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Descendants of Bryant KIDD



Generation No. 1


1.  BRYANT4 KIDD  (ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born February 14, 1820 in Lincoln Co Kentucky, and died August 11, 1894 in Lincoln Co Kentucky bur?.  He married REBECCA OAKS August 23, 1841 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, daughter of JAMES OAKS and SARAH.  She was born Abt. 1820 in Kentucky - one source says Daniel & Sarah Oaks are her parents, and died Bef. 1880 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.


Notes for BRYANT KIDD:

1870 Lincoln C. Ky. Census   Bryant Kidd age 50 Rebecca 47  Lucinda 18  Frances 17 James 14  11 year old male unreadable  6 year old female name unreadable  all b. Ky.


1880 Lincoln Co, Ky - #131 - Kidd, Bryant 60 Farmer b. Ky parents b. Va

Bunch, Letcher 26 Son-in-law farm lab. (all rest b. Ky)

Lucinda 27 daughter

Julia Ann 4 granddau.

Charley E. 2 grandson

Rebecca j 1 granddau.


next to them is James H. KIDD 20 Farmer (all by Ky) Mary J 18 wife  and Millard 11/12 b. July 1879

also next to them is James F. OAKS 82 Farmer b. Ky father b Ky mother Tenn

Priscilla 25 wife  John R. 9 Son  Emma E. 7 dau William A 5 son Jemima 3 dau and Malinda 2 Dau. (all rest b. Ky.


Pretty sure this is Bryant's first father-in-law


1850 Lincoln Co, Ky census #523 -- Bryant Kidd  30 Farmer b. Ky  Rebecca 28; Wills? 8; Joseph 6; DJ 5; Sarah 1

next door to Jacob and Sophia Weaver (Sophia may be Bryant's sister)


1860  Lincoln Co Ky census p 169 -- Bryant 40 Farmer $100./500   Rebecca 39  Willis M 18 Joseph G 16; DAN J  14

Sarah Ann 11  Lucinda 9   Franky 6    John Willis  4   James 1


a George Kidd d. Floyd co Ky age 67 married b. Va parents b. Va Occupation: Farmer d. Oct 1879

resident of county 4- years

a JW Kidd d. Livingston Co Ky age 42 b. Ky married no info. on parents res. of co. 20 years -- a Physician

a Lucy A. Kidd age 92 widow b Va parents both b Va d. Green Co Jan 1880 res. Co 40 years


Kidds in Ky. from Interantional Gen microfiche (IGI) lists the following with Bryant Kidd & Rebecca Oaks as parents


Daniel J.  about 1845 Lincoln Co

Joseph. about 1844 Lincoln Co.

Willis about 1842 Lincol. Co

Sarah about 1849 Lincol Co


Lincoln Co Ky 780 to 1850 Hist records of Old Crab Orch. by KR McGhee

Bryant Kidd & Rebecca Oaks 8-23-1841  witn Daniel Oaks (or preacher?  Anyway, relation?)





Burial: Since they had a Daniel & Sarah child this is more likely


Children of BRYANT KIDD and REBECCA OAKS are:

                   i.       WILLIS MARION5 KIDD, b. July 1842, Waynesburg, Gilmore's Lick, Lincoln Co KY Co C 19th Ky Vol. - Civil War Casulaty; d. March 1862.

2.               ii.       JOSEPH GREEN KIDD, b. May 1844, Gilmore's Lick, Lincoln Co KY d. before 1900.

3.              iii.       DANIEL JASPER KIDD, b. February 15, 1846, Lincoln County, Kentucky (Gilmore's Lick according to Roy Standish, POB 391 Waynesburg Ky 2001) 40489; d. June 24, 1903, Lincoln County, Kentucky.

                 iv.       SARAH ANN KIDD, b. November 15, 1848, Roy Standish, Waynesburg KY says she marr George Petry March 1868 at Bryant Kidd's house - this makes sense - perhaps he died young??? and she remarr Fletcher; d. April 10, 1920, Whitely Co, Ky - Death Certificate 12825 v. 20; m. FLETCHER BUNCH, February 25, 1875, Lincoln CO KY FTM CD #233; b. 1850, Ky.

                  v.       LUCINDA KIDD, b. July 1851; m. FLETCHER BUNCH, February 25, 1875, Lincoln Co , Ky.



