Angel Cemetery  Vol 2


                                               walked and updated Sep 2006


Directions: From the intersection of Ky 92 and Ky 1651 at Stearns, continue going straight .5 mile to Tunnell Ridge Road, heading  SW to the Church & Angel Cemetery is on the Right



unknown grave: no dates has a rusty Funeral

Home marker with no names or dates:



Abbott-Chloe L   Jun 5,1917-Jan 14,1973

Abbott-Theo E   Feb 21,1916-Feb 22,1981


Anderson-Fannie M 1900-1976


Angel-Ben F      Sep 14,1905-Dec 20,1973

Angel-Carol       Oct 11,1954-Sep 15,1957

Angel-Donald     Feb 5,1934-Sep 16,1956

Angel-Frances   Mar 17,1902-Jul 12,1923

Angel-Harold Jr. 1926-1982

Angel-James H  Dec 15,1927-Oct 31,1966

Angel-James Dewey   Apr 5,1911-Aug 17,1963

Angel-James  1871-1922

Angel-Judy J   Dec 28,1940-Dec 28.1940

Angel-Molly Bell 1907-1977

Angel-Samantha  1875 one date ossw James S

Angel-Sol  Feb 14,1910-Nov 11,1933




Ball-Bessie R   Jun 23,1915-Feb 1,1975 ossw William Hurstle

Ball-Coy  Jun 16,1924-May 11,2003 ossw Christeen Keith     ossw     Brenda

              May 11,2003                            Mar 28,1928 one date- Dec 14,1952  one date

Ball-John H   Nov 12,1923-Nov 21,1995

Ball- Kenneth Allen   Jan 26,1935-Feb 10,2003

Ball-William Hurstle  Jul 17,1914-Nov 27,1968 ossw Bessie R


Barnett-Frona S   1911- one date ossw Nickles P

Barnett-Nickles P 1910-1979 ossw Frona S married: Dec 25,1932

Barnett-Frona S    1911-2001 ossw Nickles P


Bartley-Thelma Louise Dec 29,1928-Jul 15,2002



Basham-Melvin R  Aug 26,1913-Mar 9,1996 ossw Ersie M

Basham-Ersie M   Mar 19,1909-Aug 29,1991


Bean-Randy J.Paul Apr 9,1985-Jul 15,1989

Bean-Louis J    Nov 13,1927-Oct 14,1997


Bell-Fred 1896-1979 ossw Willa

Bell-Willa 1900-1980 ossw Fred


Blythe-Troy   Jan 25,1899-Mar 31,1979 ossw Georgia

Blythe-Georgia   1898=1995 ossw Troy


Boggs-Irene Roark Feb 3,1922-Mar 3,1922-Mar 17,1998 ossw William Edgar

Boggs-William Edgar Aug 21,1915-Jan 27,1995  ossw Irene R


Boyer-Andrew G 1888-1971 ossw Effie H

Boyer- C Von Sep 19,1914-Jan 2,1994

Boyer-Effie H 1893-1983 ossw Andrew G


Bolin-Barbara Ann   no dates rusty FHM only


Braden-Verlon Mar 13,1909-Oct 29,2001 ossw Rose M

Braden-Rose M Sep 15,1936 one date ossw Verlon


Bryant-Ada Inman   Mar 15,1901-Nov 13,1982

Bryant-BeverlySep 16,1962-Mar 26,1987

Bryant-Daisy   Sep 13,1941 one date

Bryant-James Critt   Jan 28,1898-Feb 7,1971

Bryant-Larry W   War Mem



                          Viet Nam


Bryant-Thema Mar 15,1927-Aug 20,2004 ossw Herstle married; Dec 10,1945

Bryant-William Kenneth  Jan 25,1924-Nov 27,2002 ossw Mary Agnes

Bryant-Mary Agnes  Jun 27,1925-Jan 16,2000  ossw William Kenneth


Branscum-Clarence Apr 22,1924-Jul 2,2004 ossw  Edna L

Branscum-Edna L Jun 8,1924 one date ossw Clarence

Branscum-Fares Sep 23,1931-Jul 1,1993 ossw Harkuo

Branscum-Harkuo Feb 4,1923-Jul



Brown-Archie H   Dec 26,1909-Dec 17,1970

Brown-Betty Lee Mar 23,1933-Dec 3,2003

Brown-Ezra O 1926-2005 FHM only

Brown-Flora   Mar 29,1910-Sep 9,1983

Brown-Johnathan P Apr 11,1979-Mar 24,2

Brown-J.Lawrence 1911-1975

Brown-Vina 1914 -1996 ossw J.Lawrence


Brumley-Rosie Marie Jan 8,1956-Aug 16,1998


Burke-Clara O Nov 26,1931-Mar 7,2002

Burke-Garland B 1921-1983

Burke-Kelly L Nov 22,1970

Burke-Viola Angie  Oct 6,1913-Oct 21,1975

Burke-William B 1898-1980


Butler-Charles H   Jul 9,1910-Jan 13,1974 ossw Roxie M

Butler-Roxie M   Jul 28,1914 one date ossw Charles H



 Candler-Danny Willard Nov 3,1953-Jun 17,2000

Candler-Willard 1922-1990 ossw Alta


Carpenter-Brian Steven Nov 1,1969-Sep 3,1989 (Photo)


