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Lyon County Queries Old 2

Lyon County Queries Queries Old 2

John George
I am seeking any information on my great-grandfather, BAYLEY MARHAM GEORGE. He was born August of 1853 and married Mary Ellen Hardin, they are buried at the Union Missionary Baptist Church or Midway Cemetary outside Marion. Ky. Any info. would be greatly appreciated as above is all I have at this point. Thank You. Mon Jun 19 16:57:50 2000

Susan McShane
Would like info on Jefferson B. Bohanon. He is buried in Lee-Dodd cemetery. Fought possibly in the Mexican War. Unknown first wife, child from this union was James(my ancester)Second wife was Mary telitha Nickell, and third wife was Sarah. Fri Jun 2 09:06:19 2000

Rebecca Allison
Looking for info for Samuel S. West,Born 1848 TN , Died 1929. He was married to Nancy R. Stone-b.1848-died 6-20-1935. They are buried in the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Eddyville, Lyon County ,KY.Samuel died a retired Baptist Preacher. William Washington West b-12-8-1875 d-2-23-1959.Married Ellen Rose Fitts These are my GGrandparents. Robert Shelly West is my Grandfather He was B-10-9-1901,Lyon County,D-6-4-1963.Where did everyone end up? Where did William & Ellen move to OK and where did Ellen Die?Her and William are both buried at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church . What happen to the sibblings of Robert ? Any info would be appericated . Thank-You Rebecca

Judy Kem
I am looking for any information on Susan P. Hale (1859-1934) who married Joseph F. Kem (1856-1927) on December 2, 1879, specifically her parents' full names. I think her parents' names were John Hale and Susan Oliver. However, there were quite a few John Hales & Susan Olivers. Their dates?? Susan P's siblings?? I think she had a brother, also named John.

Connie Forsythe <>
I am search for any and all information on John Lee Sr. who married Stella Howell they had 4 sons. John is my granduncle. He was in World War 1 and returned to Lyons County after the war.His mother's name was Viola White-Lee-Wiles his father was James Thomas Lee, they divorced and Viola took John with her leaving 3sons and a daughter with James ,contact was lost for 50 years, John was 73 when him his bothers were reunited. Any help would be appreciated. Tue May 23 13:01:43 2000

Stanley Stanko
It's been a couple of years since I have asked for this information, Now that we have more people interested in geneology in Lyon County, Maybe our new comers can help me, looking for Davis and Holloway primarily from Princeton. any information will be helpful. Sun May 21 17:50:20 2000

Walter Tarnow
Heretofor, I have been searching for information concerning my g-g- grandmother. I had listed her name as ANNA DOOM. It has just come to my attention that evidently she re-married and had her name as ANNA DOOMS OWEN. Notice that there is an "S" adden to the name DOOM. I seek any information on this new situation. I visited her some 60 odd years ago and she lived, at that time, in Kuttawa, KY. I especially need to know if there was an issue from the second marrage, namely, a girl. Sat May 20 19:52:11 2000

Julia Cheatham-Kimble
Looking for relatives of Grandfather ,Green Richard Cheatham and Mattie Crowder Hollowell Cheatham. My grandparents lived in Eddysville in 1920`s and 1930`s . Green was Baptist minister. Mattie died in 1930`s. Had 5 children,Hardin, Richard, Morris, Rowena and Beryl Lee. Wed May 17 22:19:43 2000

Jim Fowler
On the 1910 Lyon County Census, my grandfather William Garrett Fowler and most of his neighbors are listed as working at (what looks like) Cooling Woods. Does anyone have any info on Cooling Woods??? Thank you. Tue May 16 18:53:42 2000

Vivienne Rowe
I am looking for a town call Euikea, that where I've been told my grandmother, BOBBIE LEE FLEMING was born. Have anyone heard of it,was there a town with that name at one time. My grandmother was born in 1899. Father was ROBERT LEE FLEMING, mother was ELVIRA YATE.

Brenda Hudson
Trying to find the marriage information for Hiram Fulks and Jane(unknown). Would like the date and Jane's last name. It was in the late 1850's in Lyon Co. or Caldwell Co. Mon May 1 10:14:37 2000

Beth Wells
Any info about the before mentioned families would be greatly appreciated. Sun Apr 30 15:04:20 2000

Sue King
Need parents of James H. Prewett who lived in CaldwellCo. and Died in Lyon Co. in 1895. Buried at New Bethel Cemetary in Lyon Co. James was born Oct.22,1819 in Virginia. Married Mary A. Turley daughter of John and Margaret Turley. James H. had at least ten children. 692 Orleans Lane ,Calvert City,Ky.42029 Fri Apr 28 21:02:45 2000

Kaye Woomack
I am trying to find any information on the following: James B. Brummitte and Rosie Waters. They were married in Lyon Co. on Dec 6, 1896. I do not know anything other than this little bit of info. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanx, Kaye Tue Apr 18 00:57:12 2000

Walter Setliff
I am searching for what ever information I can obtain on my great-grandmother. I have hername listed as ANNA DOOM. Some listings show her name as DOOMS.She was born in 1855 in Lyon, Ky. I have information that she was married to JOHN ALLEN SETLIFF on September 2, 1875. I wish to know when she died, where a death certificate might be obtained, where she might be buried. Was she ever divorced from JOHN ALLEN SETLIFF, I think she was as I show him having a second wife. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Wed Apr 12 15:04:12 2000

Brenda Hudson
Looking for information on Noah FULKS. Born about 1804 in Va. Listed in Caldwell co. from 1830 to 1850 and Eddyville area in Lyon co. in 1860. Sun Apr 9 10:42:13 2000

Nancy Westrell
Seeking information on John David MCNATT, Sr. (1830-1913) of Marshall County, KY - married Nancy Lee OLIVE MCNATT (1839-1928) - children Kittie, Benjamin, Mary Elizabeth Emline, Henry Olive, Minnie May, and John David, Jr. Particularly need information re: John D., Sr., parents, siblings - where he was born. Nancy Lee Westrell, 4434 Blaisdell Ave., Minneapolis MN 55409 - Fri Mar 31 12:17:50 2000

Scott Carter
Please give me any info you may have on ancestors or other family connected with the below family. Thanks. JOHN WESLEY CAMPBELL, son of THOMAS BENIRE CAMPBELL and MARY ELIZABETH BRYARS, was born December 17, 1848, and died October 22, 1907. He married MARY CATHERINE DAY October 13, 1871, daughter of ALPHEUS DAY and JANE CRUTCHFIELD. Children of JOHN CAMPBELL and MARY DAY are: i. ELIZABETH JANE3 CAMPBELL, b. November 11, 1872; d. December 21, 1959. ii. MARY FRANCES CAMPBELL, b. December 05, 1873; d. August 07, 1956. iii. MARGARET ADA CAMPBELL, b. August 11, 1875, Clinton, Kentucky; d. June 12, 1961, East St. Louis, Illinois. iv. THOMAS NELSON CAMPBELL, b. June 12, 1877; d. March 06, 1955, Jerseyville, Illinois. v. ALBERT LEE CAMPBELL, b. February 03, 1879; d. October 16, 1948, Kentucky; m. ALICE PRICE. vi. SARAH ASLEY QALEL CAMPBELL, b. September 18, 1880, Kentucky; d. June 16, 1957; m. WILLIAM THOMAS MOORE. vii. VERGIA LANORA CAMPBELL, b. October 19, 1882; d. November 13, 1959. viii. JOHN SILVESTOR CAMPBELL, b. December 12, 1884; d. November 28, 1907, Kentucky. ix. UTA CALASTIA CAMPBELL, b. January 18, 1887; d. October 25, 1907, Arkansas. x. GEORGIA OLIA CAMPBELL, b. March 22, 1888; d. 1967. xi. ANDREW JACKSON CAMPBELL, b. December 30, 1889; d. July 29, 1910, Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas. xii. HETTIE LAVERNE CAMPBELL, b. June 18, 1892; d. June 25, 1944. xiii. INUS BELLE CAMPBELL, b. November 05, 1894; d. November 03, 1895, Arkansas. xiv. CASA MAY CAMPBELL, b. September 24, 1896; d. August 26, 1897, Kentucky. Please contact me at if you find any of this to be incorrect.

