercer Co.,KY[37].  Jacob Shelby & Mary Ellen Yates were married July 20, 1840 in Mercer Co.,KY.

    Jacob Shelby was always called "Shelby Benedict" and grew up in an area not unlike the Wild West.  It seems every man carried a gun and would use it.

    He lived on the farm his grandfather, John Benedict, had carved out of the wilderness.  Lincoln County at that time was mostly unsettled, with some small towns and communities scattered throughout the county.  A man's bravery and courage were challenged regularly by nature and by lawlessness.  Whether this actually happened as told or not, this article gives us a glimpse of his courage:

   "Mr. Shelby Benedict the man who whipped a bear in a fair fight here years ago after 3 bull dogs had failed, is looking and feeling nearly as young as he did in his robust, youthful days between 70-80 years ago and I believe he could whip a bear today."[38]

   His obituary is found in the Semi-weekly Interior Journal November 6, 1900 edition:

"This is the record of the life of Shelby Benedict: He was born Dec.28, 1818 and died last week.  He was married to Ellen Yates July 20th, 1840, who was born in Boyle County near Danville.  They raised 11 children to be grown, of which six are now living.  He was  a member of the Baptist church over 40 years; was as truthful and honest a man as ever lived; was a good father, husband and citizen, true to his principles and as a democrat, he never voted any other ticket during his life.   F.R. Compton"

   "Mrs. Ellen Benedict died at the age of eighty-nine." appears in the Interior Journal April 21, 1908 edition.


Children of Jacob Shelby & Mary Ellen:

            4.Elizabeth Benedict was born in 1841.  She married George Wright on Aug 7, 1863 in Lincoln County.

            4.Nancy Jane Benedict was born on Nov 14, 1842.  She married John Samuel Rice on Apr 13, 1865 in Lincoln County.      This is how they met:           


                                    “Civil War Love led to Rices Settling Here”

   “John Samuel Rice came to Kentucky shortly after the Civil War to claim his bride. 

   He met Nancy Jane Benedict while passing through central Kentucky as a young Confederate soldier from Tennessee.  His descendant, Edward L. Rice of Junction City, said his grandfather, John Samuel, may have fought in the Battle of Perryville. But he has no proof.

   He met Nancy Benedict and told her he’d come back after the war to marry her.  He came back and they married in 1865.

   Rice was in the Confederate Army.  He took care of horses during the Civil War. John Samuel Rice was born Feb.18, 1843 near Chattanooga, TN.  He died in 1934 and both are buried in the Benedict Cemetery near Moreland.”[39] 

            4.James W. Benedict was born in 1844.  He married Nannie Taylor on Dec 15, 1887 in Casey Co., KY.                 

            4.Martha Ann Benedict was born in 1847.  She married Henry Sherron on Dec 25, 1868 in Lincoln County.                      

            4.Malissa Benedict   was born in 1849. She died before the 1860 census.                 

            4.Malinda Benedict was born in 1852.  She married M.S.Russell who was more commonly called "Uncle Moss". He was the son of Martin Russell and Elizabeth Jane Benedict.  Jennie Russell Bennet contributes this account of their marriage:

   "When he was a young man, his mother's cousin, Malinda Benedict, came every day to help her older cousin with the housework.  One day, Moss saw her skipping across the fields in her yellow calico dress and her black long hair blowing in the breeze and he thought she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.  He went to meet her, asked her to marry him and since he had a goodly sum of his father's money in his pocket, they promptly "ran off" and were married.  When they returned home, his father accepted his bride and forgave him for spending the money and set them up in a small home of their own with some land. Malinda was born Nov 17, 1856... and was the daughter of Shelby Benedict.  Her mother was a Yates and was part Indian.  Therefore Malinda was also part Indian.  My cousin Russell Shearin says he remembers when he was a boy going with Ma Russell (Malinda) to see her mother who was dark, had very long black hair and dark eyes and was very quiet.  Ma Russell also had the dark eyes and black hair as do many of the Russells today. Ma Russell was a gentle woman, loved by all who knew her.  Moss, or Pa Russell as he was known to us, was a typical rich man's son content to live off his father's land much of which he inherited along with the homeplace when his father died."[40] 

