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Submitted By:  Fran Cutrell Rutkovsky


Permelia Wade-George S. Miller marriage, 1817


I give my approbation for a licence to be issued between my Daughter
Permelia & George S. Miller and request also that he may
granted licence given under my hand this 14th day of February 1817
(signed) Pearce (inkblot) Wade
Test   Jeremiah Wade

(missing)        the sum of fifty pounds current money of the state
aforesaid sealed with our seal & dated this 14th day of February 1817
whereas there is a license about to issue for a marriage Intended
between the above bound George S. Miller & Permela Wade  Now should
there be no legal cause to obstruct said Marrige then this obligation to
be void else to remain in full force (something) in law.
(signed) Geo. S. Miller (seal)   Jeremiah Wade (seal)
teste  Bryan Y. R(something)y

[originals on file in Lincoln County, Kentucky courthouse]