Cash-John Wesley Jul 22,1968-Mar 29,1998 married:


Chambers  Nov 29,1958-Apr 29,2001


Chestnut-Bennie  Jun 25,1926-Apr 8,1992  ossw Allene M

Chestnut-Allene M Oct 29,1926 one date ossw Bennie


Childers-Angela Kay   Dec 8,1970-Jan 3,1971

Childers-Elizabeth     Jan 29,1895-Feb 19,1986

Childers-James Theodore   Sep 23,1922-Sep 1,1996 ossw Rosemary C

Childers-Rosemary Chitwood   Oct 23,1926-Nov 20,1983 ossw James T


Clark-Robert M 1929-2004 ossw Maxine G

Clark-Maxine G 1926 one date ossw Robert M

Clark-Tony Darrell-1976 one date


Clayborne-Wanda L   Aug 6,1933-Apr 6.1985


Collins-? no dates

Collins- Robert M   Mar 1,1901-Sep 11,1978


Corder-Elbert "Cowboy" May 5,1901-Aug 1,1990 ossw Randy

Corder-Randy  Nov 9,1923-May 23,2002


Cook-Erby P Mar 11,1912-Feb 22,1994 ossw Lula F

Cook-Lula F Jun 14,1915-Sep 9,1992 ossw Cora married: Dec 12,1936


Cooper-Clarence 1906 one date ossw Cora

Cooper-Cora 1907-1993 ossw Clarence


Coffey-C.Homer Apr 15,1923-Jul 1992  ossw Ada


Cotton-John Russell  Jul 29,1945-Mar 13,2005 ossw Joan Ella

Cotton-Joan Ella  no dates


Conaster-Ronald D May 21,1953 one date ossw Donna J

Conaster-Donna J Mar 27,1957-May 3,1997 ossw Ronald D


Cordell-Bobby Joe May 19,1956-Mar 25,1998


Cox-Darrel  Aug 22,1942  one date ossw Brenda Sue Aug 29,1946-Jul 30,2000 (Photo)

Cox-James Allen 1983-198__


Crabtree-Clyde     Aug 14,1923-Jan 19,1973

Crabtree- George   Feb 5,1905 one date ossw Martha

Crabtree-Wudry Wilson Aug 13,1933-Jun 24,2005

Crabtree-Ike        Aug 14,1908 one date ossw Lexie

Crabtree-John Shelby Oct 21,1919-Jun 28,2001 ossw Violet Hill

Crabtree-Lisa M 1927-2004 m/o Frank & Steve Crabtree

Crabtree-Lexie     Sep 18,1918-Oct 1,1985 ossw Ike

Crabtree-Martha     May 2,1900-Jun 27,1976 ossw George

Crabtree-Roy Lee Nov 20,1949-Jul 15,2003

Crabtree-Ruth Hill  Jul 14,1924 one date

Crabtree-William 1915-1986


Creekmore-Leon Jan 12,1926-Jul 21,1996 ossw Shelby Rose


Curls-Connie Mac Feb 3,1931-Jun 17,2000 ossw Jan Slaven Curls

Curls-Jan Slaven May 23,1940 one date ossw Connie Mac



Davenport-Joyce  Oct 11,1942-Mar 19,1973 ossw Paul

Davenport-Paul    May 11,1941-Nov 5,1976  ossw Joyce


Davis-Paul L Jul 17,1921-Jul 25,1995 ossw Mildred

Davis-Mildred Mar 31,1931 one date ossw Paul L


Detty-Debra Lynnne   Sep 25,1957-Sep 1,1977


Dick-Steven Wayne Mar 6,1958-May 18,1975

Dick-Billy Joe  Aug 15,1984-Jun 3,2002


Dolen-Orangie M Aug 11,1927-Sep 27,1992


Dority-Arthur Dec 1,1900-Oct 24,1990 ossw Lucy

Dority-Lucy  Dec 30,1934 one date

Dority-Christopher   Dec 25,1960-Nov 22,1978

Dority- Clabe     Apr 12,1907-Apr 11,1982 ossw Zella L

Dority-Zella L   Apr 8,1935 one date ossw Clabe


Douglas-James E Feb 13,1947-Jan 16,2002 ossw Corita

Douglas-Corita Oct 19,1952 one date ossw James E married : Jun 3,1967


Duvall-Morton  Jun 5,1937-Sep 14,2002 (Photo) ossw Sue

Duvall-Sue Oct 29,1939 one date  ossw Morton


Duncan-James P Jr. Jan 19,1930-May 4,1999

Duncan-Austin Mar 20,1929-Dec 1,1992  ossw Nannie L

Duncan-Nannie L  Mar 31,1931 one date ossw Austin

Duncan-James Robert B&D Mar 1,2000


Eldridge-Steven Tyler Jun 3,1992-Sep 18,1996 (Photo)