   This article was published in the Interior Journal about M.S. Russell:  "I live where I was born September 20, 1855.  I never lived out of the county but one year.  I asked the Lord to forgive me for that, and said I would never leave old Lincoln again.  I have been a tax-payer since I was twenty.  Never was delinquent.  I never had any trouble in court, never was called; never was asked to be on either jury;  never had but one case in court and got beat in that;  never paid a dollar lawyer fee in my life;  never used tobacco in any form.  I was raised in a bar-room.  Never was under the influence of liquor but one time, and my son-in-law was the cause of that.  I have been visiting Stanford all my life.  Never was shaved there but one time.  I think I would be safe in saying that I'd been shaved as many as 25 times in Danville.  I have never been able to shave myself.  I would be willing to give as much as $200 to anybody who paid me back what I have paid barbers.  I raised six children to be grown.  Lost my baby when she was seventeen with flu.  And I think they would average up with anybody's.  I've got fifteen grandchildren.  I think most of them are grand, sure enough.  My oldest daughter has no children.  I have thirteen great-grand-children.  The oldest granddaughter has no children.  I don't think there is a happier granddaddy in the state than I am.  If there's anybody can beat my record, I'd like to hear from them.  I have been taking the Interior Journal ever since Ceph Campbell began the printing of it and when I see the paper in another home it seems like one of the children is there.   M.S. Russell  Milledgeville"

   Malinda died on Aug 15, 1902 and is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery. M. S. died Feb 7, 1940 and is also buried in Hustonville.[41]

            4.William Riley Benedict was born in 1854.  He married Sarah Jane Preston on Dec 30, 1875 in Boyle Co., KY.  He died Dec 13, 1937.

            4.John Nicholas Benedict  was born in 1858.  In Lincoln Court Records of1875 he is listed as a member of the local Militia.  He was murdered in 1884. " Friday last, William Roberts a youth of about 20, walked up to Nick Benedict, who was standing on the platform of a store at Milledgeville and drawing a 32 Smith & Wesson pistol, shot him in the abdomen, the ball passing through the skin, where it was easily reached by the surgeons.  He was just alive at last accounts yesterday and could not live but a few hours.  The cause of the trouble is said to have been in the fact that Roberts heard that Benedict had accused him of burning a stack of wheat, not long ago on the farm of a neighbor.  He shot without giving Benedict the least warning and he was not conscious of his presence till he saw the pistol aimed at him.  Roberts immediately fled but the friends of Benedict say they will have him dead or alive."[42] 

   A $200 reward was soon posted and in September 1885 he was arrested. The account of the trial appears on November 6, 1885:  "According to the proof admitted in the trial, there has never been a case before the court here, with but one exception, in which there appeared so little of extenuation as in that of Henry Roberts for the killing of Nick Benedict, which was on trial when we went to press Monday night.  The crime amounted almost to assassination and yet the jury after reporting that they could not agree, finally agreed after being held all night Tuesday, to give him but 13 years in the penitentiary, just three more than he agreed to take and not go into trial.  We learn from the jury that when they first went to their room they stood six for 21 years and six for less time, none however below five years. The youth of the defendant and the statement which partially came out in proof that Benedict had assaulted Robert's sister, is all that saved his neck or kept him from a life term."[43]

            4.George Scott Benedict was born Dec 12, 1860.  He married Martha Alice Clem on May 28, 1879 in Boyle Co., KY.  George died June 26, 1944 in Illinois.

            4.Thomas J. Benedict  was born Feb.21, 1863.  He married Laura Belden and after her death he married Elnora Shelton.