Jerry Freeman
I am a direct descendant of James B. Freeman 1859-1939 and Emma Freeman 1869- 1948?. Father of Clyde Freeman 1891- 1955?, grandfather of Jewell C. Freeman. Would appreciate any information. Thanks. Jerry C. Freeman Thu Apr 6 21:11:41 2000

Wade Kingston
I am trying to find out when my grandfather (Calvin Hammons or it may have been spelled HAMMONDS) and my grandmother Ester Scott Hammons were married. the DATE. It would have been around 1919 I think. Wed Mar 29 14:17:50 2000

Katy Whittington
I am looking for the MILLER family in Lyon County. The appear as follows in the 1860 Lyon County census: Alexander Miller 58 Born Tennessee Lydia Miller 58 Born Tennessee John W. Miller 16 Born Arkansas Sara Thompson 18 Born Arkansas Alexander and Lydia also had a son named Ambrose B. Miller, I am certain he is also in the 1860 census, but have not been able to locate he or his family. They also had two other daughter, Armilda Miller who married John Duncan, and Julia Miller who married William Stevens. Am desperate to find any of the above, but Ambrose is my brickwall during this time frame.

Danny Bennett
I need any information about the Bennett family in Lyon County. I know that they are linked to the Doom and Lyon families. The time frame would be 1900-1950.

Marvin Winters
My Ggrandfather was Thomas Winters. He is buried in Providence Cemetery, in Lyon County. His first wife was Jane Duncan who was my ggrandmother. I am asking about John Winters, his father, and my gggrandfather. He was married to Matilda Duval. Is anyone researching this family? Rusty Winters Sat Mar 11 13:53:49 2000

Lynn Williams
I am looking for any information for MARTHA SANFORD BRYANT BLAND. She was the daughter of Littleton Sanford, and was possibly born in Virginia. She eventually ended up in the TODD, TRIG, LYON Counties in Ky. She married William Baker Bryant in 1868 and had four children. After his death, she married Alexander Bland and they had twin sons. Anyone find this familiar? Lynn

janet gatewood
John Henry Gatewood b.1870 wife Martha Florence Yates b.1876 son Jim Edward Gatewood b.1910 in Lyon Co. Mail: Janet Gatewood, 622 West Walnut, Walnut Ridge,Ar 72476 Thu Mar 2 10:23:42 2000

glenda purcell
william samuel haney, married to lisa jane or(lila sity) darnell in the 1800. dau. lou e. dau. edna m. son vernal m. son wallace d. son luther richard haney, who is my father he married marget ryan of livingston co. Tue Feb 22 21:52:37 2000

Adrion & Frances Osborne
Looking for information on gg-grandfather. I was first told his name was Sylvester than Charles now I hear it was Sylvias Brewer. Well who ever he may have been I want more information. I know he married Lorenda (Wendy) Ingles. They had the following children: Ash Brewer Sarah Brewer md "Press" McIntosh Pop Brewer Margaret Lucreita Brewer (7/1885-6/1970) md. David Gip Nolan d. Daisy Nolan md. Homer Osborne (my grandparents) John Brewer (4/1888-4/1970) Ellen Brewer (12/1892-6/6/1992) Roxie Brewer (1/1897-2-28-1964) 2nd mg. Tilford Young Ray Bud Brewer All I know is that they were all from Kentucky. May be that they came form Lyon Co. Any information I can get will help me tremendously! Thank You Adrion & Frances Osborne

Joe Mitchell
INformation needed on William J. Mitchell (Know as Fiddlin Billy) Bo Jan.08,1828,Died November 05,1912.Married 0n May 25,1858 to Pernacy(Necie-nickname)Harris Born in Logan Co.Ky in 1834 and Died April 25,1914,They lived most of there life in Lyon Co near the county lines of Caldwell and Lyon Counties,near Dry Fork Creek Area. They had the following children,Mollie,Nora M.,Lou or Louisa,Mattie,Elisa,John C.,and James Tinsley Mitchell.

Michael Oliver
Need any information on Nathan OLIVER or Levin (Levi, Leaven, Leven) OLIVER. This OLIVER line was originally from MD, then moved to VA, before ending up in Lyon Co - Caldwell Co, KY. Any information would be much appreciated. Wed Jan 26 23:02:20 2000

Joan McCarty
i am doing research on the McCarty and Cash families of Lyon and Caldwell County from the mid l800's to 2000. I would like to correspond with anyone doing the same. Wed Jan 12 08:46:16 2000

Robert Doughty
DODGE Marshall County I am looking for information about my great grandparents on my father's side. Their names are Charlie Dodge(1880-1946)and Commie Scott Dodge (Sep 26 1880-??1957) They were married in Marshall County on 3 Dec 1899. They are buried at Dees Cemetery on HYY 95. I am looking for more information on them. Their parent's names (birth-death dates) their children's names (birth-death dates) and any other general information known.

Dottie Rudd
I am looking for information pertaining to my greatgrandmother Mary Ausenbaugh Shahan. I've been told she married David Daniel Shahan in Lyon Co. in 1877.

B.David Duncan
Looking for any connection or history of the 15th Calnvry Reginment, Union Army, organized at Ownesbourough, Kentucky on October 1862. My ancestor, John R. Duncan, son of Elihu C. Duncan, both of Eddyville, joined this unit. I believe John's brother, Andrew stayed around home and fount with his neighbors on the Confedrated side. I would like to know more about anyone else from the Eddyville area that might have joined this unit with John R. Duncan. The Riley's were related to this family by marriage. Contact me at

Trisha Hanna
trying to locate any information on John Baker who married Jane Ward. Their son was Tobieth Jonathan Baker who married Lucy Sutherland. Wed Dec 29 16:01:40 1999

Trisha Hanna
trying to locate any information on John Baker who married Jane Ward. Their son was Tobieth Jonathan Baker who married Lucy Sutherland. Wed Dec 29 16:01:40 1999

Mary Powers
Additions to the Peter Hildreth/Sarah Vaughn family: Child 11. Nancy V. Hildreth, m William D. Scott Child 12. Sally Hildreth, m William C McPherson The Hildreths lived in the Eddyville/Kuttawa area from the early 1800s. Fri Dec 24 04:10:00 1999

Mary Powers
Looking for the descendants of Peter Hildreth who married Sarah Vaughn 20 Oct 1804 in Livingston County. Children: 1. Malinda Hildreth b 23 Jan 1805, m Wm Atkinson 2. Preston M. Hildreth b ca 1811, m Minerva Jane Love 3. John V. Hildreth b ca 1812, m1 Agnes P blick, m2 Mary Fleming 4. Charlotte Hildreth b ca 1815, m John W Krone 5. William W Hildreth b 4 Jan 1816, m Nancy C Fleming 6. Mary B. Hildreth b ca 1822, m Harvey Doom 7. Dorcas C. Hildreth b ca 1827 8. Harriet A Hildreth b ca 1831 9. Lucinda Hildreth, m. Thomas Holder 10. Margaret Hildreth, m Elwood Soden Fri Dec 24 03:52:18 1999

Billy Hancock
I am re-posting this query because of errors I had in the births of Allie and Laura OLIVER, submitted on 12/13/99. I need help in identifying my OLIVER ancestors. This OLIVER household consisted of unknown first named husband, born in Kentucky, unknown first name mother, born in Illinois. Three children were born to the OLIVER family; a son Lee, born 1886 and two daughters Allie, born about 1890 and Laura, born about 1893. The parents died about 1896 and the children were raised by relatives. Laura, my grandmother, is found in 1910 in Dunklin Co., MO in the household of Robert & Miranda (Veatch) OLIVER. Allie was reportedly raised by her grandparents - paternal or maternal I don't know. It is not known where or by whom Lee was taken in. Any help in identifying Lee OLIVER, Allie OLIVER or Laura OLIVER between 1890 & 1910 would be greatly appreciated. I am Billy Hancock, Sun Dec 19 20:16:46 1999

I need help in identifying my OLIVER ancestors. This OLIVER household consisted of unknown first named husband, born in Kentucky, unknown first name mother, born in Illinois. Three children were born to the OLIVER family; a son Lee, born 1886 and two daughters Allie, born about 1900 and Laura, born about 1904. The parents died about 1896 and the children were raised by relatives. Laura, my grandmother, is found in 1910 in Dunklin Co., MO in the household of Robert & Miranda (Veatch) OLIVER. Allie was reportedly raised by her grandparents - paternal or maternal I don't know. It is not known where or by whom Lee was taken in. Any help in identifying Lee OLIVER, Allie OLIVER or Laura OLIVER between 1890 & 1910 would be greatly appreciated. I am Billy Hancock, Mon Dec 13 19:41:12 1999

Margaret Hale
Would like information on my g grandmother, Mary Jane Jackson (daughter of John White Jackson) m. Milton Grace Young (my g grandfather) 12-15 Dec 1864 probably in Lyon or Caldwell County. Their children Charles W. m. Willie Stone, Walter Francis (my grandfather) m. Eulah Avolina Rice, Rosa Mae, m. Alex Hamilton, J. Robert m. Gusta Lance Bell, Jane Ann, died young. 17 Nov 1876 Milton Grace m. Mary L.A. Dobson. My question is what happened to Mary Jane Jackson Young? When did she die and where is she buried? Tue Dec 14 22:57:27 1999

sylvia evans-witte
New address for information regarding any families of Wadlington Descendant's and their heirs. New resident address: #40 Opalochee Drive, Cherokee Village, AR 72529 Ph# 870-257-2075.

