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Hand copied by Bernice Goode at the Lincoln Co. Court House in Stanford, KY

Submitted By:  Carole French DiSanto



Marriage Register Book # 28 Lincoln County Court House, Stanford, Ky

page # 216

March 11, 1898 - Lewis G. Oaks to Sarah M. Rector, by Rev. Ira Partin
at Thomas Rector, Lincoln Co., Wit: Ezra Oaks, D. J. Kidd and Fount Oaks
page # 222
 May 23, 1892?  (bad hand writing)
   J. L. Peck to Fannie Oaks, by J. H. McPherson
at Thomas Oaks, Wit: Ry Ohair, Hollis Carrier
page # 309
 Jan. 7, 1900 - Newton Siler to Laura Oaks, by J. M. Cook
at Matt Oaks in Lincoln Co. Wit: Dick Oaks, Julia Oaks and C. R. Cook
page # 456
 July 23, 1903 - Wm. Oaks to Alberta J. Lunsford, by Thos. L. Lafollett,
at Perryville in Boyle Co. Ky. Wit: E. R. Lunsford, and Edward Oaks and company
page # 28
Feb. 23, 1893 - Martin Rector to Catherine Oaks, by J. M. Cook
at Wm. Oaks in Lincoln County, Wit: Daniel Oaks, Emily Oaks, Fount Oaks
page # 435
March 31, 1903 - Frank Kidd to Maggie Oaks, by Eld. K. D. Noaks,
at James Oaks in Lincoln Co., Wit: Cicero Lay, Rubb or Ruth Petery (bad hand writing)
page # 445
July 13, 1903 - Frank Denny to Mollie Oaks, by Eld. K. D. Noaks
at Joseph Denham, in Lincoln Co. Wit: Chas. Muke? and M. Fruke? (bad hand writting)
page # 197
 Dec 7, 1897  - J. N. Durham to Minnie Oaks, by Eld. K. D. Noaks
at K. D. Noaks in Lincoln Co. Wit: Bonapart Adams and William A. Oaks
page # 186
 Sept. 1, 1897 - J. G. James to Frances Oaks, by A. J. Daugherty
at Jos. Oaks in Lincoln Co. Wit: Ira Partin, T. M. Smith and Ambros Ballard
(my note, J. G. is James Garland James son of John Andrew James and Julia Ann Oaks
Frances Oaks is daughter of Josiah S. Oaks and America Petrey)