Burial: I have something wrong -- have the two sisters marrying same guy -- 3 Bunch kids - Julia Ann b abt 1876; Charles E b 1878; Rebecca J 1879 I thought belonged to Sarah her sister & Fletcher


4.              vi.       FRANKY KIDD, b. June 14, 1853, Frances Jane -- info. from GenForum  7/14/99- Gary L. Jones query; d. March 10, 1925, Pulaski Co Ky.

                vii.       JOHN WILLIS KIDD, b. August 30, 1856, Roy standish Waynesburg Ky 2001 has his middle name as William vs. Willis; m. ANGELINE NORRIS, April 02, 1874, Lincoln CO KY.

5.            viii.       JAMES KIDD, b. September 18, 1859, James F. according to 1880 census; acc. to Roy Standish James Harlow "Harl"; d. March 01, 1942, bur?.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOSEPH GREEN5 KIDD (BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born May 1844 in Gilmore's Lick, Lincoln Co KY d. before 1900.  He married SALLIE PILKINGTON December 01, 1865 in Lincoln CO KY.  She was born Abt. 1844 in "Sarah" according to Roy Standish, Waynesburg KY 2001.



                   i.       JOHN F.6 KIDD, b. Abt. 1866.

                  ii.       MAGGIE A. KIDD, b. Abt. 1868.

                 iii.       WILLIAM D. KIDD, b. Abt. 1869.

                 iv.       ROBERT A. KIDD, b. Abt. 1871.

6.               v.       JAMES BRYANT KIDD, b. Abt. 1872; d. 1961.

                 vi.       CHARLOTTE KIDD, b. Abt. 1874.

                vii.       CHARLES KIDD, b. Abt. 1875.



KIDD  CHARLES  H  U/1  LINCOLN    12-21-1933  060  29909  1933 


May/may not be him from Lincoln Co Death REcord



Burial: May be Charles died Lincoln Co Ky Death Records


               viii.       MARY KIDD, b. Abt. 1878.

                  ix.       MARTHA KIDD, b. Abt. 1879.



3.  DANIEL JASPER5 KIDD (BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born February 15, 1846 in Lincoln County, Kentucky (Gilmore's Lick according to Roy Standish, POB 391 Waynesburg Ky 2001) 40489, and died June 24, 1903 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.  He married (1) ANNA GRIFFITHS March 03, 1865 in Lincoln County, Kentucky witnessed by Hiram Oaks & William Wardlow, daughter of DAVID GRIFFITHS and MARY PETREE.  She was born January 1844 in Jellico (Saxten) Whitely County, Kentucky, and died December 1885 in Gilmore Lick, Lincoln Co KY.  He married (2) ELLA B. DURHAM July 08, 1886 in Lincoln CO KY. 



1870 Lincoln Co, Ky census  Daniel J. Kidd  age 24  Hannah age 24  William 4; Mary 2; William 1 and Rebecca 2 months all b. Ky


1880 Lincoln Co, Ky -- #118 - Daniel Kidd 34 Annie 34 (all b. Ky) William W 15 Mary F 14; William F 11; Rebecca A 9; Wesley J 8; Jane 7 ; Minerva L 6; David M 3; Milford 10/12


Milly Ann Kidd (sister-in-law) lives next door wtih James M. Griffets age 26 wife Reecca 309 son John 4 and dau Mary 2 and dau Unica b. Nov 1849


Point Pleasant Church Cem, near Kings Mountain  Kidd, Daniel J.  2-15-1846  - 6-24-1903

also a Joseph H. Private  12-31-1894 - 10-14-1932 and a Belle Kidd Hudson in same plot 1866-1952


IGI Microfiche found at Ft. Wayne - Kentucky KIDDS

Daniel J. KIdd - parents Bryant Kidd 7 Rebecca Oaks marr Lincoln Co, Ky about 1845


1850 Lincoln Co, Ky pg 313 #523 -- Bryant Kid age 30 Farmer (all b Ky) Rebecca 28  Willis? 8 Joseph 6  DJ 5  Sarah 1


In IGI a Dan. J. Kidd from Lincoln Co Ky marr. Ella B. Durham 8 July 1886 - did ANna Griffiths die and he remarry?