Mary Rice
Appreciate any information on the following: Sudie Margaret Young b. 3/20/1889 d.4/18/1961, her parents were Samuel A. Young and Susan Margaret Campbell d.12/4/1928, all born Lyon Co. Also Robert Tanner, his wife Mary Olivia Young b.8/27/1856 d.3/21/1923, and their son, Charles Edward Tanner. Thu Nov 25 22:19:14 1999

Cecil Jenkins
Searching for information on the following person in Lyon Co. E.V. Bertram circa 1907-1910 may have used the name Ernest. Supposedly an inmate of the prison during that time. Wed Nov 24 16:11:31 1999

Diane Zea
Any information on Leonard Teague. I believe he was born around 1901. He had at least two brothers. Denny and Leamon. He had at least 3 daughters, Kathryn, Edna, Louise. He was married to a woman named Jesse. Any information on Leonard's family or the woman he married would be so appreciated.

Trish Milburn
I'm researching my father's maternal side and would appreciate any help. Here's the information I have: Tylene (DRIVER) Cash married Clarence Gilbert Cash in 1937, the second marriage for both of them. Tylene (my grandmother) had been married to Freeman Curnel but got divorced. Tylene was born in 1910 and died in 1981. Her parents were John Driver and Nellie SHAHAN (SHEAHAN?). Tylene and Gilbert lived in the Lola community of Livingston County at the time of their deaths. Tylene had two sisters, Jessie and Ora, and a brother, Shelley. Mon Nov 15 17:52:14 1999

Patty Thompson
I'm looking for info off the 1910 census of Lyon County, Ky. I'm looking for Napolean & Jane(Sanders) Kingston. They had a son Benjamin Kingston born Aug. 9, 1900 in Lyon County, Ky. Thu Nov 4 18:15:20 1999

Patty Thompson
I'm looking for info off the 1910 census of Lyon County, Ky. I'm looking for Lorenzo Dowel & Mary Virgina(Sexton)Kellems. They had a daughter Mary Louiza Kellems born June 10, 1903 in Lyon County,Ky.They might have lived at Macedonia or nearby. Thu Nov 4 18:21:52 1999

Lori U
Looking for Samuel Finis MITCHELL born abt. 1861 in Lyon Co.? Kentucky. Parents & siblings unknown. Died in 1892 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Hoping one of his children's names is a "family name". All children born in OK. Spouse: Maggie Holland Children: James Lafayette, Samuel Florence, Lula Mae, Maude Glatha, Bertie Charles, Jackson Moses Lots of info to share Lori in Michigan Fri Oct 29 04:59:56 1999

Chris Travis
I am looking for any info on Thomas Benjamin Travis b. 10-18-1849. married Sara Banks on 1-20-1870. Thankyou Wed Oct 27 13:13:25 1999

Andrea Hampton
Seek info on Rev. James Woodson of Eddyville, Ky prior to 1920. Son of Rev. W.H. Woodson from Central City, Ky area. James had sister named Mary Ellen Woodson....who later married a Wyatt Dickerson. Any info much appreciated.

Paula Pegues
Am trying to find information on a cemetery where my gr gr grandmother, Sarah E. Cunningham Campbell was buried. Her obit says the cemetery was "nestled in the side of Vista Ridge Park at Kuttawa" KY but I do not have the name of the cemetery. Looking up Kuttawa led me to Lyon County. She was buried in 1900. Does anyone recognize the cemetery this describes? Many thanks - Paula Pegues Tue Oct 19 21:42:43 1999

Marilee Morgan
I am looking for any informmation on Forsythes and Timmons of.Lyon Co.Will Timmons and Lucy Forsythe married Jan.1906.I have all their children,but would like some info on their parents and brothers or sisters.They lived in Lyon and all their children were born there.Lucy died in 1926 and Will died in 1929.Any help would be appreciated. Sat Oct 16 18:10:12 1999

Randy Maddox
Am the great great grandson of Edwin & Annie Brennen McCoy. They ran a general store, grist mill, blacksmith shop and post office at the former site of Mont, Kentucky (woodson chapel}. Great grandparents were Willie & Ellen McCoy Bridges. Grandmother is Daisy Pearle Bridges Scillion. Any information or photos, especially of the old store, church, school, etc. would be great! Mon Sep 27 23:20:54 1999

Maggie Odom-Duncan
Ihave a David J. Holder married Sarah A. Sanders. They had a daughter named Mary Jane Holder - Mary Jane is my Great Grandmother. I have found nothing else on the Holder family at all - I really need help- I will share what I have on all the rest of the family if someone can help . Thank you,

Dixie Nichols
I'm seeking any information about the Fox family. My great- grandfather was J.E.(Edmund)Fox, married to Nellie Jeffords. There is also an "Uncle John." That's about all I know. Any more information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Tue Sep 21 08:08:24 1999

Victor Stateler
I'm looking for info on James Salyer, born in 1853. Married Sarah Raper in 1878

Lexie Tomas
I'm looking for John C. BIRDSONG'S wife Sarah E.----- to fill in some blanks. They were in the 1860 census of Lyon Co in Eddyville. She must have died but I cannot find him and his family in 1870. I do find him in Ark by the 1880 census with his 2nd wife Anna Eliza Cail and family in Ark. John and Sarah's children were Geo W,Jesse H,Nancy E, and James H. Thanks.

Peggy Gilkey
Searching for parents in Lyon Co., Ky. of Robert W. GRAY b.7 June 1851- d.1929 married Sara GEORGE b.24 May 1853- d.July 1929 Any CLUES appreciated. Thank You Peggy Gilkey Mon Sep 13 21:54:38 1999

David Croft
George A Fisher, b 1885, trying to locate his parents, belive father was Van(sp?)

Richard Humphreys
Looking for information on Richard Lee Humphreys and Yourah Ann Leaver who lived in Kuttawa around the turn of the century. Two known children: Richard Lee "Arlee" Humphreys and "G." Humphreys. Thanks!! Sat Sep 4 03:42:08 1999

Dave Oliver
Seeking info re: descendants of John Oliver listed on 1830 census Caldwell Co. KY. Thanks Dave Oliver

Dave Oliver
Seeking info re: descendants of Thomas L. Oliver listed on 1830 census Caldwell Co. KY. Thanks Dave Oliver

Maggie Odom-Duncan
I need info on Samuel Duncan or Asahel Duncan who had a daughter named Nat Ellen Duncan. Also a map of Bethleham Cem Between the rivers? Mon Aug 23 10:46:07 1999

Maggie Duncan
I need any family of Matthew Yates Jr. or Sr.'s family - I have some names but not not know if these are all children or not:
1. Edward Yates married Josie ?
2. Sarah E. Yates
3. Arthur D. Yates died young
4. William James Yates married Blanche Gray
5. Mary Ann Yates married William Richard Strickland *
* These are my great-grandparnets
6. Van B. Yates
7. Lessie Willis Yates died young
8. Matthew Scobie Yates
9. Jacob Scoby Yates
10. Walter Yates
11. Jeff D. Yates
Matthew Polk Yates , Jr. born May 10, 1853 died Oct 23, 1917 Buried at Dooms Cem. Lyon Co., married Mary C. Gaines she was called "Dus", her father was J.P. Gaines - that is all I have on ther father but her mother was Charlotte Doom & I have lots on the Dooms. Matthew Polk Yates father was Matthew Yates also & his mother was Ailcey Hayes
I will share all I have with anyone.
Thanks Maggie

Paula Viniard
looking for william w holland and wife sarah parents of young e holland. young e holland married elsie riley dau of dan and cora riley. young was born 1889. i know william and sarah are in bethleham cem. but this is all i know of them. also looking for any infr on dan or cora riley. Mon Aug 16 17:08:27 1999

Lyon Evans, Jr.
Hello. I am a direct descendent of Matthew Lyon and have just created a Matthew Lyon web page. You can access it at: For fun I entered "Matthew Lyon" as a keywords on a search engine and you turned up. I previously found a Lyon County web site which informed me, contrary tomy belief, that Lyon County was named not after Matthew but rather after his son Chittenden. I have also heard from family members that the original Eddyville in Lyon County is now under water, having been flooded when Cumberland River was dammed to crate Kentucky Lake. I'm wondering if you verify whether this is true. If so, what happened to the graves in the Eddyville cemetery, including those of Matthew Lyon (he was reburied in Eddyville in 1833, having died in Arkansas in 1822) and his daughter Laura (Lorraine), the first person buried in the Eddyville cemetery? Any other information about the Lyons in Lyon County would be greatly appreciated. Do you know of any Lyon descendents living in the area? Thanks very much for any assistance you can give me. Sincerely, Lyon D. Evans, Jr./Professor and Chair, dept. of English/Viterbo College/ 815 South Ninth St./ La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601. Mon Aug 9 00:04:48 1999

