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submitted by:  Linde Grace White

White Family  

1. Linde Grace White (this is not my birth name, but thatís a long story): born 1943 in Louisville, KY

            Leland E. Deitschmann (1913-1984) + Emma Elizabeth Livingston (1916-1973); one other child: Craig E. Deitschmann, born 1937 in Long Beach, CA Died 25 Aug 2007

2.  Emma Elizabeth Livingston, fifth child of James Hansford Livingston (1884-1940) +

            Alice Jane White (1879-1959). Other children were: Bertie Markwell Livingston Brown (1906-1970); James Edwin Livingston (1908-1960; Robert Leete Livingston (1910-1955); Evaline Hansford Livingston (1913-1919); Margaret Griffing Livingston Russel (1918-1993); William Joseph Livingston (1920-21 Sep 2008); Mary Belle Livingston (1923-1988). 

3.  Alice Jane White, ninth child of William Thomas Breathitt White (1831-1908) + Mary Elizabeth Newland (1843-1917).  Other children were: Sarah Elizabeth White Pleasants (1861-1948); Joseph Henry White (1864-1940); Rebecca Frances White (1868-1937); Mary Lee White (1869-1935); Virginia White (1870-1870); Mattie White (1871-1872); William Thomas White (1874-1934); Celia Bessie White (1875-1878); John Dudley White (1881-1887); Edward Waverly White (1883-1911). 

4. William Thomas Breathitt White born in Garrard Co, Ky.  Here is where I hit the wall on research and would appreciate any information. 

I have a lot of information on everybody 1-3 in this list and am happy to share.  I will file the Livingston information which is fairly extensive in a different message.