THINGS TO DO::    Check  1900 census

Kidds Crossing is named after this Kidd family - up 27 near Daniel Boone National Forest - go there sometime


Need to check Whiteley Co. records for Griffiths


Lincoln Co. KY Marr. 1780-1850 & Tombstone Inscrip. compiled by Shirley DUnn & Pubi by Dorothy Griffity - Ren. Research & Prod. 6611 Clayton Rd, Suite 1B St. Louis, MO 63177 p 105 -- Point Pleasant Church Cem. near Kings Mountain --

Green Kidd Co. C 29th Inf. no dates Mary A, his wife 9-12-1899  61years listed in same cem. as DANIEL J. Kidd  2-15-1846  - 6-24-1903 and Joseph H., Private  12-3101894  1 0-14-1932 - also there is a Belle Kidd Hudson  1866-1952 and GOOCHES said to be relation to the Kidds


Book by Michael L. Cook, Lincoln Co KY Records p 261 - Bond & Consent BOok 2 p 392 - bond of Dan. Kidd to marry Anna Griffith with Hiram Okas as surety March 4, 1865.  Marr March 7, 1865 at res. of Adam Oaks - groom 19; farmer mother b. Whiteley Co Ky bridge age 19 b. Whiteley Co. birthplace of parents blank -- pg 267 -- Consent of Bryant Hinds for Dan. Kidd to marry Annie Griffith  March 2, 1865 witn. by Hiram Oaks & Wm. Wardlow


IGI Michfiche faound at Ft. Wayne -- Ky. Kidds

Daniel J. Kidd - parents Bryant Kidd & Rebecca Oaks marr. Lincoln Co Ky abt 1845


1850 Lincoln Co Ky census #254 p 313

Bryant Kid age 30 Farmer (all b Ky)

Rebecca age 28

Willis ? 8

Joseph 6

DJ 5

Sarah 1


in IGI -- a Daniel J. Kidd from Lincolcn Co Ky marr. Effa B. Durham 8 July 1886 - did Anna Griffiths die & he remarry?  Check 1880 & 1900 census to se


Things to do:   Need 1880  & 1900 at lealst Lincolcn Co Ky for them


Kidd's crossing is named for this KIDD family - up 27 near Daniel Boone National Forest -- need to check Whiteley CO 9Records for Griffith)


Marriage Notes for DANIEL KIDD and ANNA GRIFFITHS:

From Lincoln Co, Ky Marriages 1780-1850 & Tombstone Inscriptions Gen. R&P Research 6611 Clayton Rd, Suite 1B, St. Louis, Mo  published by Dorothy Griffith -- p. 261 -- Marriage Bond p. 392 -- Bond of Daniel Kidd to Marry ANna Griffity with Hiram Oaks as surety, March 4, 1865.  Married March 7 at residence of Adam Oaks. Grom 19, farmer mother b Whiteley Co, Ky bridge age 19 bb. Whiteley Co, birthplace of parents unknown.


p, 267 -- consent of BRYANT HINDS for Daniel Kidd to Marry ANnie Griffith Marh 2, 1865. Witnessed by Hirma Oaks and William Wardlow (COnsent Bk 2


Lincoln Co, Ky 1780-1852 -- v. 3 Hist. Records by LK McGhee -- Bryant Kidd marr. Rebecca OAKS 8-23-1841 surety Dnaiel Oaks


Also a Moses Kidd marr. Sally Richards - 6-23-1820 Fenton, Asa surety -- who is he???





                   i.       MARION6 KIDD, d. December 02, 1950, Whitely Co Ky Death Cert 05778 - on that death record it's Marion B. Kidd.

                  ii.       WILLIAM F. KIDD, b. 1865.

                 iii.       MARY FRANCES KIDD, b. 1867; m. ? BUNCH.



Burial: can she, too have been married to Lechter (Fletcher) Bunch as Roy Standish says -- geez, he got around??!!


                 iv.       REBECCA R. KIDD, b. April 1870; d. June 1938, Roy standish Waynesburg Ky 2001 says she was married to M. Heath then ? Beasley.

                  v.       GREEN KIDD, b. April 1870, Twin to Rebecca; d. 1870, Gilmore Lick, Lincoln Co KY.