Julia Mortenson
I have posted the Ira O. MADDOX Bible record at this website: He was married to Mary Viola SANDERS 1875 in Marshall Co. and was the son of John W. MADDOX who died 1895 in Marshall Co., KY. I would like to share information about the MADDOX, SANDERS, NOE, Bazwell HOLLAND, Joe O. JOHNSTON, families, all of Trigg/Marshall Counties. Thanks. Julia Maddox, Mortenson, 4545 Old Caldwell Mill Rd., Birmingham AL 35242

Darleen Norwood
Could someone send me the names of cemeteries in the Grand Rivers area? Information I have received indicates my Grandfather, John Cummings, was buried at Grand Rivers in August 1917. According to his death certificate,his remains were sent there. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I hope I am correct that Grand Rivers is in Lyon County. Mon Aug 2 15:06:42 1999

Doug Showalter
I am seeking information on the following families which had numerous ties to Lyon Co., KY. JOHN W. O'BRYAN [b: abt 1815, NC], a school teacher, and his wife Mary had a son, JOHN WINFRY H. O'BRYAN [b: 1847 Livingston Co., KY], who married (1) MARTHA S. RHODES on 2 March 1869 in Trigg Co., KY. Martha [b: 1847, Trigg Co., KY] was the daughter of Thomas Rhodes and Elizabeth J. Doles of Trigg Co. John married (2) Mrs. Almenzie Morris and (3) Mrs. Fanny Sutton. John died 11 January 1933 at Briensburg precinct of Marshall Co., KY and is buried at Newby Cemetery in Lyon Co., KY. Martha may be buried there too. The children of John Winfry H. O'Bryan and his wife Martha Rhodes are said to have been: --Thomas Whelus O'Bryan [b: 20 February 1870, KY] who married Kate Murray --STEPHEN WINFRY O'BRYAN [b: 9 February 1873/4 in Eddyville, Lyon Co., KY] who married JULIA ANN MITCHUSSON abt 1898 who was born abt 1878 in Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY. Julia was the daughter of ZEDRIC D. MITCHUSSON born 5 June 1845 in Ironton, Trigg Co. and EMELINE NICKELL born 7 May 1848 in Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY. --Robert Henry O'Bryan [b: March 1878] who married Marcilla (sp?) Goodrich --Ocie B. O'Bryan [b: February 1882] who married Robert Lofton I trace my lineage through Stephen Winfry O'Bryan and Julia Ann Mitchusson. The Rhodes came to western KY from Bertie Co., NC. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter,, 54 Main Street, Falmouth, MA 02540 Fri Jul 30 16:12:21 1999

Maggie Odom-Duncan

Maggie Odom-Duncan
Looking for any Odom's from Lyon Co. My grandfather was Lewis Odom . Mon Jul 26 12:24:27 1999

Gerald Harwood
My Great Grandfather, Thomas Monroe Harwood supposedly died between the rivers on August 8, 1864, and was buried there. We do not know where he was buried, but we think maybe he was a timber cutter, and that he may have been working for the iron ore mills. I am also looking for information about the iron ore industry that was in that region as I may be able to find some records that would help me with this search. Thu Jul 22 14:46:21 1999

curtis gilliland
Does anyone have any information on Robert Gilliland living in or around the Lyon county area during 1800 or later. I have heard that he lived in the area around 1804 or later. His last home was in Pulaski county, Ky. but disappeared and it was thought he moved to the Lyon county area. Please email me if you have anything. Curtis Gilliland,Jr. Thu Jul 15 21:19:15 1999

Gerald Harwood
Supposedly my Great Grandfather (Thomas M. Harwood) died between the lakes on Ausgust 8, 1864. He was working as a timberjack I think. I am wondering if he may have been working for the Iron Ore industry that was there during that time. Where could I find information about this industry? Sat Jul 17 13:28:41 1999

Virginia Haile
Searching for information on Fannie Jane Vickery, b 1 May 1879, d. 12 April, 1957, m. Hewlett Nichols Haile. Father known as "Gabe" mother,"Kissee"(?). Possibly of Native American descent. Address, 337 S. Boehning Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219 Sat Jul 3 19:32:59 1999

Virginia Haile
Need information on Lafayette Conway Hensley, 1878-1929, m. Luella Ladd, 8 Jan 1899, three children, Otho, Desmond, and Anna Mae, all deceased. Address, 337 S. Boehning Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219 Sat Jul 3 19:32:32 1999

Virginia Haile
Searching for information on Luella Ladd, 1875-1941, m. Lafayette Conway Hensley 8 Jan. 1899, three children, Otho, Desmond, and Anna Mae, all deceased. Sat Jul 3 19:31:12 1999

Virginia Haile
Need information on Lafayette Conway Hensley, 1878-1929, m. Luella Ladd, 8 Jan 1899, three children, Otho, Desmond, and Anna Mae, all deceased. Sat Jul 3 19:29:05 1999

Virginia Haile
Searching for information on Fannie Jane Vickery, b 1 May 1879, d. 12 April, 1957, m. Hewlett Nichols Haile. Father known as "Gabe" mother,"Kissee"(?). Possibly of Native American descent. Sat Jul 3 19:26:41 1999

Jane Dalby
Looking for info on Lucy Jane Cole, born 1828 in Caldwell County. Married Alfred Shoemaker in Caldwell County 1845. In the 1850 census of Caldwell Co, KY, Alfred was 28 , b. Livingston Co.; and Lucy was 21, b. Caldwell Co. Living with them is : William H. Cole 24, b. Caldwell Co.; and Elizabeth Newton age 81, b. NC.

Darleen Norwood
I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Cummings and Grandmother, Millie Williams Cummings. He worked for Illinois Central Railroad Co. I have a letter he mailed to my grandmother, Millie Cummings, addressed to Grand Rivers, Kentucky. Postmark July 31, 1917. They had 5 children: Lucy Elizabeth, Charles Woodford, Alva Bennett, Walter Robert and Johnny Celp. The only other information I have is that he possibly died while working in Chicago, Illinois. If you have any information, please email to Thank you. Wed Jun 9 14:12:54 1999

Beverly Wise
Searching for info on Thomas P. Knight M. Louisa Wise, 1868 at Caldwell Co, He moved from Caldwell Co to Lyon Co. 1856/57. Any in appreciated.

Sharon Smith
My great grandfather was the Rev. Alfred C. Gentle. He pastored a church in Grand Rivers, KY (Methodist) in time frame of 1880's-90's. Looking for any connections to the Gentles as well as Glidewells. Fri Jun 4 09:53:49 1999

Sara Tarpley
During the mid-nineteenth century several children and grandchildren of my second great grandparents, Frederick Binkley and Adeline Shackleford of Davidson Co., TN, moved to Livingston and Crittenden Counties. Among those I have found in Livingston Co. census records is John Frederick BASS (1848-1926) m. 1. Tennessee KIRK and 2. Ellen ?. I have, however, been unable to find his parents Alfred BASS and Sarah "Sallie" BINKLEY in any TN or KY census records after 1850 although I have been told they moved to KY. Would appreciate any information about these families. I have extensive information on John Frederick's Binkley ancestry.

Wayne Langston
Interested in contacting descendants of Claude GEORGE who married Lucy Cornelia DORRAH d. 10 Dec 1919 Lyon Co, Ky. Thanks for any help. Wayne Thu Jun 3 11:02:11 1999

charles christopher
I am looking for any info. on my great grandfather.His name was Charles Edward Glenn.His wife was name Rose.They lived in Kuttawa in an area that is now under water.I am 46 years old so I think around 1900,s.I know they had two girls,Lena and Florence.I know Lena married william hollem christopher and florence married thomas henry smith.You can send my company at or my mailing address is 121 s.minerva Royal Oak mi.48067 THANKS! Wed Jun 2 13:15:23 1999

I'm looking for info on Mary Louiza Kingston's( born June 10, 1903 in Lyon County, Ky) father Francis Napolean Kingston. He died March, 9, 1929 in Lyon County. Who is his parents. He was married to Jane Sanders. Mon May 24 13:29:02 1999

I'm looking for the parents & siblings of Francis Napolean Kingston. He was born April 18, 1861 & died March 9, 1929 in Lyon County. Thu May 20 20:11:07 1999

I'm looking for info on my great-grandmother's parents.Their name is Lorenzo Dowel & Mary Virginia(Sexton) Kellems. Their daughter Mary Louiza Kellems( my great grandmother) was born on June 10, 1903, in Lyon County.