Elswick-David F Jul 22,1923-Aug 16,1971


Erbaugh-Harry A Sr.  Dec 11,1891-May 3,1980

Erbaugh-Harry Jr. Aug 26,1926-Aug 23,2002


Evans-Livona Pat Jul 25, 925-Apr 30,1992



Farris-Dallas Ray   Jan 9,1933 one date  ossw Elvena

Farris-Elvena   Apr 4,1941 one date  ossw Dallas Ray


Foster-Killes R May 7,1909-Aug 21,1987  ossw Beulah C

Foster-Boonie A Nov 11,1941-Nov 11.2002  ossw Helen

Foster-Helen  May 15,1943 one date  ossw Bonnie A

Foster-Beulah C  Nov 23,1916-Jul 27,1990   ossw Killes R

Foster-Valdia A  Aug 20,1940-Oct 3,2002   ossw Marshall L


Frasure-Floyd R  Mar 12,1934-May 17,1993   ossw Virgie

Frasure-Virgie  Oct 27,1943 one date   ossw Floyd R



Garland-Hurstle Oct 10,1931-Feb 9,2002  ossw Minnie

Garland-Minnie  Mar 4,1935-Jan 15,2004   ossw Hurstle married : May 29,1954 (Photo)

Garland-Paul Apr 7,1940-Mar 24,1992  ossw Janice

Garland-Janice  Mar 13,1937 one date  ossw Paul


Gibson-William Alfred  Feb 5,1938-Apr 14,2003  ossw Shirley F

Gibson-Shirley F  May 8,1943 one date  ossw William Alfred


Gordin-Leslie T      Oct 7,1940 one date  ossw Marjorie A married: May 6,1961

Gordin- Marjorie A   Nov 19,1941-May 30,1985 ossw Leslie T


Godsey-Melvin Jun 7,1941-Nov 18,2002  ossw Carolyn Ross

Godsey Carolyn Ross  May 6,1943 one date  ossw Melvin


Goodwin-Lois Tapley Jan 11,1958-Feb 14,2005   ossw Donnie Wayne

Goodin-Donnie Wayne  May 16,1954 one date  ossw Lois Tapley


Gregory-Charles E  Oct 2,1947-May 15,1980  ossw Daisy (photo on stone)

Gregory-Daisy M  Dec 30,1945 one date ossw Charles E

Gregory-Earlie    Jun 6,1925-Mar 20,1973  ossw Elaney

Gregory-Elaney   May 7,1924-Sep 15,1974  ossw Earlie

Gregory-Willie    Jan 2,1901-Jan 11,1985  ossw Zelma

Gregory-Zelma   Mar 28,1909-Jun 13,1992  ossw Willie


Greene-Edward B   Dec 5,1933-Feb 15,1991


Griffith-Andy Estes Apr 3,1915-Feb 3,1988  ossw Gladys Marie

Griffith-Gladys Marie Aug 13,1918-Feb 18,2001 married May 29,1954 (Photo)



Hamlin-Jennifer Lynn   Feb 12,1970-Feb 4,1971

Hamlin-Lean Sep 10,1914-Sep 22,1977


Hatfield-Leslie M   Jul 26,1979-Apr 8,1980

Hatfield-Shirley Dean Ross  Jan 9,1940- Feb 20,2000 d/o Oscar V & Edith Ross


Heath-Herman    Aug 12,1918-Aug 19,1980 ossw Maggie

Heath-Maggie     May 17,1922 one date ossw Herman


Henry-Emma Lee   Dec 25,1939-Jun 22,1998 (Photo)