            4.Charlie Benedict was born March 1865.  He died Dec 17, 1947. Charlie Benedict was never married and lived alone.  About 1939 he was mugged and robbed.  Believing he had money hidden, Boots Rothwell and Edgar Benedict, hit “Uncle Charlie” over the head and ransacked his home. Knowing that they were wanted by local law enforcement, they hid out in the knobs and in the barn of Laura Hogue.  Otis Benedict saw them and reported it to the officials. They were given prison time for their offense.[44] 



    4.Thomas Jefferson Benedict  was born Feb.21, 1863.  Thomas married Laura Belden on Jan 6, 1880 in Marion Co., KY.  She was born in 1866 to Nathan and Laura Drucilla Hardwick Belden.

   T.J. (his name in the paper and on legal documents) grew up in Casey and Lincoln County and owned property in Casey County across from the Cold Springs Cemetery & Church.  He operated a store there.[45]

   He sold that and moved to Milledgeville where he bought a store near the Harris' Creek Road.  This store was sold to Mr. Winfield Hamm and was called Hamm’s Store for many years.

   He next operated a store and post office in Butchertown before being elected Town Marshall or Constable.  They evidently lived next to a toll gate which Mrs. Benedict kept:

    "The other day Nick Vanhook, Baker and Holman, from here and filled with booze.  By the time they were ready to leave they had gotten quite hilarious and when they reached the toll gate on the Milledgeville Pike they were firing their pistols like crazy Comanches.  They 'ran' the toll gate, kept by the wife of Constable Benedict, and when that officer heard of it he had warrants issued for the men, who were brought here and tried.  Judge Varnon fined each $10, which they paid, glad to get off so easily."[46]

    He moved his family to Hustonville in a house on the corner of Highway 78 and Mt. Salem Road.[47]   T.J. was nominated and elected constable in Stanford in 1894.[48]  He had many adventures and the following is just an example:

   "Zeke Eads, one of the prisoners who escaped from the jail here several months ago,

was captured by Constable T.J. Benedict at his home in Casey near the Pulaski County

line and returned to Jailer DeBorde Friday evening.  Mr. DeBorde offered a reward of $25 for Eads and the same amount for Goly Gaddis who escaped at the same time, and Mr. Benedict has spent considerable time and money in trying to catch them.  He got sight of Gaddis on one occasion, but the latter took to the bushes and nothing more was seen of him.  Eads was sent here from Casey County for sake keeping and is charged with malicious shooting and wounding.  Mr. Benedict tells us that after handcuffing Eads the latter's wife called loudly for her brothers who lived nearby but he succeeded in hurrying him off before they arrived.  They attempted to follow him and called to Eads but the constable kept him from answering by threatening to kill him.  It was at night when Mr. Benedict made the arrest and as he was 40 odd miles from home, he began to think how and where he would sleep. After traveling a dozen or more miles he secured a resting place at a farmer's house, but discovered later on that there was no lock on the house, and putting one cuff on Eads' right arm and the other on his own left they retired.  The officer slept well considering the circumstances and next day came home with his prisoner."[49]

   T.J. was very involved in local politics as there are several newspaper articles where he represents his party and of course would have been elected to his position as constable.  As far as I can tell, he greatly admired Judge Davison of the Republican Party.[50]  He even named his son: Wallace Davison Benedict.

   After their house was destroyed by fire he moved his family to Junction City, Boyle Co.,KY where in 1930 he was sworn in as constable and jailer. His great-granddaughter Aroma Hammond relates this story as told by his daughter Viola:  "Great-grandpa Tom was a sheriff and grandma remembers the jail being attached to the house.  Her brother Joe was kind of a teaser and would lock the girls up in the jail."

   Viola relates that T.J. was a railroad detective and she would get to ride the train with him up to Cincinnati and back.  They called her "Little Tom" and she would help the conductors by selling things on the train.

   Viola said her father was very strict with his girls and didn't let them date much.  There were times when he would call bedtime on them so early that it was still day light out."[51]

   He lived in Junction City until his death in 1941.  He had a total of seventeen children and eighty-one grandchildren!

