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Submitted By:  Jacquie Fipps Singleton

Lincoln County, Kentucky Singleton Marriages

  From the book, "Marriages 1780-1850 & Tombstone Inscriptions" by Shirley Dunn (Available for purchase at the library)
Compiled by Jacquie Fipps who married a Kentucky boy Jerry Jay Singleton

Aaron Singleton Polly Singleton 08/29/1843
Alexander Singleton Mary Blankenship 08/26/1846
Allen Singleton Nelly Dunaway 07/27/1832
Betsy Singleton Christophe Perkins 08/30/1817
Betsy Singleton Joshua Perkins 03/09/1818
Christophe Singleton Orlander Singleton 10/03/1833
David Singleton Mary Delany 12/28/1843
Elizabeth Singleton Delany Ren 12/12/1840
Elizabeth Singleton James M Gooch 11/25/1838
Elizabeth Singleton James P Vanhook 09/08/1845
Elizabeth Singleton William Murphy 07/28/1837
Elizabeth Singleton William Smith 08/20/1798
Eunice Singleton Allen Gooch 02/07/1839
Fannie Kern Singleton Charles F Zachary 05/03/1800
Fannie Singleton Elisha Brown 04/07/1798
Frances Singleton John Floic 1/22/1811
Haley Singleton William Leese 04/08/1841
Frankie Singleton   John Reynolds 06/09/1842
Haley Singleton  William Leese 04/08/1841
Hannah Singleton Samuel Griffin 08/28/1826
Hunley Singleton Martha Cummins  08/11/1847
Isaac Singleton Polly Singleton  09/02/1837
Jackson Singleton Nancy Wren  01/06/1840
James Singleton Hannah Kerr  01/05/1833
Jane Singleton William Padget  10/22/1850
John Singleton Elizabeth Floyd  01/21/1823
John Singleton Mary White  04/01/1793
John Singleton Susey Farris  06/28/1803
Kitty Singleton Elijah Carter 10/18/1844
Lavina Singleton William Whitesides  03/08/1802
Louisa Singleton Jonathan Trowbridge  09/15/1820
Lucy Singleton Willis Ray  10/23/1829
Malinda Singleton  Berry Holmes 10/7/1848 (submitted by:  Susan Breitweiser)
Mary Ann Singleton Nicholas Reynolds 11/19/1847
Middleton Singleton Sucky Catnip  05/11/1806
Nancy Singleton David Floyd 05/23/1823
Nancy Singleton John Henderson 07/28/1788
Nancy Singleton Perry Reynolds  04/03/1810
Nancy Singleton Thomas Gooch 05/11/180?
Nancy Singleton Wm. Walls  3/15/1830
Nelson Singleton Mary Virginia Caldwell                           08/07/1845  
Phillips Singleton Nancy Smith  12/27/1809
Polly Singleton Thomas Gooch 07/08/1822
Richard Singleton Franky Smith  10/07/1808
Richard Singleton Gincy Singleton  12/29/1826
Richard Singleton Maria Murphy  08/29/1843
Richard Singleton Sally Farris  05/14/1808
Richard Singleton Sarah Eubanks  05/28/1845
Sally Singleton James M Gooch 01/25/1838
Sally Singleton Jesse Reynolds  12/20/1813
Sally Singleton John Allager 01/04/1818
Sara Singleton Robert Gooch 02/11/1839
Sarah Singleton Isaac Camden 06/14/1844
Susanna Singleton Ruben Perkins  05/25/1820
Thomas Singleton Almira Owsley  06/25/1839
William H Singleton Clarissa Cummins  08/16/1841
William R Singleton Lucinda Ray  12/28/1833
William Singleton  Mrs Nancy Pointer  05/26/1841

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