7.              vi.       JAMES WESLEY KIDD, b. October 06, 1871, Whitely County, Kentucky; d. August 22, 1942, Crawfordsville, Indiana.

                vii.       JANE KIDD, b. 1873.

               viii.       FRANKY JANE KIDD, b. April 15, 1873, Gilmore Lick, Lincoln Co KY info. from Roy Standish Waynesburg KY 2001; d. July 12, 1915, Livingston, Rockcastle CO KY; m. WILLIAM GREEN DURHAM.

                  ix.       MINERVA L. KIDD, b. March 22, 1875, Gilmore Lick, Lincoln Co KY; d. November 01, 1894, Roy also says she was married to Jonathan Madison Britton & 1st to John L. Rush vs. my HG Britton; m. H.G. BRITTON.



Burial: Roy standish Waynesburg Ky 2001 says she is Minerva Lusinda Kidd


                   x.       DAVID M. KIDD, b. 1877.

                  xi.       MILFORD KIDD, b. March 17, 1881; d. also acc. to Roy there is a Jon Tilford b 17 March 1881 so one of us is wrong and it's probably me.



Burial: Roy standish Waynesburg Ky 2001 says he was b. 14 July 1879 marr 6 March 1902 to Margaret Padgett


                 xii.       ZACHARIAH KIDD, b. January 31, 1884; d. December 26, 1902, Jehico, Campbell Co Tenn acc to Roy Standish, Waynesburg Ky.



Burial: "crushed between two train cars while working on section crew at Jellico, Tenn? (Jehico??)



Children of DANIEL KIDD and ELLA DURHAM are:

                xiii.       LUCINDA ELLEN6 KIDD, b. December 21, 1892; d. October 14, 1932, lexington, Fayette Co KY - this child from Roy Standish, Waynesburg Ky 2001.

                xiv.       JOSEPH H. KIDD, b. December 21, 1894, Kings Mountain, Lincoln Co KY; d. May 1918, WWI Casulaty - this info. from Roy Standish, Waynesburg Ky 2001.


More About JOSEPH H. KIDD:

Burial: He also says he was marr to Nellie Reid d/o Wm & Miranda


                 xv.       ARVELLA E. KIDD, b. 1898; d. January 1981, Richmond, Masicon CO Ky; m. CHARLES W. HEDGER.



Burial: This child from Roy Standish, Waynesburg KY 2001



4.  FRANKY5 KIDD (BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born June 14, 1853 in Frances Jane -- info. from GenForum  7/14/99- Gary L. Jones query, and died March 10, 1925 in Pulaski Co Ky.  She married PRESLEY HARDEN JONES, son of PRESLEY JONES and ELIZABETH POWERS.  He was born March 04, 1850, and died July 04, 1931 in Pulaski Co KY.



Burial: some info. from FTM Disk #`12


Children of FRANKY KIDD and PRESLEY JONES are:

                   i.       MARION6 JONES.

                  ii.       ALICE D. JONES, b. 1876.

                 iii.       GRANVILLE JONES, b. 1878.

                 iv.       JULIA ANN JONES, b. June 1879.



5.  JAMES5 KIDD (BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born September 18, 1859 in James F. according to 1880 census; acc. to Roy Standish James Harlow "Harl", and died March 01, 1942 in bur?.  He married MARY J. ROUTEN June 07, 1878 in Lincoln CO KY.  She was born 1861 in acc to Roy Standish, Waynesburg KY.


More About MARY J. ROUTEN:

Burial: called Polly



                   i.       MILLARD6 KIDD, b. July 1879.



Generation No. 3


6.  JAMES BRYANT6 KIDD (JOSEPH GREEN5, BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1872, and died 1961.  He married (2) ROSA K. TOLBERT.  She was born Abt. 1889, and died 1950.


Children of JAMES BRYANT KIDD are:

                   i.       DORA7 KIDD.

                  ii.       VIRGIE KIDD.



Children of JAMES KIDD and ROSA TOLBERT are:

                 iii.       HOWARD7 KIDD.

                 iv.       WILSON KIDD.

                  v.       JAMES KIDD.

                 vi.       AGNES MAY KIDD, b. August 25, 1911.

                vii.       CLARENCE KIDD, b. Abt. 1916.

               viii.       HAZEL KIDD, b. Abt. 1926.

                  ix.       MARGARET JEAN KIDD, b. Abt. 1938.



