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Submitted by: Linde Grace White

Acres, Buford, Clemmons,  Drake, Griffin, Hansford, Henry, James, Josling,  Livingston, Logan, McNelly, Owsley, 
Pennington, Scott, Selles, Singleton, Speed, Stephens, Stephenson, Whitley, Wilson, 

Here is a transcription of some marriage records I found while searching among my aunt's genealogical work in the 1950s when you had to do it ALL the hard way! You can post this to the Lincoln Co. website.  I know this is accurate because I found my great grandparents on this list and also in the Lincoln Co. Courthouse. Linde Grace White

These records are from the file of Everett Stephenson, a cousin ( 5x removed) of mine on the Livingston side of my family.  Everett sent this to my Aunt Bertie Livingston Brown in a letter dated 15 Feb 1956.  Bertie and Everett had been collaborating on the genealogy for some time.  Everett talks in his letters about his connections with other researchers and his copies of various documents.  Because so much of genealogical research depends on volunteers who are mainly looking for their own information, the records, while extant, have not all been placed in forms electronically accessible.  So here’s what Everett had to report.  Where it is pertinent, I will make a parenthetical remark.  I have made these chronological and put the dates in the accepted genealogical form. Where (E) follows the word “my” this means Everett ’s family.  


                                                                                             Lincoln County (KY)

10 Jul 1782     Wm Griffin to Molly Henry  

16 Jan 1787     Nathaniel Logan to Judith Wilson  

17 Jan 1789     Thomas Stephenson to Hannah McNelly, Thos, my (E) 3rd great grandfather  

9 Apr 1791       David Stephenson to Edith Logan, my (E) 2nd great grandparents  

28 May 1793     Robert Stephenson to Elizabeth Whitley, dau. of Wm Whitley  

25 Mar 1795     John Griffin to Mary James  

11 Aug 1796     Daniel Drake to Peggy Acres  

16 Jan 1797       Carter Drake to Polly Josling  

15 May 1797  Thomas Buford to Betsey Speed  

15 Mar 1800    Thomas Livingston to Sarah Stephens, dau. of John and Lucy Stephens (This was in Garrard Co. but as Everett has no other Garrard Co. marriages, he puts it in this list.)  

9 Oct 1801      John Selles to Edith Stephenson (nee Edith Logan above)  

22 Jul 1815     Thomas Stephenson to Hollen Owsley (Thos. Son of David above)  

16 Nov 1818   John Logan to Malinda Stephenson, dau. of David Stephenson  

28 Aug 1823    Samuel Griffin to Hannah Singleton  

18 Dec 1823     Wm Scott to Betty Livingston  (This was in Mercer Co.)  

29 Aug 1831    Lindsay Stephenson to Ann Elizabeth Logan, my (E) gt.grandparents; he, son of David above  

19 May 1845    Ephriam (sic) Pennington to Jane Clemmons  

31 Dec 1861     Hugh Logan Stephenson to Elizabeth Ann Livingston, my (E) grandparents *  

22 Feb 1872     Stephen Pennington to Sarah Jane Livingston, he, son of above (meaning Ephraim) and they were the parents of Lucy Pennington Singleton *  

19 Dec 1876    Jasper G. Livingston to Emma Hansford, your (meaning Bertie) grandparents*  

* These are people I know something about personally and they are definitely related to my family.


Somebody from the Lincoln County website is interested in the Drakes. They are definitely related to me, but I am still not certain how. The dates for my Margaret Drake are not right. She may be one generation further back than I thought. I am still mulling this stuff over, but much of it relates to my family. Maybe it will fill in a few blanks. Linde Grace

                                                Deeds, Military Service, and Tax Lists from Everett Stephenson in 1956.  

These seem to be in chronological order, so I may not need to make any parenthetical notes!  I will put the dates in the accepted form.  


                                                                                        Fayette County (KY)

6 Mar 1792    John Livingston, possible father or uncle of our John.  (I think he means J.H. Livingston.  He doesn’t say what this is a deed to, however.)  

                                        Jessamine County (This county was formed from Fayette Co. in 1799.  J. H. was born in 1798, so the John above is probably his father or uncle.)  

10 Dec 1835    John Livingston and wife Arabella sold to Jonas Corman for $1634 the Hakins farm of 98 acres.  

21 Mar 1890    John Livingston took a mortgage from Ephriam (sic) Drake and a note from Jasper Griffin.  

11 May 1840    John and Arabella Livingston sold 100 acres for $190 to Jeremiah Haydon.  

13 Sep 1841    Elizabeth Griffin made an indenture to James B. mentioning her son Jasper (This might be the father of Arabella) { Everett ’s parentheses}  My guess is that it is more likely Arabella’s brother.  I found cemetery records for her parents, Jasper and Elizabeth Cooper Griffing.  Husband Jasper’s dates are 1789 – 1809.  Her dates are 1759 – 1844.   

Virginians in the Revolution, from VA Mag. Of History and Biography.  

Thomas Stephenson in Capt. Tate’s Company from Augusta County ,  3rd greatgrandfather (E)

Samuel Briggs in KY Militia from Lincoln County , 3rd greatgrandfather (E)

Thomas Livingston in 2nd regiment of the Continental Line.  

Virginia Census 1790  

Thomas Livingston, Naesmond couty – 2 whitew & 2 blacks

Wm Drake & Thos. Drake, Amelia County

Thos. Drake, Pittsylvania County

Joel, James & John Drake, Pohatan County

Alex, David, James, & Robert Stephenson of Greenbrier (sic) County (now in WV)

James Stephenson in Hampshire & James in Shenandoah County .  

Kentucky Tax List 1790  

All in Lincoln County : Samuel Briggs, Thos. Stephenson, David Stephenson, John Logan.

All in Fayette County & all are Griffins: Enoch, James, John, Margaret, Samuel

All in Jessamine County & all Drakes; Nathaneil (sic), William, & Ephriam (sic).  (In 1790, Jessamine County was still part of Fayette County. So technically these were Drakes of Fayette County.)  

The 1800 List  

In Jessamine County : James Livingston, Jasper Griffin

In Hardin County : Barry Livingston

David Livingstons in Braken (sic), Mason, and Nicholas Counties .

In Fayette County : John Stephenson  

Register of KY Hist. Society, July 1931 – Vol. 29-No.88, page 278.  Circuit Court Record; Fayette County , KY. Nathaniel and Wm. Drake. Quite interesting.  (This is Everett ’s note and I don’t know why it’s in here.  I thought it was connected to the information below, but not I’m not so sure.  

Here’s the information Everett copied.  I think the Circuit Court Record might be the “book” he refers to.  

Margaret Drake – 400 acres-Downing Creek, Book 1-p.78

Samuel Drake – 1,000 acres- 1/17/1783

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