   Laura died in October 1902.  “Mrs. Thomas Benedict died at her home near Moreland Monday morning and was buried Tuesday afternoon.  Besides her husband, several small children are left to keenly feel the want of a mother’s tender love.  Mrs. Benedict was a daughter of Mr. Nathan Belden.  She was about thirty-seven years old and a strict member of the Baptist Church.”[52]

   The children of T.J. and Laura were:

            5.Annie Benedict was born in 1881. She married Samuel D. Rothwell on May 13, 1896 in Lincoln County.  Their children were:                                  

                                    6.Charlie Rothwell                 b.1897

                                      m. Jewell McCowan

                                    6.George Rothwell                b.1899

                                      m. Lela

                                    6.Birdie Rothwell                   b.1902                        d.1914

                                    6.Flora Rothwell                    b.1904

                                    6.Elmer Rothwell                   b.1907

                                    6.Jay Rothwell                       b.1909

                                      m. Beulah

                                    6.Mamie Rothwell

                                    6.James Pete Rothwell        b.1913

                                    6.Edward Rothwell                b.1916

                                    6.Samuel Rothwell                b.1918[53]


            5.William S. Benedict was born June 15, 1884.  He married Bertha Shelton on Dec 12, 1904 in Casey Co., KY.  Their children were:

                                    6.Laura Benedict                  b.1906 

                                      m. Wm. Roy Hogue

                                    6.Edgar Benedict                  b.1910

                                      m. Hallie Hafley May 18, 1927 Casey Co.,KY

                                      m. Geneva Fights Feb 7, 1935 Casey Co.,KY

                                    6.Earl Benedict                     b.1912            d.1921

                                    6.Virginia Benedict                b.1914            d.1921                       

                                    6.Leslie Benedict                  b.1916            d.1921

   Earl, Virginia, & Leslie all died of spinal meningitis.  Dr. Pipes, whose office was in Moreland across from the Railroad Yard, gave Edgar a vaccine so he survived.[54]


   The following article appeared in the Lincoln Co. newspaper “The Interior Journal” on Apr 2, 1901 and reprinted Apr 27, 2000:         

                                                            Hurst Killed

“ACCIDENTLY KILLED- Little Cynthia Hurst, the eight-year-old daughter of George Hurst, of Rowland, was accidentally shot as she slept, early last night, and died a few hours later.  Willie Benedict, aged 14, who was staying at the home heard a noise in the kitchen and securing a pistol, went out to see who was there.  On returning the weapon was discharged as the boy went to lay it on a table and the ball entered the little girl’s head.  Young Benedict, who is almost crazy with grief, gave himself up to the authorities and spent the night in jail.  When seen this morning, he seemed more composed, but wept as he spoke of the horrible accident.  He is a son of Thomas J. Benedict of Milledgeville.”


   On Dec 23, 1916 William's death was ruled a homicide:

                                                Fearful Affair at Harris’ Creek

   “Trouble arose between William Benedict, Tom Thornton, Steve Benedict, and George Thornton.”  The community was gathered at the Harris’ Creek School. The children had been performing and exchanging presents.  When the teacher, Minelle Pruitt, saw that shooting might result, she yelled to the little ones to drop to the floor.  Seventeen pistol shots were fired.  When the smoke cleared away, William Benedict was dead, his three year old son shot through the leg, Mike Gaddis was shot through the leg, and George Thornton who fired the shot that killed Benedict, was wounded in the hip.  Thornton was arrested by officers who soon came.”

   The newspaper stated that “bad blood had existed between one of the Benedicts and one of the Thorntons” but gave no details.

   “The trial was underway and testimony was heard on Benedict’s behalf from James Gordon, Marion Galloway, Steve Benedict, Mrs. William Benedict, and Burban Galloway.  William Lee Pruitt testified that Thornton had been drinking.

   John and George Thornton testified also.  Mike Gaddis then testified that Benedict fired the first shot.

   Dr. Weddle of Hustonville gave testimony that William Benedict had two wounds - one in the left shoulder and one in his left hand.  He supported the body as William died in his arms.”[55]   This article does not state so, but George Thornton was found guilty and spent several years in the penitentiary.