7.  JAMES WESLEY6 KIDD (DANIEL JASPER5, BRYANT4, ZACHARIAH3, JOHN2, JAMES1) was born October 06, 1871 in Whitely County, Kentucky, and died August 22, 1942 in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  He married JULIA RECTOR December 17, 1895 in Crab Orchard, Kentucky; Lincoln Co Ky rec say J Kidd to Jaley Revtor 4-17-1896, daughter of THOMAS RECTOR and MARY CRANE.  She was born November 29, 1881 in Lincoln County, Kentucky, and died May 09, 1943 in Crawfordsville, Indiana.



Death Record Crawafordsville  James W. Kidd d. Culver hospital married Julia Kidd b. Oct 6, 1871 Ky   at death 70Y 10m 16D  laborer  Father Daniel Kidd other info. unknown  JB Griffith, MD death due to excessive epsom salts


Obit Crawfordsville Journal-Review 8-24-1942 p 8 c 5 -- James W. Kidd, 70-, died Sat evening at 7:45 o'clock at Culver hospi, death resulted from complications after a short illness. He was b. Oct 6, 1871 in Whiteley Co, Ky, the son of Dnaiel and Anna Kidd. He marr. Julia Rector Crab Orch Ky Dec 17, 1895. Mr. Kidd was a member of the Free Methodist church. he had resided in C'ville for the past 25 years. Surv, besides the widow are 6 children: Ernest of C'ville; Daniel of Cinnnati; James of logansport; Mrs. Virginia Ronco of New York City, Mrs. Mary Perry of Crawforesville and Mrs. Fanniel Baldwin of C'ville; one sister, Mrs. Mary Frances Bunch of Newcastle; 21 grandchildren and three great grandchildren and sev. nieces and nephews. Fun serv. will be held at 2:30 o'clock Tues afternoona t the Naz. church in charge of Rev. Grant Barton> BUr. will be made in Masonic cem. The body will lie in state at the church for one hour preceding actual serv. Friends may call at the Proffit & Sons Fun home where the body will remain until on eo'clock Tues afternoon.



Crawfordsville Journal-Review 5-10-1942 p 7 c 8 - Mrs. Julia Kidd, 61 years old, widow of James W. Kidd, died Mon morning at her home on Federal st, following a few weeks illness with pneumonia. A native of Lincoln Co, Ky, Mrs. Kidd was b Nov 29, 1881, the dau. of Thomas and Mary Rector.  She was marr to James W> Kidd on Dec 17, 1895 at Crab Orchard, Ky. Surv are three sons, Ernest of this city, Dan of Cincinnati, Ohio and James in service with the army air forces at Amariollo, Tx; three daughtesr, Mrs. Mary Perry of Crawforesville, Mrs. Fnanie Baldwin also of this city and Mrs. Va. Ronco of New york City, 21 grandchildren, 4 great granchildren, two brothers, five sisters and  anumber of nieces and nephews.  Fun.s erv. will be held at 2:30 p.m. Thurs at the Nazarene Church of which the dec. wa sa member.  With Rev. Grant Barton officiating. Bur will be at Proffit & Sons fun. home as the body will be kept ther epreceding the rites.


Death Record  #  ?   Crawfordsville

Julia Kidd widow of James Kidd d 305 Federal St, Crawfordsville  61Y 5 M 11 D  housework b. Ky, (29 Nov 1881) father Thomas Rector b. Ky; mother Mary b. Ky; informant Daniel Kidd.  d. of goiter and gallstones


Children of JAMES KIDD and JULIA RECTOR are:

                   i.       JOHN WESLEY7 KIDD.

                  ii.       ELIZABETH KIDD.

                 iii.       LILLIAN KIDD.

                 iv.       ERNEST KIDD, b. March 04, 1898; d. November 22, 1982, crawfordsville, IN; m. BESSIE COTTINGHAM, November 25, 1914, rockcastle Co KY; b. December 30, 1900, maiden name may have been Settles.



Burial: bur. Masonic Cem, Crawfordsville IN


                  v.       WILLIE GREEN KIDD, b. Abt. 1900, Gilmore's Lick, Lincoln Co KY died before 1942 acc to Roy Standish, Waynesburg Ky 2001.

                 vi.       DANIEL THOMAS KIDD, b. June 29, 1903; d. June 02, 1972.