Hill-Arlie B   Jun 23,1926-Mar 28,2001 ossw Etta

Hill-Bill Jun 21,1920-Dec 5,1997 ossw Lora I

Hill-Caroline Privett Jan 21,1942-Mar 10,1983

Hill-Edward 1901-1983

Hill-Elizabeth one date Oct 31,1970

Hill-Etta Aug 12,1928-Sep 17,2002 ossw Arlie B married: Jul 3,1947

Hill-Lewis 1905-1994 FHM only

Hill-P.L    Aug 11,1955-Sep 13,1956

Hill-Robert D Jun 12,1920-Jun 19,1994 ossw Norma J

Hill-Roger W Feb 5,1951-Nov 4,2002

Hill-Norma J Dec 18,1946 one date ossw Robert D

Hill-Sid one date Jun 20,__

Hill-W.A   Jun 13,1957-Feb 17,1958


Hamby-Leslie Leann  Apr 11,1985-Oct 21,2000  ossw  Robert Donavan


Hollis-Lonnie W Dec 4,1912 one date ossw Maxine

Hollis-Maxine J Jan 23,1918 one date ossw Lonnie W


Hollingsworth-Linda Griffis Jul 24,1943-Jul 8,2001


Hoskins-Euell "Bus" Jul 19,1911-Aug 20,1998  ossw Norma Lee Bruce

Hoskins-Norma Lee Bruce  Oct 8,1923-Aug 20,1998  ossw Euell



Inman-Claude  Jan 25,1920-Dec 7,2000  ossw Geneva K

Inman-Geneva K  Mar 21,1926 one date  ossw Claude



Jones-Carl Jr. May 29,1936 one date

Jones-Chester (Happy) Apr 13,1914-Oct 12,1975  ossw Maxine C

Jones-James Luther Jun 23,1907-Mar 29,1985  ossw Levoda

Jones-Johnie Nov 12,1915-Jan 27,2002  ossw Ada Inman married: Oct 5,1940

Jones-Levoda   Dec 16,1906-Aug 31,1982 ossw James L

Jones-Maxine C no dates (Funeral Director for MFH) ossw Chester

Jones-Sylvia Lawson   Jun 26,1931-May 27,1976

Jones- Terra Leigh May 31,1977-Mar 9,1978

Jones-Willie A   Mar 23,1905 one date

Jones-Zora   Apr 1,1931-Nov 22,1977


Joslin-Betty K 1942 one date  ossw Billy D married: Jun 24,1967

Joslin-Billy D 1937 one date  ossw Betty K



Keith-C Hoover   Nov 24,1917-Mar 14,1993 ossw Mildred

Keith- Mildred  Oct 28,1914-Jun 20,2003  ossw C  Hoover


Kidd-Ada   Jun 15,1913 one date ossw Guy

Kidd-Anna J   Oct 26,1899-Mar 5,1983 ossw John M

Kidd-Billy J Mar 11,1950-Nov 4,2002  ossw Magdaline

Kidd-Magdaline May 2,1952 one date  ossw Billy J

Kidd-Bobby E   Mar 24,1931 one date  ossw Verdie E

Kidd-Cecil Aug 17,1927-Mar 14,2000

Kidd-Donald Lee  Jun 22,1939-Oct 10,1991 ossw Janice Lee

Kidd-Janice Lee Jan 19,1942 one date ossw Donald Lee

Kidd-Jerry "Pud" Feb 15,1946-May 30,2005

Kidd- John Eldred  Apr 3,1913-Oct 28,1992

Kidd-Louise  Jan 18,1949 one date ossw Micheal (Photo)