              5.Clell Nathan Benedict was born in 1885.  He married Lilly Brown on July 29, 1911 in Casey Co., KY.  Their children were:                 

                                    6.Lorene Benedict                b.1914[56]

                                      m. Melvin Sears  Oct 21, 1932 Casey Co.,KY

                                    6.Rosie Benedict                  b.1916

                                    6.Wilbur Benedict

                                    6.Delmer Benedict

                                    6.Dorothy Benedict                b. Mar 1, 1921     Dorothy died in 1933. The death certificate states she died of Meningitis after being struck in the back of the head with a rock.[57]

             5.Johnny Benedict was born Feb 26, 1886.  He died in October 1894.  "A young son of Constable T.J. Benedict died Saturday of diphtheria and two of his children are now down with that fearful disease."[58]                

            5.Steve S. Benedict was born May 26, 1888.  He married Bessie Rainey.  Steve died Mar 16, 1943.  Their children were:             

                                    6.Hershel Benedict               b.Feb 18, 1911

                                    6.Homer Benedict                 b.Jan 10, 1913         

                                                d.Nov 15, 1997  Indiana; buried Hustonville, KY

                                        m. Mary Ann Curtsinger   

                                    6.Margie Benedict                b.Feb 12, 1915

                                    6.Herbert Benedict               b.Oct 27, 1917

                                    6.Ruby Pearl Benedict         b. Nov 17, 1919

                                    6.John Lee Benedict            b.Jan 22. 1922

                                    6.Charles Benedict               b.July 31, 1926

                                    6.George L. Benedict           b.Oct 13, 1930

                                    6.Ollie Dean Benedict          b.Feb 6, 1934

                                    6.Steve Stanley Benedict     b.Apr 3, 1938

                                    6.Audie Benedict                  b.Apr 7, 1936

                                        m. Henry Maddox

            5.Wallace Davison Benedict was born Mar 8, 1894.    He married first, Ida Mitchum and then Ora Clements.

            5.Hallie Benedict was born June 1, 1898.  She died Nov 1, 1894 and is buried in Casey Co., KY at the Cold Springs Cemetery next to Owen Crockett.  She said Louis Hatfield (her last husband) was mean to her and she didn't want to be buried next to him.[59]     

   She married four times.  Her first husband was William Compton whom she married on Dec 20, 1919 in Lincoln County.  Their children were:                     

                                    6.William C. Compton           b.Mar 16,1921  d.July 9, 1987

                                    6.Evan T. Compton                b.1924              d.1983

                                    6.Virginia Compton              b.Aug 27, 1927

                                                d.Aug 5, 1973 buried Moreland Cemetery

                                    6.Sam Compton

   Hallie married Rev. John Brown on Aug 9, 1951 Casey Co.,KY She also married Owen Crockett and Louis Hatfield.

            5.Rosa Ellen Benedict was born Nov 12, 1900.

 She married Robert Smith Carrier on Oct 18, 1920.  She died Dec 22, 1964[60].  Their children were:        

                                    6.Elizabeth Carrier

                                    6.Walter Carrier                    b.Aug 7, 1921

                                    6.Helen Toni Carrier b.Mar 23, 1926

                                    6.Mary Frances Carrier        b.May 12, 1927

                                    6.Delia Margaret Carrier      b.Feb 6, 1931

                                    6.Opal Mae Carrier               b.Oct 26, 1933

                                    6.Emma Jean Carrier           b.Aug 16, 1936

                                    6.Robert Ed Carrier              b.Feb 11, 1939

                                    6.Ronald Lee Carrier            b.Aug 18, 1942

                                    6.Donald Ray Carrier          


    On July 9, 1903, Thomas J. Benedict married Elnora Shelton.  Elnora was born Nov 26, 1883 to Byrd & Britta Belton Shelton of Casey Co.,KY.  Elnora Benedict died May 15, 1941 of a duodinal obstruction and is buried in the Benedict Cemetery.[61]

 Their children were:

            5.Dewey Benedict was born Apr 17, 1904.  He married Jeanette Carrier and they lived most of their lives in the Cincinnati area.  Dewey died Nov 1, 1995. Their children were:                            

                                    6.Owen Benedict                    b. & d.Nov 30,1921 

                                    6.Marion R. Benedict              b.Aug 20,1925  d.Mar 28, 1926

                                    6.Harold Benedict                   b.July 25, 1923  d.June 1961

                                    6.Clyde Benedict                    b.Apr 10, 1927

                                    6.Hazel Benedict

            5.Dow Hendrickson Benedict  was born Jan 30,1906.  He married Jessie Rainey on Jan 11, 1922 in Casey Co., KY.   Their children were:

                                    6.Eugene Benedict               b.1923 KY

                                    6.Delbert Benedict                b.1925 KY                  d.California

                                    6.Dow Benedict, Jr.              b.1928 OH

                                    6.Margie Benedict

                                    6.Arnold Benedict                 b.May 30,1929   d.May 30,1929

                                                                                    buried Benedict Cemetery

            5.Clay Thomas Benedict was born Apr 14, 1908.  He married Mary Rainey a sister to Jessie. They had no children but raised Mary's niece Martha "Patsy" Randolph.[62]

            5.Joseph Harley Benedict was born June 1, 1910.  His first wife was named Rose (maiden name unknown) and his second wife was named Ada (maiden name unknown).  Joseph Harley died  Feb 3, 1993 in Ohio and is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery.

            5.Brittie Margaret Benedict  was born May 19, 1912. She married Sam Daulton.  Brittie's aunt, Rosa Benedict Carrier, tells this story: "It seems Sam had a mistress and Brittie begged him not to go and see her again.  He swore and promised Brittie that he would never see the other woman again by saying, 'I will never go back there again, I hope God strikes me down if I ever go back to her house again'... well, old Sam forgot his promise and went back.  While he was there he had a stroke and later died.  Mom always said God did it."[63]  

   Brittie died Aug 24, 1933.

            5.Pauline Benedict was born Nov 19, 1914 in Creston, Casey Co.,KY. She had a fantastic memory and was very helpful in sharing family stories and photos.  She married James Browning.  Pauline died Feb 13, 2001 and is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery.  They had one son:

                                    6.James Browning, Jr.  b.Apr 26, 1933  d.Dec 1968

            5.Myrtle Benedict was born Mar 1, 1917. She married Wallace Cook.  Myrtle died   Mar 22, 1991.  Their children were:

                                    6.Wallace Cook, Jr.              b. Dec 7, 1935

                                    6.Donald Ray Cook              b.Jun 3, 1939

                                    6.Randy Cook                       b.Feb 2, 1942

                                    6.Eula Cook                           b.Jun 6, 1944

                                    6.Myrtle Marie Cook             b.Feb 9, 1946

                                    6.Edith Cook                         b.Mar 30, 1949

                                    6.Darlene Cook

            5.Edith Irene Benedict was born Sep.27, 1919.  She married David "Buck" League.  Their children were:


                                    6.Nancy League

                                    6.Bonnie League

                                    6.Paul League                       b.Dec 15, 1947

                                    6.Danny League                    b.Mar 19, 1951         

            5.Viola Benedict was born Sep 13, 1921.  She married Raymond Van Gifford.  Viola died Jan 15, 2007 in Ohio.  Their children were:

                                    6.Raymond Van Gifford        b.Feb 7, 1941

                                    6.Mike Gifford                        b.Oct 16, 1945

                                    6.Jim Gifford                          b.Jan 15, 1947

                                    6.Tom Gifford

                                    6.Terry Gifford

                                    6.Janet Gifford





    6. Wallace Davison Benedict was born March 8, 1894 to Thomas J. & Laura Belden Benedict.   He escaped serious injury in 1897:  "Wallace, the little son of Constable & Mrs. T.J. Benedict, got hold of a ball of lye and put some of it in his mouth.  His tongue and throat are badly burned but it is thought that he will recover."[64]

   While his father lived in Creston, Casey Co., KY, Wallace met Ida Mitchum who lived near Pellyton on the Adair side of the Adair/Casey County line.  She was born Apr 15, 1893 to William B. and Mary Ann Pendleton Mitchum.  They were married on Dec 28, 1913 in Casey Co., KY.