Gary Pearcy
I am looking for ancestors of CAREY DAVIS PEARCY, b. 09/13/1884 ini Eddyville, Lyon, KY; m. about 1872 to Amanda Morgan (no info). Also Will E. Kelly, b. 1848, d. 1889 and Margaret Elizabeth Cansler, b. 1857, d. 11/5/1958. Also any burial information on them and their children William Alvin Pearcy and Martha Alice Kelly (my grandparents). Thanks.

Debbie Drake
I am trying to find any information on WILLIAM GREEN GUNTER b. 1832 d. 1916 He married in 1872 (2nd wife) MARTHA A. MAXEY b. 1842 Supposedly they were in Lyon CO. Would like to know if anyone has any documentation of this.

Bonnie Duff-Smith
Seeking info on Elizabeth LEE who m. John DONELSON c. 1823 in Lyon or nearby county. Lived in Lyon County from c. 1830-1900 time period. John DONELSON disappeared from records between 1845 and 1850. Believe he was also a Preacher as well as a Farmer. Their daughter, Elizabeth Donelson m. Wm. Henry DUFF in in June 1855 in Lyon Co. KY. Thanks. Bonnie Duff-Smith, PO Box 254, Judson, TX 75660 Sat May 15 13:38:57 1999

John Edwards
Looking for info on James Ambrose Oliver who was born in Lyon County, Kentucky on April 5, 1860. He married Mary Jane McCormick. His parents were William Oliver and Sarah C. Any info on these people or there ancestors would be greatly appreciated.

Wanda Neisner
I am seeking any info.on Henry Pierce who was married to Martha Stone. Both were born in KY.(I do not know what county or year.) Their daughter Linnie was marrried to Oll Fitts who were my great-grandparnets.They lived in Lyon county and are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemerty.Linnie died in 1938 and her husband in 1950. Also, Oll Fitts father was John Henry Fitts who died in 1928 also buried at Pleasant Hill.I need any info.I can get on John Henry Fitts to continue my research. His wife name on her headstone is listed as Mary E. What her maiden name was I do not know. Thu Apr 15 21:40:59 1999

Mary Jane McLeod
I,am interested on any information on the Dooms of western Kentucky. My grandmother was Ada (Stewart) Doom of Livingston county. Thu Apr 8 19:33:22 1999

Dennis Holman
I am looking for any information on Linnie Day my grandmother born 1887 in Lyon Co. She married Charles L. Holman my grandfather August 31,1905. I believe her father was John Day. Sun Mar 28 18:40:01 1999

Karen Herndon
I am looking for the family of Mary Elizabeth Cannon (sometimes seen as Mary E J or Elizabeth J); born in Caldwell (before it became Lyon county) in 1834; married Alexander Fowler 5 Feb 1852 in Caldwell county, KY. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Karen Herndon Sun Mar 28 18:35:56 1999

Cardin Carmack
I need to find some parents for Mr. Beverly Boyd? He was B. abt. 1813 & M. Martha (Patsy) Boyd (both were Boyds) on 26-Sept.-1829 in Christian Co. Ky. Martha also M. John Armstrong on 12-Sept-1852. Three of her children with Beverly were 1) Martha Ann B. abt. 1833(born 4 years after Beverly & Martha M. which makes me think that there are more children?) who M. John Messamore in 1849. 2)Keziah who M. Obadiah Ferrell in 1848. 3)Mary Ann (Polly)who M. Thomas Ferrell in 1850. Polly later M. a Jesse Carmack in Tx. & had 4 sons Mark,Tom,Jesse & John William (Billy). Beverly received a Ky. Land Grant (1822-1858)of 160 acres west of the Tennessee River. Beverly was crippled (I don't know if he was B. that way or if it was due injury /sickness) & because of his disability he was exempted from paying taxes---Order Book G in Christian Co. Ky. A Mr. Beverly Boyd M. Zylasha Parkerson in McCracken Co. Ky, when he was 36 & in 1849. That makes him abt. the same age as the Beverly in Christian Co. Beverly was supposed to have died around 1840? It has been suggested that he divorced Martha & went to McCracken Co.? Some divorced records in Christian Co. Ky. would clear that up? But I can't do that because I live in south Fl. It is hoped that someone can find Beverly some parents & any info. would be appreciated. Tia Cardin
Cardin Carmack

Cardin Carmack
In the early 1800's my G-G-grandfather David Doom ran a Stage Coach Inn and Relay Station in Lyon Co. KY. (In that time frame the county would have been Caldwell). There was an Elkhorn Tavern & Relay Station located off new Hgy. 62 east of new Eddyville, Ky. The name may have changed since the early days but it was "on the way" along the Old Varment Trace toward the river. In addition to the Elkhorn Inn there was a Dooms Saloon in old Kuttawa, Ky, that later became a hotel. Does anyone remember their grandparents talking about the old Stage Coach Inn? I need to find a source that tells about Ky. and more specifically Lyon Co. Ky, Stage Coach Inns. Inns or Saloons had to be licensed by the county (Caldwell). Does anyone know where I can look for information on these early Inns in Lyon Co. Ky.? I live in south Fl. so it would have to be something I could do on the computer. TIA, Cardin Cardin Carmack

Bonnie Duff-Smith
JOHN DONELSON believed to have died c. 1840-1850 time period. He was 'exempt from paying taxes' possibly because he was a preacher. He married ELIZABETH LEE c. 1820, place unknown. One daughter, Elizabeth, Married William Henry DUFF in 1850's. Another dau. married a RAFFERTY> Any information on this family appreciated. Thanks.

Bonnie Duff-Smith
James SHUFF married Mahala DUFF in June 1856 in Lyon Co. KY. Believe SHUFF was involved with the furnaces in the Land Between the Rivers area. Mahala was either widowed or divorced prior to marriage. Any information on this family appreciated. Thanks. Sun Mar 21 19:28:06 1999

Susan McShane
HELP cont to need info on the WATKINS FAMILY of Lyon Co. On the 1860 Census I have James M. Watkins 28 wife Lucinda "Celia" Bell Collie Fred C. Watkins 9/12 and a George W. Watkins 25. I know their burial grounds but can`t find out about James and Georges parents Wed Mar 17 06:51:20 1999

Susan McShane
Looking for Parents of JEFFERSON B BOHANON also his 1st wife 2nd wife was MARY TELITHA NICKELL and 3rd wife SARAH. They are buried in Lee-Dodds Cemetery in Lyon Co.

Brenda Evans
Researching Sara BRIDGES of Lyon County, who married John Emsley HICKS on 12-29-1877. They resided in Caldwell County in 1880 census. He was born 1845 in North Carolina and died in Union County, Kentucky, in 1922. Does anyone have anything relating to this couple? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Foley
Would like very much to get the complete 1860 US census for the following (2) families who were residing in Lyon Co., KY (Eddyville P.O.) at the time: Jesse H. FOLEY John J. FOLEY

Bob Foley
I would like very much to get the complete 1860 US census data for Lyon Co. KY for the two following families: Jesse H. FOLEY pg.#694, Eddyville P.O. John J. FOLEY pg.#697, Eddyville P.O. Fri Feb 26 13:41:52 1999

laura dietrich
I had Martin family living in Lamasco, Lyon Co. in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He was James P. Martin, sons James Howard, Walter. Tue Feb 16 23:09:58 1999

Sue Collie
Need the parents name of Isabella McNabb that married Wm. Collie in Trigg Co. Ky. ca. 1840. Please e-mail me at if you know of Isabella.

sylvia evans-witte
Looking for parents of Thomas Wadlington 1715-1777 m 1735VA, to Sarah Wyatt. Children listed: William, Ann, Thomas, Sarah, James "Joseph", George, Edward Wadlington. Would like information on any of the children lines also. Information will be share and credit will be given to those that share it. Thanks, Sylvia Evans Witte

Doris Strong
I am trying to find out when my ggg grandfather Joseph Young , and african american passed away. I last saw him listed in the 1880 Lyon county census. Also wondering if anybody would know when Johnny McCracken, and his wife Henrietta McCracken, an african american who passed. Their son George was born around 1889, so they had to of been living about 1900. I also would like any information on any african american McCrackens around the 1900. I would also like the names of any of the black cemeteries in Lyon, and Livingston counties. Thank you. Sun Feb 7 21:01:04 1999

Vicki Halton
Looking for Solomon JONES b abt 1812 ? Trigg Co Ky married in 1835 in Trigg Co Ky to Clarissa COHOON..looking for parentage of Solomon JONES Wed Feb 3 21:59:05 1999