Kidd-Micheal  May 6,1950-Jan 30,2003  ossw Louise

Kidd-Leonard  Dec 25,1916-Dec 31,2001 ossw Maudie

Kidd-Maudie  May 6,1921 one date ossw Leonard

Kidd-Guy   Sep 9,1908-Jul 18,1977 ossw Ada married: Aug 27,1932

Kidd-Michelle L   Dec 2,1971-Dec 5,1971

Kidd-Robert Gene Aug 2,1941-Jun 29,1990  ossw Sue Katherine

Kidd-Sue Katherine Mar 22,1941 one date ossw Robert Gene


King-Audrey Wilson  Mar 5,1909-Feb 26,1964

King-Bertha  Apr 22,1891 one date

King-Dester  Feb 3,1926-Dec 5,2000  ossw Juanita married: Nov 24,1945

King-Rev.C.C    Feb 7,1907-Mar 27,1993  ossw Mae married: Mar 23,1963

King-John Eldred   Apr 3,1913 one date  ossw Myrtle B

King-Eula  May 23,1922-Jul 12,2000  ossw Rev.Joil

King-Rev.Joil  Dec 27,1923-Jun 12,1996  ossw Eula

King-Juanita  Feb 21,1927  one date  ossw Dester

King-Kristie Nicole 1977-1977

King-Mae  Oct 22,1904-Jul 18,1985 Rev.C.C

King-Mary Waters 1902-1983

King-Myrtle B   Apr 21,1921 one date ossw John E

King-Phillip  Aug 24,1941-Sep 27,1996

King-Pete   Feb 26,1886-Dec 9,1971

King-Stewart Allen  B&D May 2,1990

King-Wanda Darlene  Mar 20,1971-Mar 10,1994 ossw Timothy Scott married: Jun 19,



Lair-David William  Nov 13,1998-Feb 6,1999 s/o Prema Kidd Lair & Jason Lair

Lawhorn-Frank 1897-1983

Lawhorn-James   Mar 24,1899-Feb 11,1973

Ledbetter-Gertie  Mar 12,1912-Dec 1,2003  ossw  Luther


Lawson-Arless J   Oct 23,1912-Sep 21,1977  ossw Geneva E

Lawson-Dora    Jan 24,1908-Mar 14,1979  ossw Raymond

Lawson-Geneva E   May 31,1922 one date  ossw Arliss

Lawson-Raymond   Jan 17,1903-Apr 23,1977 ossw Dora


Lay-Betty J   Mar 15,1931-Aug 8,1931

Lay-Can   Dec 8,1882 one date

Lay-Rachel Omie   Sep 10,1896-Aug 21,1956


Ledbetter-Gertie   Mar 12,1912 one date ossw Luther

Ledbetter-Linda Coffey 1884-1964

Ledbetter-Luther  Aug 11,1907-Jan 22,1974

Ledbetter-Sallie  Oct 29,1891-May 27,1978


Lykins-Green   Jan 4,1882-Mar 22,1966



Marcum-Ford  Jun 28,1959-Feb 19,1994

Marcum-Grace E Dec 25,1915-May 18,1998  ossw Harold P

Marcum-Harold P  May 16,1906-Mar 10,1992 ossw Grace

Marcum-Jerome H   Nov 22,1896-Apr 29,1970  ossw Jessie A

Marcum-Jessie A   Nov 6,1898 one date  ossw Jerome H

Marcum-Kelly 1925-1986

Marcum-Ruth  Mar 4,1922-Feb 4,1998


Martin-Charleen  Sep 14,1927- Nov 7,2003

Martin-James Howard    Feb 21,1938-Oct 12,1985


Mason-John L  Dec 5,1915-Oct 10,1996  ossw Virgie

Mason-Lee S   Oct 31,1925-Jun 4,1981

Mason-Vergie  Apr 28,1931  one date  ossw John L


Mathews-Delmer  Feb 1,1922-May 12,1996  ossw Mescal  married: Sep 2,1943

Mathews-Rita   Jul 14,1923-May 8,1976


Matthews- Loyd  Jan 25,1935-Jul 18,2004  ossw Zella   married: Jan 1,1986

Matthews-Zella  Nov 18,1936  one date  ossw  Loyd


Maxey-Terry G  Apr 27,1962-Mar 10,1990


Maxwell-Lora  May 1,1930-Oct 2,1998

Maxwell-Lester L   Jul 11,1949-Oct 1,1981 married: Jul 7,1967 (Photo)

Maxwell-Wilma I   Jun 11,1948 one date ossw Lester L


Meadows-Adell C Hughes  Jun 11,1938-Jan 8,2002


Messer-Bill Aug 22,1950-Sep 2,2000  ossw Margaret M Nevels

Messer-Margaret Nevels  Oct 14,1948  one date  ossw Bill


Middleton-Brent Allen  Dec 6,1950-May 21,2000


Morgan-Aldena Winchester  1927-1986

Morgan-Chester A  Apr 28,1923  one date  ossw   Jessie L

Morgan -Jessie L  Apr 8.1924-Jul 1,1991  ossw Chester A

Morgan-Louise  Aug 29,1926-Feb 18,1988 ossw Robert E

Morgan-Robert E  Feb 26,1920-Mar 4,1993 ossw Louise


Morris-Glen Jr. Jul 3,1942-Aug 16,1978


Morrow-Anna G  Dec 21,1914-Jun 8,1994  ossw  Richard H Sr

Morrow-Betty C May 19,1935-Feb 10,2004  ossw Richard H Jr.

