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Submitted By: Ellen Singleton Vandiver


Obituary of Hugh Jackson Singleton


Hugh Jackson Singleton was born June 18, 1846 in Lincoln Co., KY and died in Merino, Colo., January 11, 1919, aged 71 years 6 months, and --- days.  When about fifteen years of age he moved with his parents to the state of Missouri.  It was there that he met Miss Elmira Grove, to whom he was married May 13, 1874.  The couple moved to Kansas, from which state they moved to Merino in October, ----.  This move was made in the interest of Mr. Singleton's health. 

He is survived by his wife, four sons, one daughter, two sisters and one brother, besides a host of friends in the various places where he has lived of late years. 

Mr. Singleton united with the church about thirty years ago, and since that time has lived a high type of christian life.  Being of a cheerful disposition and a kindly nature, he will be missed for long by his many friends in Merino. 

Rev. I. L. Morgan who conducted the funeral services at the church here Tuesday morning said in part: 

"A long time ago, a wise man said as recorded in the book of Proverbs, the 16th chapter and 31st verse "The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness."  Life seems to be full of pitfalls for the unwary traveler and many there be who fall therein, before they have gone far in the pathway of life.  Sin, the great enemy of mankind, is at work in the world and unholy passions conspire to keep folks on the down grade.  Pain and sorrow so often work together to embitter life, destroy its charm and deprive it of the joy and blessing that rightly belongs thereto.  We find that life is either a warfare or a base surrender to these things. 

The righteous life is the overcoming life:  the life that has triumphantly met conflict.  So then the hoary head, which is an indication of a life that is farspent, becomes, for the one who has lived the overcoming life a veritable "crown of glory."  Such was the life of Mr. Singleton.  A loving husband and parent, a generous neighbor and friend, a consistant christian and gentlemen, his was indeed an overcoming life.   

In truth death -----------.  It is the passing ----- its just reward, where the --- and inequalities of life are --- right;  where sorrow is --- and the work of sin is unknown.  Something of this must have been in the mind of the author of our text when he wrote "a hoary head is a crown of glory if it be found in the way of righteousness."  Paul must have had much the same thought when he wrote, "O death, where they sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?  The strength of death is sin ***but thanks be to God which giveth us the victory --- our Lord Jesus Christ." 

May we tho are here this morning take new courage and here renew our determination and go out and fight more valiantly the battles of life.  And when we come to the end of our way may we be found worthy not only to wear the crown of glory but also to enter into that which has no ending, and which lived with God."


            A POEM 

Sacred to the memory of H. Singleton, by his former pastor LaFayette Church, Nodaway, Mo., Rev. E. A. Campbell 

Dear Uncle Hugh, thou art no more
A friend we all call Death
Has called thee to a higher ----
E'en in one single breath. 

Thou wert a friend indeed on ea
But with the angels thou dost
Secure from all alarming care,
The Saviour's love to tell,

 How firm, secure was all thy try
Free from all world engrossing
Thou canst now see thy savior
And, dwell forever there. 

We mourn thy loss, but Heaven's
Dear to the wife, thou ------
Is all thy sacred memory
For she is left bereft 

Above the earth and earthly things
We all shall meet thee there above
With Christ forever there to dwell
Forever in His love

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