   Like his father, Wallace moved his family several times and held a variety of jobs.  He met the train at Moreland where he picked up the mail and delivered it from Moreland to Liberty.  He also drove an oil delivery truck for Gore Oil Co. of Danville.  He delivered ice from an ice house, was a pressman at "The Casey County News", a farmer, and a school bus driver.

   Wallace's second wife was Ora Clements with whom he had two children, one dying in infancy.

   Wallace died June 13, 1973 and is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery. 

Children of Wallace & Ida:

            7.Christine Benedict was born May 16, 1915.  After graduating from Moreland High School, she left Moreland for Cincinnati where she married Frank Schwendenman and they adopted one son, Larry, in 1945.  Frank served in the Pacific theatre in World War II.  Christine was a dietician with the public school system in Cincinnati.  Later in life she married Ivan Wilson and then Don Buckner.

            7.Ada Marie Benedict was born June 20, 1917.  Ada went to Cincinnati in 1937, "the year of the terrible flood".  She married Bob Crummin whom she divorced in 1948.  While living in Florida she married Stan Howitt. She had one daughter, Cindy Howitt, born 1956 in Cincinnati.

            7.Walter Ray Benedict was born Oct 2, 1920.  He lived his entire life in and around Moreland except for one year when he went to Indianapolis to find work. He married Lucille Crowe and they had one daughter, Betty Benedict. Lucille died in a car accident Aug 28, 1958.   Ray loved horses and mules and always kept one on his farm and even into retirement he kept "Dollie".  Ray died Aug 8, 2002 and is buried in the Hustonville Cemetery.

            7.Otis Lee Benedict was born Sep 25, 1924.  He was a paratrooper in World War II and landed on Normandy Beach in France.  He was injured by flying shrapnel and airlifted to England.  He wrote his sister Christine from France:  "Dearest Sister, Received your letter yesterday, sure glad to hear from you.  Yes, Sis, you hit the nail right on the head.  Here I sit somewhere in France writing this letter, yes the morning of D-Day we were flying across the Channel and jumped five hours before the beach landing.  I'm with the 82nd Airborne Div. and I'm really proud of it."[65]

   Otis married Sadie Maddox and they were the parents of three sons:  Michael Coy Benedict who was born and died in 1947, Larry born 1948, and Paul Douglas born 1952.  Sadie died in 2002 and Otis in 2006.  They are buried in the Moreland Cemetery.

            7.Arnold D. Benedict was born July 8, 1929 in Casey Co., KY.  He left KY and joined the Navy when a young man.  After discharge he went to Ohio and started driving  trucks and then started his own business.

   Arnold married Christine (last name unknown) and they had two sons:  Michael Benedict b.1948 and Terrance (Terry) born 1952.  Arnold and Christine divorced and he married Elizabeth Kranchalk in 1963 in New Jersey.  They have one daughter, Lisa Benedict born 1965 in Ohio. 

Children of Wallace & Ora:

            7.infant daughter buried in the Benedict Cemetery[66]

            7.Ron Benedict was born July 17, 1944. He left Kentucky at the age of nineteen and went to Indianapolis looking for work. He got a job at Tractor Supply and after a couple of years was promoted to manager and sent to Canton, Ohio.  He also lived in Wabash, Indiana, Washington Court House, Ohio and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  After going to work for Central Tractor he moved to Abingdon Virginia, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Owensboro, Kentucky, and Altoona, Iowa.  In 1993 he left Central Tractor and bought an Ace Hardware Store in eastern Tennessee.

   He married Betty Jo Eason Sept. 4, 1964 and they have one son, Travis Benedict. 


I would welcome additions or corrections.

Cindy Whitis

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