Morrow-Marvin  Mar 12.1915-Jan 18,1993  ossw Stella

Morrow-Peggy  Feb 27,1958-Oct 28,2000

Morrow-Richard H Sr.  Dec 25,1905-Sep 12,1988 ossw  Anna G

Morrow-Richard L  Jan 31,1957-Feb 7,1957 s/o Betty & Richard Morrow

Morrow-Stella  May 17,1924-Dec 4,2002 ossw Marvin


Mullinix-Clifton  Jun 24,1946 one date ossw Helen Joan

Mullinix-Helen Joan  Nov 2,1946-Jan 3,1998  married Oct 22,1960  ossw  Clifton


Murphy-Herbert L 1920-1981

Murphy-Joesph A   Jan 4,1897-Apr 25,1972

Murphy-Ruth T  Oct 16,1902 one date

Murphy-Vera Mae  Jan 27,1920-Jun 24,2004



Nevels-Agnes   May 30,1906-Oct 13,1985

Nevels-David     Feb 26,1934-Nov 16,1993 s/o Agnes Nevels


Neal-Artie M   Apr 12,1894-Sep 10,1972

Neal-James Edward  1924-1976

Neal-Juanita J Wilson  Jul 7,1930  one date  ossw Roger L

Neal-Martha C  Oct 7,1899-Oct 11,1978

Neal-Porter  Oct 20,1928-Nov 9,1998

Neal-Roger L  1931-1996  ossw  Juanita J Wilson Neal


Nelson-Robert  Feb 15,1927-Jul 6,1994   ossw Ireeda

Nelson-Ireeda   Jul 13,1939-Sep 5,2003  ossw Robert



Patrick-Emily Nicole  B&D  Jan 1,2003

Patrick-Les R Apr 13,1912 -Jun 25,1993


Payne-Brandon  Jun 22,1989-Jun 25,1996  ossw  Tammy Burke

                                                                         May 27,1964-Jun 25,1996

Perkins-Nannie 1902-1933


Perry-Ella Mae   Aug 23,`923-Jul 13,1977

Perry-Hobart Jun28,1917-Nov 15,1963  ossw Ella

Perry-Martha M Keith 1926 one date   ossw Thomas E

Perry-Mildred  Dec 14,1931-Mar 2,1978

Perry-Noble  Aug 14,1923-Nov 15,1968

Perry-Thomas E  1922-1992 ossw Martha M. Keith


Phillips-Bertha  Jun 10,1922- 1955 ossw Huey

Phillips- Bertha  1915-1998  ossw Herbert  

Phillips-Boyce Dean  Feb 25,1948-Apr 5,1969

Phillips-Darrel H   Feb 28,1955-Nov 8,1974

Phillips-Dester  May 11,1935-Aug 30,2002  ossw Molly

Phillips-Diana K  Feb 28,1948-Apr 5,2003  married:Oct 25,1965

Phillips-Estle L Nov 4,1943  one date  ossw  Diana K

Phillips-Herbert L 1921-1981  ossw  Bertha 

Phillips-Lucinda E  Jan 26,1914-Mar 23,1982 ossw Osburn  married: Aug 29,1936

Phillips-Marie   Aug 10,1900-Feb 18,1971 ossw Marshall

Phillips-Marshall   Feb 2,1897-Oct 18,1976 ossw Marie

Phillips-Michael  Jan 9,1990-Jul 31,1992

Phillips-Molly  Jan 28,1947-Jun 20,1990  ossw  Dester

Phillips-Osburn   Oct 18,1913-Nov 13,1991 ossw Lucinda E

Phillips-Vernon Alfred  Aug 2,1931-Feb 19,1971

Phillips-Zula Faye   Sep 1,1943 one date ossw Vernon A

Phillips-Huey   Jun 4,1918 one date ossw Bertha

Phillips-Eva L   Oct 15,1919-Dec 29,1984 married: Jun 21,1983 to Osburn


Prichard-Carey F  Aug 25,1912-Mar 3,1986  ossw Opal M

Prichard-Opal M   Dec 14,1915-Jun 5,1981  ossw Carey F


Pryor-Anthony A   Nov 20,1877-Oct 15,1956  ossw Mary E

Pryor-Jess    Jun 12,1902-Nov 28,1949  ossw Madie

Pryor-Madie     Apr 17,1909-Jan 25,1969  ossw Jess

Pryor-Mary E    Oct 9,1904-Oct 10,1976  ossw Anthony A

Pryor-Shelby Jean  Sep 7,1955-Oct 9,1955



Ramsey-William  Oct 15,1940-May 31,1999  ossw Shirley Strunk

Ramsey-Shirley Strunk  Oct 24,1940  one date  ossw William

Reynolds-Baston E  Aug 23,1901-Jul 16,1977 ossw Lillis T

Reynolds-Lillis T  Feb 7,1904-Apr 14,1977 ossw Baston E

Ridner-Ronald R  Feb 3,1945-Oct 3,1995

Ridner-Kline T  Apr 30,1949-Apr 24,2005

Ridener-Loyd  May 23,1905-  one date ossw Oma E

Ridner-Loyd  May 23,1938-Oct 9,1992

Ridener-Oma E  Mar 7,1910 one date  ossw Loyd

Ridener-Thurman  Mar 8,1986 one date

Ridener-Thurman C  1938-1986


Risden-Eva Dec 9,1906-Mar 7,1972


Roberts-Clarence G  Nov 16,1906-Jan 7,1981

Roberts-Emma Lee  Aug 18,1913 -Mar 6,1996 ossw Hansford J

Roberts-Hansford J  Aug 16,1906-Jan 23,1979  ossw Emma Lee married: Jan 24,1931

Roberts-Lloyd  Sep 30,1908-Oct 24,1973


Rollins-Steven Micheal  Jul 15,1995-Feb 14,1996  s/o Steve Rollins



Ross-Charlie  Nov 30,1914-Nov 23,1980  ossw Clara

Ross-Clara  Jun 16,1920 one date  ossw Charlie

Ross-Edith M   May 16,1911-Nov 8,1995 ossw Oscar Victor  married: Jun 6,1930

Ross-Edward Ray  Apr 28,1951-Oct 9,1977 (Photo)