Ernest Wade
Searching for any information on KEM family. Archile Linn KEM born 13 August 1888 (?) in Lyon County, married Ruby Alice PEARCY who was born 12 Nov 1904 (?) in Lyon County. Both migrated to New Madrid County, MO at early age. Father of Archile KEM was Joe KEM born approx approx 1856 in Lyon County, mother of Archile KEM was Susan HALE born approx 1859 in Lyon County. Ruby Alice PEARCY's father was Willie Alvin PEARCY born approx Approx 1879 in Trigg County and her mother was Martha Alice KELLY born approx 1883 in Lyon County. Would appreciate any information on above individuals,-my wife's ancestors. If unable to contact by e-mail, please write to Gene Wade, 2720 Lenora Springs Drive, Snellville, GA 30039 Sun Jan 31 22:31:24 1999

Sylvia Evans-Witte <>
Anyone looking for the name Wadlington, I have 25 6inch ring binders full of group sheets and pedigrees. Different ancestors have left in my care. The oldest is Ole Tom Wadlington who was married to Sarah Wyatt. I have all the land researches, will, pictures, and etc. I will be very glad to share with anyone. I also have listed where I obtained the information from. Please contact me at Sylvia Evans-Witte, P.O. Box 1411, Jonesboro, AR 72403-1411. (870) 972-6079. Tue Jan 19 14:29:48 1999

looking for any information on the doom family,exspecially the family of elija and ada may(steawart) of Iuka, kentucky. Sun Jan 17 19:06:54 1999

Larry Bailey
I am looking for information about my great great grandfather. John bailey he was married to Betty Odem. They had at least one child a son born in 1870. His name was Thomas Jefferson Bailey he later married betty White they where known to be from Dover Tenn. I don't know if he moved before or after he married Betty White.

Jane Taylor
Any information on Andrew Dunn who married Penniah Freeman. Tue Jan 12 13:35:48 1999

Charles McDermott
I am looking for the family or the descendants of James McDermott. James came to Christian Co. Ky in 1830 from NY. He then move to Calloway Co. in 1840. He had 11 children from 1830 to 1853. They migrated to other counties and states, some to Lyou Co. Any information would help. Thank you, Charles McDermott

Trulie Peterson
Looking for relatives who know the names of Laurie Coleman Oliver's parents. He was born in 1894, probably in Lyon Cty., KY. My mother remembers uncles named Wayman, Ernest,\ Gordon and Tyrene. Thu Jan 7 11:16:43 1999

Geoff Walden
Looking for map of cemetery where Gen. H. B. Lyon is buried, also directions on how to find this cemetery. Please reply to Thanks!

sharon oliver
Oliver,Banister,Ramey,Hawkins,Litchfield,Fulks,Pinegar,DePriest, Bridges
Looking for anyone that has knowledge on any of these names. Nathan T.Oliver married to Susan Oliver in 1841. Had a child that married Sara Hawkins daughter of William B and Nancy Litchfield Hawkins in 1872.They had a child named James Gordon Oliver who married Laura Bell Ramey in 1900. Laura's parents are John and Ellen Hawkins Ramey Married in 1885 Ellen's parents where the same as Sara Oliver's parents. Anyone that can give me any info please write me at P.O.Box 52 Mannsville Ky.42758 or e.mail me or call me 6067878466. Also am looking for Jackson Fulks married to Nancy E. Mitchel on July24,1848 they had a son by the name of Mandard who married Carrie Pimmeger. They had a son named Rummage Irie born in 1908 and died in 1990. Also, if anyone knows anything about Robert C. Bannister married to Sarah Emery on Sept. 10, 1856 and had a child by the name of william Lewis Bannister who married Mary Jane Bridges daughter of Berry and Lucy Barnett Bridges and Jane and William had a daughter by the name of Rosie Effie Banister Allen please again contact the numbers above. These are all of my husbands people and we are at a stand still with his geneology anything is better than nothing. Thank you alot.

John Webb
I'm researching my wife's family, who lived in Paducah, KY. Her grandfather was born November 02, 1866. He was orphaned at an orphanage in Kuttawa at the age of approx. 10 years. Could anyone give any information on an Orphanage in this period. He was a Catholic. His full name was John Henry Raffidy. He later married Maxie Bahm. Any information would be greatly appreciated. John Webb 1903 Carmel Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226 Sun Jan 3 15:22:55 1999

Kendra DeLage
looking for any and all information on the family name - Gray. I am a descendent of Garrett and Susannah Gray who migrated there in 1799. E- Mail me please at : Perhaps we can share information. Thanks!

Sandra Bagwell
I am looking for any information on John Washington Marshall (1796) his son John Warren Marshall, and wife of John Warren Mary Elizabeth Johnson born 4/23/1859 died 9/9/1940 buried in Bethany Cemetery. I have her parents as Fanny Francis Crow and "Buck" Johnson or "Wish" Johnson her brother was Charles Johnson. My Mother would like to know about land they owned, any stories, and hear from any family members. We would also like to know accurate names on Mary Elizabeths parents and if she was Native American. Thank you. e-mail Sun Dec 27 22:56:36 1998

Murrell Peeples
Searching for information on CRITTENDEN COCHRAN b.a.1819 in AL. married ELIZABETH JANE HINSON of Graves Co.Ky.. At least one son JOHN HENERY COCHRAN b.6/3/1850-10/3/1920 LYON, Co. KY.. He married MELVANIA BLOODWORTH . They had at least 2 sons CHARLES WOODSON COCHRAN b.1875, LYON Co. JERRY EDWARD COCHRAN b.1888,LYON,Co.KY ANY information on these names will be appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. Murrell Peeples Thu Dec 24 11:11:24 1998

I am interested on any info on the BOHANON FAMILY OF LYON or surrounding co. My greatgrandfather was THOMAS JEFFERSON BOHANON born 4/1/1880. His parents were JAMES J. BOHANON BORN 3/29/1857 DIED 6/17/1944 i BELIEVE his mother might have been a elizabeth she died after his birth I think they are buried in the NICKOLL CEMETERY. I would appreciate any information.

I am looking for a FRED WATKINS born DEC. 1859 in LYON CO. In my greatgrandmothers bible its says he was killed Dec 13 1929. His father I believe was JAMES M. WATKINS BORN IN 1832 married a CELIA B. on aug 17th 1858. Fred i believe was the oldest the other children were FOREST WATKINS, MINNIE WATKINS, CHARLES, ALBERT, IDA AND MADIE. FRED WAS married to a Laura and had 2 children AGNES ELIZABETH WATKINS BOHANON. BORN JAN 7 1889 and MARVIN WATKINS. If you have any information on these WATKINS I would truly appreciate it FRED WATKINS LEFT THE FAMILY WHEN MY GREATGRANDMOTHER (AGNES) was small and she didn`t here from him until right before he died. So i don`t know his burial area or much about the family. Thu Dec 17 09:59:55 1998

Carrie Pfender
I'm looking for infomation on William Franklin “Bill” WILLIS (b: c 184) that married Nancy Elizabeth “Betty” PERRIN (b: c 1861). They moved to Lyon County prior to 1880. Their children were: Roscoe Franklin August 08, 1880 Bertha E. September 12, 1885 Pearl 1887 Willie December 30, 1891 (great grandmother) Nancy Louetta “Lou” May 09, 1896 Sidney Wesley June 27, 1899 Samuel O. “Pete” January 12, 1901 Any information on Bill, Nancy, their parents or children would be greatly appreciated.

Carrie Pfender
Looking for information on James M. SALYER family. James McGarret SALYER was born December 01, 1808 near Caldwell County, KY. He died in November 1872. He married first Orilla HAYES in 1831 their children were: Martha Ann, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, John Wesley, Ann Eliza, Charles Richard, James Dorris and William J. His second wife was Nancy E. DUNN. They married in 1857 in Lyon County, Kentucky. Nancy and James's children were: Sarah, Mary, Mary Florence, Hestellar, Artinsa "Tennie", Surilday Manding, Deanie, and Clemons McGarret(my gg grandfather). James married Sarah E. STONE next in 1871 in Lyon County, Kentucky. They had one daughter, named, Susan Jane. Any information on this family would be apprecited. Thanks! Carrie


Doris Williams
Pleasant AXLEY's daughter Hannah SMITH AXLEY was born 24 Dec 1803 at Salem, Livingston Co, KY. Does anyone researching SMITH familys have a Hannah SMITH for whom whe may have been named? Any information about the AXLEY- SMITH connection greatly appreciated. Sun Nov 29 16:07:44 1998

Dave Oliver
Trying to connect Joseph M. Oliver b. 1830 Ky to Lyon Co Oliver's. Joseph ended up in Johnson co. IL where he got married in 1850. Dave

Alana White
TALLEY, JOE BASIL: My late grandfather, BASIL TALLEY, married my grandmother, LENA BELL of Lyon Co. on June 15, 1917 in Lyon Co. When I located their marriage licence at the courthouse, I noted that Basil had been married once before and DIVORCED. No one in my family remembers specific details about this. I would like to know who Basil married and when. This first marriage would have taken place probably between 1906 and 1916. The divorce would have been before 1917. **Also, I have lots of Talley information and would love to exchange with anyone who is interested. Address: 3711 Hilldale Drive, Nashville, TN 37215. Thank you. Tue Nov 10 18:05:28 1998

Peggy Laporte
Searching for any information or descendants of Aaron MCWATERS and Mary DEASON or their daughter Cynthia MCWATERS who married a COCHRAN. Time period 1793-1840 in Christian, Trigg, Lyon Co. area Between the Rivers near "Little River" perhaps.