Burial: bur. Masonic Cem, Crawfordsville IN


                vii.       MARY ANN KIDD, b. August 01, 1910; m. MILFORD PERRY, 1940.

               viii.       FANNIE L. KIDD, b. June 04, 1912, Crab Orchard, Kentucky; d. July 06, 1988, Culver Hospital, Crawfordsville, Indiana bur. Masonic; m. EVERETT L. BALDWIN, November 12, 1927, Crawfordsville, Indiana; b. March 04, 1893, Barnard, Putnam County, Indiana; d. June 14, 1953, Indianapolis, Indiana bur. Barnard.


Notes for FANNIE L. KIDD:

Crawforsville J-R 7-7-1988  p 2 - Fannie L. Baldwin, 76, of 601 Robinson St, died Wednesday in Culver Hospital after a long ilness. She was a membe rof the APostolic Penticostal Church. She was b. June 4, 1912 at Crab Orchard, Ky to Wesley and julia Rector Kidd. She marr. Everett Baldwin on Nov 12, 1927 at Crawfordsville. He died 1952.  Surviving are two sons, Lawrence of Phoenix, Arix and James Michael of Crawforsville; four daughter, Frieda Woodall of Plainfield; Helen Ford of Thorntown and Nancy Miller and Hattie Nelson, both of Crawfordsville; two sisters, Mary Ann Perry and Virginia Ronco; 29 grandchildren; 37 great grnaedch. and five great, great grandch.  sons and four bros. are deceased. Fun serv. sched. for 10:30 a.m. Sat in Burkhart Fun home at c'ville with the Rv. Dick Baker offic. Bur in Masonic Cem. North. Friends may call at the fun. home 408 p.m. Fri.


Her neighbors on Robinson Street said her house was spotless -- one neighbor said he would gladly have eaten from her kitchen floor as it was cleaner than most people's tables.  He said she was always nice and would bring the neighbors things she baked or cooked.



birth certificate Bk 5 pg 9 Putnam Co, Indiana Male Baldwin b. Jackson Twp, 4 March 1893 - child of William Baldwin age 36 and Eliza Stewart age 25 father b. Jackson Twp mother b. Jackson Twp


Obituary - Monday, June 15, 1953 p 3 - Crawfordsville Journal

Everett L. Baldwin, 63, a former brick yard employee, died Sun at 12:09 p.m. at the Veteran's Hosp in Indianapolis. He had been ill for several years, serious since last Dec. Born in Barnard, Mr. Baldwin was the son of WIlliam and Eliza Stewart Baldwin. He marr. Fannie Kidd in C'ville Nov 11, 1927. A member of the Baptist CHurch, he served in WWI.  Preceding him in death are five children.  Survivors include the widow and 8 children, John and Everett of Rio Grande City, Tx. Mrs. Robert Nelson, mrs John Woodall, Lawrence Baldwin, Mike Baldwin and Miss Nancy Baldwin all of Crawfordsville and Mrs. Guy Ford of Thorntown, a brother, Forest of indinaapolis and a half sister, Mrs. Bernard Kehoe of South Bend. Fun. serv. will be held at 3:#0 Tues at the Proffit & Sons Fun Home. Bur. will be at the Barnard Cem, east of Roachdale. riends may call at the fun. home. 


Record of Marr  Everett L. Baldwin, age 34 white laborer - b. Barnard In residence Crawfordsville second marr.  Father WIlliam Baldwin mother Eliza Stewaart marr. Crawfordsville by EA Arthur

Fannie Kidd 17 white b. Rock Castle Co, Ky res. Crawfordsville first marr. JW Kidd, father mother Julia Rector marr Nov 12 1927 witnesses: JW & Mrs. KIDD


C'ville Daily journal 10-31-1927 p1 -- Everett Baldwin was granted a divorce from his wife, Marie Lara Baldwin in the Montgomery county ciruit court Mon. morning. The plaintiff set out that they were marr. in 1917 and separated in 1924. He charged cruel and inhuman treatment and stated that his wife associated with other men. There were three children born who are now in the custody of the defendant.



Burial: Paula Dye ( on Nov 1, 2001 says his middle name is Lillan


                  ix.       JAMES KIDD, b. October 07, 1917; d. January 14, 1945, died WWII  Air Force.

                   x.       VIRGINIA KIDD, b. September 04, 1923; m. JAMES RONCO, August 09, 1941.