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Hand copied by Bernice Goode at the Lincoln Co. Court House in Stanford, KY

Submitted By:  Carole French DiSanto


Marriage Register Book # 5 Lincoln County Court House, Stanford, Ky
Dec. 21, 1858 - Hyram Oaks to Malinda E. James, by J.S. Rynl (Renolds)
at the house of William James, Lincoln Co. Ky
April 1, 1860 - Zachariah Adams to Elizabeth Oaks by T. S. Reynolds
at Adam Oaks. Wit: Thomas Adams, Dann Oaks
Oct. 3, 1860 - W. Wardlow to P. Oaks, by T.W. Napier
at Portman House, Stanford, KY.
( Bernice's note; P. Oaks - first name Priscilla or Polly)
Nov. 18, 1864 - James Oaks to Martha C. Petrey, by A. C. Newland
at Matilda Petreys, Wit: Andy Adams, Green Bennett, E.W. Pleasant
and Elizabeth Song (Bernice's note; way written on book) ( my note; should be Elizabeth Long)
Dec. 24, 1865 - Nelson Petry to Mary Jane Petrey, by Anderson Newland
at James Oaks, Wit: Calvin Anderson, Molizey Adams ( Bernice's note: way it looked)
and Thomas James
Sept. 6, 1866 - Rober Frasier (my note; should be Robert Frazier) to Sarah J. Oaks, by T. J. Hiatt
at (T. J. or F.? ) D. Oaks, Wit: I. Frasier & Elec Frasier
(my note:  Sarah J. Oaks father was Ludwick "Loddy" W. Oaks. so the T. J. or F. could have
been a brother, uncle or other relative.) ( Elec Frasier was most likely Alexander Frasier, brother to Robert
I. Frazier, was Isaac Frazier,  brother to Robert)
Sept. 15, 1864 - Daniel Oaks to Nancy Jane Brown, by J. S. Reynolds
at Tabitia Browns, Wit: Elizabeth Davis, Wm. Davis
May 2, 1868 - Josiah Oaks to Miss America Petrey, by Tl J. Hiatt
at T.( P.or J.) Hiatt, Wit; G. Farmer, Sally Shackelford
page # 140 -
Aug. 6, 1871 - James F. Oaks and Pricscilla J. Powers, by Andrew J. Daugherty
at Bennet Powes in Lincoln Co., Wit: John R. Oaks, James M. Powers and Jasper Siler
page #  141
Dec 16, 1871 - John R. Oaks to Susan Ann Powers, by W. D. Gooch
at Mr. Powers, Wit; Lewis Babb, Josiah Oaks, Green Ballard
page # 153
May 15, 1873 - John A. James to Julia A. Oaks, by Andrew J. Daugherty
at James Oaks, Wit; Jas H. Anderson, Albert S. Oaks, Mary J. Adams, Melia J. Petrey