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All files on this page are from the personal files of Ron Terry   (No email address)

Thanks so much Ron for sharing these Obits!

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Mrs. S. D. McQueen John Meade Janice Moore Boyd Morgan
Walter Munch Cicero Murphy Coakley Murphy Mike Murphy
Harold D. Napier Henry Napier James Naylor Leroy Ollish
Nobel Padgett Newt Perry Minnie Phillips John Price
Lesa Gail Rayborn Rexford and Darrell Reece Dena Reynolds Roy Reynolds
Charles Roberts Dollie Roberts Florence Roberts William Rogers
Bobbie Joe Rowland Coy Seward Samuel Seward Charles Sims
Daniel Sims Estill K Sims Joseph Sims Oscar Sims
Vivian Sims William Sims William Marshall Sims Essie Singleton
Urban Singleton Mary Sizemore Roy Sizemore James Slone
Dessie Smith Grover Smith Clyde Snow Cecil Terry
Raymond Terry Sabra Terry Fred Todd Andrew Wall
Bertie Wall Elmer Wall Jack Wall James Wall
Willie Wall Dorotha Walls W. H. Watts J. J. Wilmot
Charles Yocum Iva Yocum Laura Yocum Lovie York
Linda Young      

McQueen_MrsSD.jpg (345215 bytes)            Meade_John.jpg (380386 bytes)            Moore_Janice.jpg (746804 bytes)            Morgan_Boyd.jpg (388996 bytes)            Munch_Walter.jpg (245621 bytes)

Mrs. S. D. McQueen    John Meade                    Janice Moore                    Boyd Morgan                Walter Munch

Murphy_Cicero.jpg (316111 bytes)            Murphy_Coakley.jpg (320711 bytes)            Murphy_Mike.jpg (356548 bytes)            Rowland_Napier.jpg (662818 bytes)            Napier_Henry.jpg (370259 bytes)

Cicero Murphy                Coakley Murphy            Mike Murphy                Harold D. Napier            Henry Napier

Naylor_James.jpg (355621 bytes)            Ollish_Leroy.jpg (586923 bytes)            Padgett_Nobel.jpg (361218 bytes)            Perry_Newt.jpg (307107 bytes)            Phillips_Minnie.jpg (366130 bytes)

James Naylor                Leroy Ollish                    Nobel Padgett                Newt Perry                    Minnie Phillips

Price_John.jpg (345508 bytes)            Rayborn_Lesa.jpg (284485 bytes)            Reece_Rexford_Darrell.jpg (1213170 bytes)                Reynolds_Dena.jpg (329981 bytes)            Reynolds_Roy.jpg (430125 bytes)

John Price                    Lesa Gail Rayborn        Rexford and Darrell Reece        Dena Reynolds            Roy Reynolds

    Roberts_Charles.jpg (291839 bytes)            Roberts_Dollie.jpg (275991 bytes)            Roberts_Florence.jpg (236354 bytes)              Rogers_William.jpg (334971 bytes)             Rowland_Napier.jpg (662818 bytes)

Charles Roberts            Dollie Roberts                Florence Roberts                William Rogers                Bobbie Joe Rowland

            Seward_Coy.jpg (296798 bytes)            Seward_Samuel.jpg (352098 bytes)            Sims_Charles.jpg (359700 bytes)            Sims_Daniel.jpg (304155 bytes)         Barber_Stan.jpg (803775 bytes)       

               Coy Seward               Samuel Seward                    Charles Sims                 Daniel Sims                  Estill K Sims                  

      Sims_Joseph.jpg (352278 bytes)              Sims_Oscar.jpg (443459 bytes)            Sims_Vivian.jpg (213522 bytes)            Sims_William.jpg (243750 bytes)            Sims_WilliamMarshall.jpg (474882 bytes)                

          Joseph Sims                          Oscar Sims                    Vivian Sims                    William Sims                    William Marshall Sims        

            Singleton_Essie.jpg (274069 bytes)         Singleton_Urban.jpg (337263 bytes)        Sizemore_Mary.jpg (233734 bytes)            Sizemore_Roy.jpg (283640 bytes)            Slone_James.jpg (313768 bytes)                

            Essie Singleton                 Urban Singleton        Mary Sizemore            Roy Sizemore                James Slone                       

       Smith_Dessie.jpg (239883 bytes)                 Smith_Grover.jpg (396410 bytes)                Snow_Clyde.jpg (355780 bytes)             Terry_Cecil.jpg (426503 bytes)            Terry_Raymond.jpg (730646 bytes)                      

          Dessie Smith                           Grover Smith                 Clyde Snow                         Cecil Terry                Raymond Terry                    

           Terry_Sabra.jpg (452509 bytes)         Todd_Fred.jpg (411376 bytes)          Wall_Andrew.jpg (511667 bytes)            Wall_Bertie.jpg (200047 bytes)        Wall_Elmer.jpg (483783 bytes)                                 

                 Sabra Terry                Fred Todd               Andrew Jackson Wall          Bertie Wall                     Elmer Wall                        

    Wall_Jack.jpg (371665 bytes)           Wall_James.jpg (279061 bytes)            Wall_Willie.jpg (356087 bytes)                  Walls_Dorotha.jpg (220742 bytes)               Watts_WH.jpg (372134 bytes)             

     Jack Wall                         James Earl Wall              Willie Wall                      Dorotha Marie Walls            W. H. Watts                  

          Wilmot_JJ.jpg (599232 bytes)          Yocum_Charles.jpg (541262 bytes)            Yocum_Iva.jpg (372919 bytes)                Yocum_Laura.jpg (418500 bytes)                    York_Lovie.jpg (265343 bytes)         

            J. J. Wilmot               Charles Yocum                Iva Sue Yocum                Laura Belle Yocum                  Lovie York                


Young_Linda.jpg (330816 bytes)
Linda Carol Young