Scott Byrd BYRD

My name is Scott Byrd and I would like to share my Lton County connection.
Following is a three generation descedant chart starting with my second
great-grandfather Alford H. Byrd.  Alford and his family were in Lyon County
from around 1885 until at least the 1820's and probably longer.  I hope this
information proves helpful to other who may be interested.

Scott Byrd
Chesapeake, VA

Descendants of Alford H. Byrd

Generation No. 1

1.  ALFORD H. BYRD  (LEWIS BIRD) was born August 30, 1844 in Prob. Hardin
County, Tennessee, and died March 2, 1913 in Kuttawa, Kentucky.  He married
(1) LAURA.  He married (2) JOSEPHINE B. Abt. 1870.

Child of ALFORD BYRD and LAURA is:
2.	i.	JAMES HENRY BYRD, b. August 14, 1865, Tennessee; d. September 11,
1918, Kuttawa, Lyon County, Kentucky.

Children of ALFORD BYRD and JOSEPHINE are:
3.	ii.	JOSEPH ELISHA BYRD, b. March 1876, Tennessee; d. October 24, 1904,
4.	iii.	MARY ELLA BYRD, b. March 1878, Tennessee.
	iv.	MAUD D. BYRD, b. Abt. 1880, Tennessee; m. JAMES WADLINGTON, September
14, 1898, Lyon County, Kentucky.
	v.	PEARL J. BYRD, b. January 1882, Tennessee; m. WILBURN WINTERS, April 26,
1899, Lyon County, Kentucky.
5.	vi.	CLELAND T. BYRD, b. August 21, 1885, Kentucky.
	vii.	LEE HARLY BYRD, b. January 7, 1888, Kentucky; d. March 1964; m. MINNIE
L., Abt. 1910, Kentucky.
6.	viii.	ALLIE GERTRUDE BYRD, b. December 30, 1890, Kentucky; d. August 27,
1973, Caldwell County, Kentucky.
	ix.	MINNIE MAY BYRD, b. April 16, 1892, Lyon County, Kentucky; m. ZEE
STONE, July 19, 1913, Lyon County, Kentucky.
	x.	JENNIE BYRD, b. December 16, 1894, Kentucky.

Generation No. 2

2.  JAMES HENRY BYRD (ALFORD H., LEWIS BIRD) was born August 14, 1865 in
Tennessee, and died September 11, 1918 in Kuttawa, Lyon County, Kentucky.
He married (1) ORA E. MERRICK October 7, 1888 in Lyon County, Kentucky.  He
married (2) JANIE BELLE WINTERS August 6, 1910 in Lyon County, Kentucky.

Children of JAMES BYRD and ORA MERRICK are:
	i.	MARY BERTHA BYRD, b. June 1889, Lyon County, Kentucky; m. JOHN W.
TERRELL, June 19, 1910, Lyon County, Kentucky.
	ii.	SAMUEL BYRD, b. May 1891, Kentucky.
	iii.	EMMA BYRD, b. July 7, 1896, Kentucky.
	iv.	JESSIE BYRD, b. December 21, 1899, Kentucky.

7.	v.	FLOSSIE ELIZABETH BYRD, b. October 25, 1912, Kuttawa, Lyon County,
Kentucky; d. August 12, 1983, Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky.

3.  JOSEPH ELISHA BYRD (ALFORD H., LEWIS BIRD) was born March 1876 in
Tennessee, and died October 24, 1904 in Arkansas.  He married MARY BELLE
KENNEDY August 7, 1895 in Lyon County, Kentucky, daughter of GEORGE KENNEDY

Children of JOSEPH BYRD and MARY KENNEDY are:
8.	i.	LUTHER HERBERT BYRD, b. July 22, 1898, Kuttawa, Kentucky; d. April
1965, Bradenton, Florida.
	ii.	MARY LOU BYRD, b. January 1900, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
	iii.	CHARLES F. BYRD, b. Abt. 1902, Kentucky; d. Unknown.
	iv.	ANNIE BYRD, b. Abt. 1904, Arkansas.

4.  MARY ELLA BYRD (ALFORD H., LEWIS BIRD) was born March 1878 in Tennessee.
She married JAMES A. SIMPSON July 7, 1895 in Lyon County, Kentucky.

	i.	LORA ETHEL SIMPSON, b. March 1900, Kentucky.

5.  CLELAND T. BYRD (ALFORD H., LEWIS BIRD) was born August 21, 1885 in
Kentucky.  He married NELLIE BELL October 17, 1906 in Kuttawa, Lyon County,

	i.	EDNA BYRD, b. Abt. 1909, Kentucky.

6.  ALLIE GERTRUDE BYRD (ALFORD H., LEWIS BIRD) was born December 30, 1890
in Kentucky, and died August 27, 1973 in Caldwell County, Kentucky.  She
married (2) DANIEL PRICE July 21, 1906 in Lyon County, Kentucky.

Children of ALLIE GERTRUDE BYRD are:
	i.	RUBY BYRD, b. Abt. 1911, Kentucky.
	ii.	LOYD BYRD, b. Abt. 1915, Kentucky.

Generation No. 3

October 25, 1912 in Kuttawa, Lyon County, Kentucky, and died August 12, 1983
in Princeton, Caldwell County, Kentucky.  She married DOYLE EDWARD MARSHALL.

	i.	DOYLE EDWARD5 MARSHALL, b. 1929; d. 1952.
	ii.	MARGARET LOUISE MARSHALL, b. December 7, 1930; m. WARREN ENOS.
	iii.	ROBERT HENRY MARSHALL, b. October 7, 1932, Eddyville, Lyon County,
Kentucky; m. ELIZABETH LOUISE NELSON, September 20, 1952, Evansville,
	iv.	JAMES PHILLIP MARSHALL, b. June 12, 1935.
	v.	JESSE C. MARSHALL, b. April 21, 1937; m. PATRICIA ANN GILLAM.

22, 1898 in Kuttawa, Kentucky, and died April 1965 in Bradenton, Florida.
He married (2) ILENE TAYLOR Unknown.


Children of LUTHER BYRD and ILENE TAYLOR are:
	ii.	KENNETH RAY BYRD, b. September 22, 1923, Arkansas; d. December 30,
	iii.	LUTHER HERBERT BYRD, b. August 6, 1926, Hulbert, Arkansas; d. August
18, 1997, Portsmouth, Virginia; m. (1) BARBARA ELAINE JEFFERS; m. (2) JULIA
ANN MADDEN, August 22, 1947, Chicago, Illinois.

7 Nov 1998

Richard Topp
Need to locate former baseball player named CHARLIE BURDEN who died 7/28/1949 at age 68. He died in Lyon County and last residence was in the town of Eddyville. Need to know birthdate and next of kin. Working on project to ID minor leaguers from 1877 to present. Thu Nov 5 15:27:56 1998

Joe Ann Collins
looking for information on James Wiley Fletcher born 1837. He married Eliza Jane Wheeler on 12/29/1859 in Crittenden Co., Ky.

Ken Elliott
Seeking info on Fred CRUMP b: 12/1895 in Grand River, Ky (Lyon County). Arican- american WWI serviceman. Married Carlene Johnson (very fair-skinned African-American) date unknown. Were there "colored schools," "colored churches" in Grand River? Was Lyon county part of Caldwell county then? Please help Mon Oct 26 06:08:17 1998

Stephen Moody
Seeking to correspond with any descendants or relatives of Joseph E. BURGESS, b. 01 Nov. 1844, Stewart Co.,TN; d. 25 Oct 1923, Lyon Co, KY. He and third wife Frances are buried in Sardis Cemetery, LBL, Lyon Co, KY. Will exchange information.

Dona Brownell
Seeking relatives of James Wilson Peek b.11-14-1870 d. 8-16-1954 married Mary Wilson Martin.