Ross-Elva  Feb 20,1934-Oct 24,1992  ossw  Esau

Ross-Ernest  Oct 8,1923-Aug 23,1983

Ross-Esau Sep 8,1935  one date  ossw  Elva  married: Sep 20,1953

Ross-Gene Allen Jun 13,1949- Aug 23,2003 f/o Derek,Channing,Michael,Jennifer

Ross-Gene Dewayne  Jun 12,1960-Sep 23,1982

Ross-Jasper  May 28,1911-Jan 13,1973  ossw Pinkie

Ross-Jermey Don  Oct 4,1974-Oct 4,1974

Ross-John Lawrence   Nov 6,1904-Jul 8,1985

Ross-Joshua Aaron   Oct 10,1985-Oct 10,1985

Ross-LouieE  Jan 21,1920 one date  ossw Stella M

Ross-Oscar Victor   May 2,1905-Dec 24,1984   ossw Edith M s/o Newman Ross f/o Derek,Channing,Michael,Jennifer

Ross-Pinkie   Mar 2,1916 one date ossw Jasper

Ross-Rowena  May 1,1938-Jan 20,1991

Ross-Shirley Ann  1942-1972

Ross-Stella M   Jun 15,1923-Mar 30,1974

Ross-Wendell L  Nov 29,1940-May 29,1984


Russ-Hazel Ball May 25,1912-Jan 27,1970



Sammons-Brenda Lee   1960-1967

Sammons-Mary  1957-1957

Sammons- Willie Jun 7,1883-Oct 7,1958


Sampson-John B 1919-1986


Schachi-Hassan Jun 20-1908-Mar 14,1984


Sheperd-Lewis Feb 17,1918-Apr 23,1972


Shoopman-Bobby R   Mar 19,1943-Oct 11,1978

Shoopman-Donald R   Jun 7,1908-Oct 17,1977 ossw Hattie married: Sep 17,1932

Shoopman-Hattie   Jun 5,1916 one date   ossw Donald R


Siler-Adam  Sep 15,1901-Jul 15,1946   ossw Cora S.F.

Siler-Cora Siler Faulkner   Sep 30,1901 one date ossw Adam

Siler-Rev.John W   Dec 3,1899-Dec 1,1928

Siler-Jonnie  Jan 23,1929-Oct 13,1929

Siler-Mildred Helen  Jul 6,1930-Oct 8,1931

Siler-Raymond L   Jun 27,1928-Feb 7,1935


Slaven-Betty Thomas  Aug 21.1901 one date ossw Rev. J C  married: Jan 1,1922

Slaven-Fred L  Jan 20,1923-Sep 19,1975

Slaven-Rev. J.C  Jan 19,1901-Feb 24,1985  ossw Betty Thomas


Sluss-Shirley Ross Oct 15,1943-Fev 26,1978


Smith-Hubert G  1919-1973

Smith-Samantha  1917 one date ossw Hubert H


Stephens-Ralph Mar 30,1942-Apr 30,1976

Steohens-Levi  Feb 28,1905 one date

Stephens-Nannie  Mar 8,1907 one date   ossw Walter L married: Aug 14,1926

Stephens-Rev.Walter L  Apr 26,1900-Mar 14,1986  ossw Nannie F


Strunk-Bertha  Dec 2,1890-May 11,1961

Strunk-Bill  1908-1981

Strunk-Evelyn  1887-1977

Strunk-Jesse Owen   Dec 19,1898-Feb 13,1972

Strunk-Mattie  Nov 6,1887-Apr 12,1937

Strunk-Willard  Jul 13,1913-Mar 21,1963



Tapley-Alonzo  May 17,1909-Jul 2,1982   ossw Effie

Tapley-Effie  Jan 1,1912 one date  ossw Alonzo

Tapley-Henry J  Feb 6,1907-Apr 18,1983

Tapley-Jasper  Feb 16,1905-Sep 17,1977 ossw Vertie

Tapley-Vertie  Sep 29,1906 one date  ossw Jasper

Tapley-Wesley Quinn Jan 13,1978-Jun 8,1983 s/o Stella Tapley


Thomas-Cora D  Jun 5,1914 one date   ossw Luther H

Thomas-Luther H  May 6,1903-Oct 5,1984  ossw Cora D


Trammell-Diana  Nov 22,1912 one date   ossw Oscar R

Trammell-Oscar R  Oct 11,1905 one date ossw Diana


Tucker-Harlie E  1912-1978 ossw Lura  married: Dec 23,1933

Tucker-Lura 1916-1985 ossw   Harlie E



Vaughn-Rev. Hobert  Jun 16,1923-Apr 8,1997  ossw Truie

Vaughn-Truie  no dates  ossw Rev.Hobert


Vest-Larry Ray Sep 17,1947-Jul 13,2003



Wallen-Baby Boy 1978-1978


Walls-Dode 1909-1972

Walls-Elisha 1935-1985

Walls-Lena Jan 2,1910 one date

Walls-Ninville  Jan 9,1930-Jun 18,2004


Washam-Floyd  Sep 3,1907-Feb 28,1974 ossw Okley

Washam-Okley  Aug 12,1911 one date   ossw Floyd


Waters-Clarence  Mar 14,1912-Jun 5,1984 ossw Lula

Waters-Henley Sep 10,1897-Mar 11,1990   ossw Lillie Ledbetter (Photo)

