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Submitted By:  Terry Carroll




Arch Green (my Great Grandfather)                                        Caroline Virginia Green ( my Great Grandmother)
B: September 13, 1856  Bell Co Ky                                                  B: March 8, 1868 Campbell Co Tenn
D: October 3, 1925 Lincoln Co Ky                                                     D: February 26, 1939 Lincoln Co Ky  




                Washington Christopher Carroll                                          Bernice Mae Carroll  Biddie Green Carroll                                         Biddie Green Carroll 
               (my grandfather)                                                                    ( my aunt, daughter of Wash & Biddie)                                                 ( My Grandmother)  
B: December 11, 1892 Lincoln County Kentucky                                 B: July 16, 1931 Lincoln County Kentucky                        B: October 1891 Bell County Kentucky  
  D: January 16, 1953 Hamilton County Ohio                                     D: January 28, 1944 Lincoln County Kentucky                    D: February 1, 1956 Lucas County Ohio


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