Sheila Morton
I'm looking for Greenlee women that married Ealy men. All dates I have are approximate. Elisabeth Greenlee married Andrew Jackson Ealy on 1-1-1851. he died in 1859. Elvira Greenlee married James Robert Ealy in 1850. Louisa Greenlee was born in 1827 and married James Robert Ealy on 3-11-1845. She died around 1850. Melvina Greenlee married George Washington Ealy around 1844. Melvina was born on 9-20-1824 and died 10-24-1899. Please respond if any of these names sound familiar... Fri Oct 9 21:02:23 1998

Don Whalen
All familys from Lyon -Caldwell-Livingston counties from 1790's to 1850's. Any information would be appreciated. Wed Oct 7 12:53:33 1998

Phillip Wells
searching for information: James Andrew Wells - early 1800's Andrew N. Wells - 1837 to 1922 James Joseph Wells - 1854, moved to Illinois about 1940 Ellen Wells - about 1885 - about 1922 Sun Oct 4 21:58:32 1998

Debbie Rosenbloom
I have found that my Great Grandparents, LYDIA/LIDDIE FOWLER AND LONZO OLIVER were married in Lyon County on October 30, 1888. This was a second marriage for Lonzo, and I would like to have info on his first marriage. He was born in 1867, in Lyon County, according to the marriage bond. Also, sometime after they married, they changed their last name to YOUNG!!!!!! My Grandmother had 9 siblings, and of all of us descendants, I am the first to find this information....!! Does anyone have any idea why they changed their name??? They are YOUNG in the 1900 census for Trigg County, and they were YOUNG for the rest of their lives... Please help solve this mystery. Thanks,

Claudia Williams
1830 Caldwell Co.KY census enumerates as "between Cumberland and Tenn. Rivers" which is now in Lyon Co. A number of COLLEY'S are listed. I would appreciate any info on and of them! Thanks! Sat Sep 19 19:54:19 1998

Margaret Hale
Am searching for the father of my ggrandfather Milton Grace Young b. 1843 d.1920 m. Mary Jane Jackson daughter of John W. Jackson. Milton Grace was a deacon of New Bethel Church in Lyon County. I think his father was William Young and Lucy Mann, but haven't been able to find where they lived or when they died. Would very much like to know where they are buried. Thanks for any help at all. Margaret Lowery Hale 536 S. Anna Ave. Peoria, Il.61604-5847

C.L. Prewett
Seeking information on ancestors/descendants of Robert Nathaniel EDWARDS b. 1842 Carroll Co.,TN and Edna FitzAlan HOUSE b. 1851 Hickman Co.,KY, married 1868 Hickman Co.,KY. Her father was James Horn HOUSE, son of Everett HOUSE and her mother was Frances Ann JOHNSON, daughter of Hudson JOHNSON. The HOUSE and JOHNSON families both came to Hickman Co. from TN ca 1830. Robert Nathaniel Edwards was the son of Drewry EDWARDS (b. 1818 Wilson Co.,TN) and Lucy STOKER (b. 1819 Warren Co.,TN). R.N.'s brother, James Howard EDWARDS m. Lurah___1877 in Ballard Co.. The Drewry EDWARDS family came to the Hickman/Ballard area from Dade Co., MO between 1860 and 1870. Who were Drewry's parents? I would love to share information with anyone about these families. C.L.Prewett, 441 Catalina Dr., Waco,TX 76712 (254-772-3000). Tue Sep 8 14:27:00 1998

Billy Carr
Merrick, John C. I have info that he is buried in Dry Forks Cem in Lyon County. Died in 1894. His wife, Diana, died between 1880 and 1885. Is she buried there also? Diana is my G(3)Grandmother. Does a CEM INSCP book exist for Dry Fork? Mon Aug 24 10:35:04 1998

robert oliver
boyce oliver born lyon county ky 1880 mothers maiden name kinsolving father may have been joseph or walter mothers first name may have been mary ellen grandmother was believe to be cherokee and may have been named jane davis boyce oliver died oct 1940 in kennett mo would appreciate any info they are believed to have lived in mass before migrating to ky Sat Aug 22 20:12:39 1998

Sandra Button
We are looking for the ancestors of Sara Jane Waller (1830-1867) who married William Warner McCubbin (1823-1909), a school teacher and lived with the family in different areas including the Lyon, Crittenden and Caldwell areas. Please contact me if you have any leads for her Waller family. William was the son of "Blind" Nicholas McCubbin and Elizabeth Bloyd.

Sherlene Baab
TAYLOR: Need to know the father of Sarah TAYLOR who married Jesse Russell 3 Mar 1802 in Livingston Co KY. Will correspond and exchange information, Sherlene Rogers Baab, 1705 Windlea Dr., Euless TX 76040. Wed Aug 12 18:02:11 1998

Randall Yates
Looking for information on Matthew Polk Yates, had total of eight children. Three of which are Walter, Richard,and Thomas Jefferson. Walter married Tena Travis in Crittenden County. Walter and Tena's children are John Wood, Mildred, Katherine, Kenneth and Buck. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Vivienne Rowe

Nellie Wilson
John SMITH of Livingston County married Rosa BIRD of Birdsville, KY August 11, 1901 at the home of James A. PORTWOOD in Livingston County. Father of the bride Mason G. "Son" BIRD of Livingston County, KY and Pope County, IL. Researching these families and the SHUFFLEBARGER family of Pope County, IL. Sat Jul 25 13:50:43 1998

Debbie Atchley
Is anyone working on the JONES family from Caldwell/Lyon county? I have an Elizabeth JONES who married a Willard TOWN in 1840 in Caldwell, and married Samuel PEARCE after 1860. I don't know which JONES family she is from. Any help?

Dawn Yates
Looking for info on a Robert Jackson Yates Sr. Dec 21, 1875-Nov.18, 1959. He was married to a Willie May Knoth. They had a son named Robert Jackson Yates Jr. who moved to Indiana. Also sons named Hugh, Russell and a daughter named Dorothy (who married a Holsapple). Robert is buried at the Doom's Chapel Cemetery at Grand Rivers. Willing to share what info I have. Thanks Mon Jul 13 11:27:07 1998

diana bryant
Am looking for Elizabeth Winthrow (withrow?) who married William S. Evins. In 1856 they had land in Lyons County and sold it to move to Missosuri.

Eva Barnhill
Seeking info on the PARKS family of Lyon County. Lorenzo Dow PARKS was born abt 1807 in Virginia, married Betsy Riley. Their daughter, Theodocia, was b. abt 1836 in Lyon County, never married, and died there in 1913. Another son, David Hodge Parks, b. 1843 near Eddyville, married Nancy C. Manus and moved to Arkansas in the 1880s. I have a lot of information on this family, but need to know where and when Lorenzo died, and who his parents are. I'd be happy to share information on this family.

Bonnie Duff-Smith
Seeking date of death and burial site for MAHALA SHUFF, sometime after 1855 in Lyon County KY. She was 1st. married to Jacob Nelson DUFF, and was widowed; next married JAMES SHUFF in Lyon co. Eddyville area, on June 7, 1856. Shuff may have died in POW Camp, Stewart Co. TN in CW. No other record has been found of her. Children:2 1) William H. DUFF m. Eliz. DONELSON 21 June 1855 in Lyon Co.; 2) Jane Arabella DUFF m. Zachariah EVANS in Princeton KY in 1853. Would be grateful for ANY information on Mahala Duff-SHUFF. Thanks. Bonnie Duff-Smith, P.O.Box 254, Judson, TX 75660 or Email:

Seeking burial site of AMANDA ANN BROWN who died Feb. 1940 in Lyon county, Land Between The Rivers (Lakes) area. Have not found her in any listing for that area. Believe she was originally from Livingston County KY. She married c.1876, Dr. Emilius CHAMPION. they divorced c. 1893 and she took back her maiden name of BROWN. Any information on Amanda Ann Brown's burial site, or her parents would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bonnie Duff-Smith, P.O. Box , Judson, TX 75660 or Email:

Otis Metcalf Jr.
Would like to find out all I can about my greandmother Lula f> dobbs,, married Lemual Johns about 1850 + and moved from Katawa Ky to arkansas ? and to sikeston Mo. ,, lived there till she died, she had a sister named Laura and a brother named Richard Dobbs.. any info will be appreciated... Thank you. Otis Metcalf Jr.

Charles Ray
Looking for information on Thomas Jefferson Burton. Surname could have Hallyburton and shortened, ca middle 1800's-1900. moved to Texas after 1900 Tue Jun 9 08:32:20 1998

Dawn Yates
Dobbins Campbell
Looking for information on William Dobbins and Lucy Campbell. William's mother was Mahalah Oliver who died in Lyon Co. in 1880. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Wed May 27 11:00:49 1998

Dawn Yates
Would like any info on the Crockers in Lyon Co. during the time frame of 1837-1912. My GreatGreat Grandfather James F. Crocker was married to Margainie Elizabeth Trimm. They apparently attended Friendship United Methodist Church since they are both buried at the church cemetery. I would appreciate any info on their families. Wed May 27 09:27:34 1998

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