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Submitted By: Sandy Kassen 
The above records have been copied either from personal information written to me, or by public records in Casey Co., KY, Fannin Co., TX or Lincoln Co., KY, and is not a complete listing for the early Peyton families.


Early Lincoln Co, Kentucky Family Pioneers    

Valentine Peyton married Mary Elizabeth Edwards    (My direct first known Peyton in the area, b. 1749, VA;
granted land from govít first in Fayette Co., then founded Peytonís Well area, 3 mi. n/e of Hustonville; died 1831, Lincoln Co., KY.)
There has been at least one Vincent in every generation.



Adelia Peyton married Conrad Russell,
4 Jul 1861 - Casey Co, Ky
Amanda Belle Peyton married James Madison Purdom 24 Feb 1876  
Austin Peyton married Polly Ann Erwin/Ervin
18 Mar 1834,
Casey Co, Ky
Bennett Peyton married Margaret King
22 May 1890,
Casey Co, Ky

Bennett Peyton married Janey McGlothin
4 July 1839, Casey Co, Ky

Bennett Peyton, Jr. married Sarah Atwood
18 Oct 1888,
Casey Co, Ky
Bradford Peyton married Martha J. Renfro
20 Nov 1843, Lincoln Co., Ky
Buford Peyton married Nancy Speed
29 Mar 1806, Lincoln Co, Ky
Buford Peyton married Nancy Peyton
18 Dec 1850,
Casey Co, Ky
Christopher Peyton married Nancy J. Clarkston
13 Aug 1868, Casey Co.Ky

Clarissa Peyton married H.F. Bateman
26 Jan 1865, Fannin Co., TX


D.B. Peyton married Esernie Mobley
18 Oct 1893, Casey Co.Ky

Daniel Peyton married Sarah Taylor
19 Nov. 1866, Casey Co.Ky
Frank Peyton married Mary Hill
23 Nov 1882, Casey Co.Ky
G. Taylor Peyton mar Mary Johnson
8 Apr 1875, Casey Co.Ky

Henry Clay Peyton married Alice/Allice Peyton
18 Jan 1884, Casey Co.Ky

Henry Peyton married Polly Brown
6 Apr 1814, Casey Co.Ky
James Peyton married Patsey Cox
14 May 1824, Casey Co.Ky
James Peyton married Susan Oosley
22 Mar 1864, Casey Co.Ky
James T. Peyton married Mary Coffman
21 Oct. 1887, Casey Co.Ky
Jarret Peyton married Martha Rynearson
6 Feb 1849, Casey Co.Ky

John Peyton married Mary Coffey
8 Feb 1893, Casey Co. Ky

Lewis Peyton married Winnefred Falwill
8 Nov 1786, Lincoln Co.Ky
Lucinda Peyton married William Green Johnson
13 Nov 1845
Margaret Peyton married John T. Booth
19 Jul 1869, Fannin Co., TX
Martin Peyton married Rachel Arbuckle
11 Feb 1790, Lincoln Co.Ky
Mary Ann Peyton married H.P. Smith
17 Oct 1873, Fannin Co., TX
Mary Jane Peyton married Joseph McDonald
22 Apr 1860, Fannin Co., TX

Mary Polly Peyton married 1) __Ervin/Erwin
2) __Johnson

Micajah Peyton married __Moore
14 Mar 1846, Casey Co.Ky
Napolean Peyton married Paralee Taylor
27 May 1885, Casey Co.Ky
Patsy Peyton (b 1816) married Thomas Evans  
Peter Peyton married Louise Eden
27 Nov 1822, Casey Co.Ky
R.F. Peyton married Sarah Shoopman
26 Apr 1894, Casey Co.Ky
Robert Valentine Peyton married Lucretia Cox
5 Oct 1887
Robinson/Robertson Peyton married Amanda Parker
5 June 1839, Casey Co.Ky
Sarah Ann Peyton married William Eubanks
27 Nov 1857, Fannin Co., TX
Simeon Peyton married Permelia Alcorn
19 Sept 1818
Speed Peyton married Zantha Peyton
12 Aug 1836, Lincoln Co.Ky
Stephen Peyton married Martha Belle Moore
12 Nov 1879, Casey Co.Ky
Stephen Peyton married Elizabeth Power
1 Dec. 1895, Casey Co.Ky
Taylor Peyton married Mae Johnson
Apr 1875

Thomas J. Peyton married Jocie Eggbat
4 Mar 1875, Casey Co.Ky

Thomas L. Peyton married Catherine Evans
15 Aug 1839, Casey Co.Ky
Thomas/Tuck Jefferson Peyton, married Mary __
Casey Co.Ky
Valentine Peyton married Mary Polly Portman
27 Sept 1831, Casey Co.Ky
Valentine Peyton married Nancy Penn
23 Oct 1845, Casey Co.Ky
Valentine Peyton married Lou Cox
5 Oct 1887, Casey Co.
Vincent Peyton (b. 1785) married Mary Polly Robinson
19 Sept 1808, Franklin Co., KY
Vincent Peyton (b. 1834?) married #2 Permelia Coulter
14 July 1875,  Casey Co.
Vincent Peyton married Sallie Hale
11 Oct 1882, Casey Co.Ky

Vincent Peyton (b. 1856) married Amanda Wall
22 May 1879, Casey Co.Ky

Vincent Peyton (b. 29 Oct 1835) married Martha Jane Barnett
 23 Aug. 1856, Fannin Co, TX
William Peyton married D. Jane Whitehouse
23 Dec. 1891, Casey Co.Ky