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Submitted By: Kelly Murray

Adkins and Walls Photos


I came across your site while researching my own family from Lincoln Co. I know I have a lot of cousins in Lincoln and Boyle Co's. 
still and I thought these photo's may be nice for someone researching the Adkins family. 

I do not know the years these photos were taken, but I do believe they were from the early 20's for my great grandparents and 
early/mid 30's for my grandparents.  I have other pictures of William and Susie, as well as their 6 boys and two girls (One of which is 
Mary Helen, my mother) If there is any interest or requests. I know all of my uncles with the exception of two had/have children in and 
around Lincoln Co. So there may be some interest. 

 Frank G. Adkins apparently came to Lincoln Co from Union Co TN. I have this information from the RootsWeb Message boards. 
I know very little of their story, which is why I'm doing research of my own now. 
The lovely lady Would be Mary E. Adkins, who's maiden 
name was Dyehouse, of Lincoln Co.  
These are my great Grandparents through my grandfather William (Bill) Adkins Sr. 

John Walls is my great Grandfather via my grandmother Susie Adkins. 

Mary Dink Walls (maiden name Falconberry) is my Great grandmother and Susie's mother 

William (Bill) Adkins Sr and Susie Adkins are my grandparents 


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