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Thanks so much Ron for sharing these Obits!

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Allene S. Austin Wesley Bastin Margaret Bell Dodie Ann Berry
M. M. Caldwell Biddie Carroll Clarence O. Daugherty  Master Ronnie Lynn Daughtery
A. M. Davenport Fred W. Davis Laurie Dolly Davis Nancy Dye
Thomas Wesley Eades Mary Belle Elliott Lucille Floyd Kenneth Francis
James E. Gibson Ernest Gipson Sr. Lena B. Gipson Anna Gooch
Arthur "Dutch" Gooch Cornelia Floyd Gooch Mima Gooch Rebecca Gooch
Charles W. Gourley Jerry Glenn Graham Chester Hamilton Sarah Hasty
Edna Henry John W. Hevner Judy Hevner Dewey Houp
Frank Howard C. A. Jenkins Harvey Jenkins Kenneth Jenkins, Sr.
Mrs. C. A. Jenkins Sarah Jenkins W. H. Jenkins Goebel Jones
Hutsy Jones Rose Lee Jones Irene Kirby Anna Murphy Leach
Forch Leach Cloyd Leigh, Sr. Hance Leigh Ruth Leigh


Austin_Allene.jpg (288740 bytes)                    Bastin_Wesley.jpg (368379 bytes)                Bell_Margaret.jpg (416011 bytes)                Berry_DodieAnn.jpg (254392 bytes)                Caldwell_MM.jpg (354624 bytes)    
Allene S. Austin                         Wesley Bastin                    Margaret Bell                  Dodie Ann Berry              M. M. Caldwell


Carroll_Biddie.jpg (468184 bytes)            Daugherty_Clarence.jpg (125769 bytes)                        Daugherty_Clarence2.jpg (338851 bytes)                    Daugherty_Ronnie.jpg (268254 bytes)            Davenport_AM.jpg (410106 bytes)
Biddie Carroll                Clarence Daugherty                   Clarence Daugherty                Ronnie Daugherty        A. M. Davenport


Davis_Fred.jpg (375073 bytes)            Davis_Laurie.jpg (763535 bytes)                        Dye_Nancy.jpg (360810 bytes)                    Eades_Thomas2.jpg (640557 bytes)                Elliott_Mary.jpg (352899 bytes)
Fred W. Davis                Laurie Dolly Davis                     Nancy Dye                          Thomas WesleyEades          Mary Belle Elliott    


Floyd_Lucille.jpg (558906 bytes)            Francis_Kenneth.jpg (372286 bytes)                        Gibson_James.jpg (510100 bytes)                 Gipson_Ernest.jpg (33028 bytes)                  Gipson_Lena.jpg (56749 bytes)
Lucille Floyd                    Kenneth Francis                James E "Red" Gibson                Ernest Gipson                       Lena Gipson


Gooch_Anna.jpg (446489 bytes)            Gooch_CorneliaFloyd_Arthur.jpg (334458 bytes)                Gooch_Mima.jpg (365330 bytes)                    Gooch_Rebecca.jpg (414607 bytes)                    Gourley_Charles2.jpg (204231 bytes)
Anna Gooch            Cornelia and Arthur Gooch         Mima Gooch                        Rebecca Gooch                 Charles W. Gourley   


Graham_Jerry.jpg (274204 bytes)            Hamilton_Chester.jpg (370456 bytes)                  Hasty_Sarah.jpg (403237 bytes)                  Henry_Edna.jpg (374470 bytes)                Hevner_Judy.jpg (385318 bytes) 
Jerry Glenn Graham     Chester Hamilton                     Sarah Hasty                        Edna Henry                      John W. Hevner 


Hevner_Judy.jpg (385318 bytes)            Houp_Dewey.jpg (322545 bytes)               Howard_Frank.jpg (308843 bytes)                  Jenkins_CA.jpg (388336 bytes)                   Jenkins_Harvey.jpg (190374 bytes)
Judy Hevner                      Dewey Houp                   Frank Howard                      C. A. Jenkins                         Harvey Jenkins


Jenkins_Kenneth.jpg (329276 bytes)            Jenkins_MrsCA.jpg (335956 bytes)                Jenkins_Sarah.jpg (217142 bytes)                Jenkins_WH.jpg (118444 bytes)                Jones_Goebel.jpg (358562 bytes)
Kenneth Jenkins            Mrs. C. A. Jenkins                Sarah Jenkins                    W. H. Jenkins                    Goebel Jones


Jones_Hutsy.jpg (95921 bytes)            Jones_Rose.jpg (376132 bytes)            Kirby_Irene.jpg (397475 bytes)                    Leach_AnnaMurphy.jpg (382037 bytes)                    Leach_Forch.jpg (583173 bytes)
Hutsy Jones                    Rose Lee Jones                Irene Kirby                      Anna Murphy Leach                  Forch N. Leach


Leigh_Cloyd.jpg (253919 bytes)            Leigh_Hance.jpg (414156 bytes)            Leigh_Ruth.jpg (380851 bytes)  
       Lloyd Leigh, Sr.            Hance Leigh                    Ruth Leigh