Waters-Jimmy L Apr 1.1946-Jun 6,1972  ossw Pauline

Waters-LeRoy  Nov 1,1928-Dec 18,1983   ossw Wilma J married: May 22,1951

Waters-Lillie Ledbetter  Aug 7,1905-Apr 7,1989 ( Photo)

Waters-Lincoln A  Aug 10.1910-Feb 27,1982  ossw Mildred C married: Mar 27,1929

Waters-Lula  Apr 20,1909-Apr 4,1994 ossw Clarence  ossw Pauline

Waters-Mildred C  Jan 29,1913-Oct 29,1924  ossw Lincoln A

Waters-Pauline  Apr 4,1930- one date  ossw Lula & Clarence

Waters-Wilma  Jul 4,1930 one date ossw LeRoy

Watters-Austin  no dates  ossw  Lillie Mae

Watters-Elmer E  Jul 23,1962-Jul 30,1993


Watson-Keith 1925-1984


Watters-Arthur  Feb 8,1930 one date

Watters-Dillard  jan 25,1930-Jun 19,2004

Watters-Juda  Mar 14,1905-Feb 21,1977   ossw Nelson N

Watters-Kevin Ray Jan 5,1978-Feb 26,2002

Watters-Lillie Mae  Mar 8,1929- Feb 1,1991  ossw Austin

Watters-Nelson N  Apr 7,1900 one date   ossw Juda

Watters-Orville  Apr 21,1924-Aug 29,1974  ossw Thelma

Watters-Thelma  Nov 13,1924-Aug 2,1996  ossw Orville

Watters-Tony D  Mar 17,1966-Apr 8.1998

Watters-Orville  Apr 21,1924-Aug 29,1974  ossw Thelma


West-Joyce Troxell  Aug 23,1941-Sep 16,2002  d/o Nellie Troxell

West-Robert Donavan  Dec 12,1983-Oct 21,2000 ossw  Leslie Leann Hamby

West- Tommie  1958-2002 (FHM only)


Whittie-Pearl E May 6,1905-Jun 9,1980


Williams-Billy Joe  Feb 20,1920-Mar 24,1977

Williams-Martha Olela  UJan 15,1881-Oct 21,1975

Williams-William Henry  Aug 24,1922 one date


Wilson-Alma Ruth  1941-1985   ossw James C

Wilson-Beatrice  Aug 13,1907-Aug 27,1996  ossw Walter

Wilson-Rev.Cal  Jan 21,1900-Nov 15,1978   ossw Haley J

Wilson-Charlie C  1894-1946  ossw Minnie

Wilson-Deck  Feb 14,1870-Aug 21,1945 ossw Nannie

Wilson-Earl D  Sep 7,1933-Sep 27,1998  ossw Fayrene  married: Apr 22,1977

Wilson-G.Edward  May 5,1939-Feb 19,1998

Wilson-Fayrene Crabtree Oct 11,1954   one date  ossw Earl D

Wilson-Haley J  Feb 23,1905-Aug 17,1984  ossw Rev.Cal

Wilson-James Cleo  1935 one date   ossw Keith

Wilson-John Lewis  Sep 12,1920-Aug 29,1998

Wilson-Julie A  Apr 19,1904-Aug 28,1999 ossw Shelby

Wilson-Lola  Apr 4,1954  one date  ossw Ray

Wilson-Pvt.Luther  Jul 4,1895-Aug 4,1936   ossw Polly Hounshell

Wilson-Luther Jr.  Feb 11,1922-Jun 16,1977 ossw Morene

Wilson-Minnie  1905 one date ossw Charlie C

Wilson-Morene  Feb 12,1926 one date  ossw Luther Jr.

Wilson-Nannie  May 4,1875-Mar 11,1937   ossw  Deck

Wilson-Polly Lee Hounshell  Feb 14,1903-Apr 16,1974   ossw Pvt.Luther

Wilson-Ray  Jan 28,1947-Jul 3,2005  ossw Lois  Married: Aug 20,1977

Wilson-Romie Nicholas  Apr 17,1904-Jun 3,1962

Wilson-Shelby  Jul 10,1902-Jun 8,1984  ossw Julie A

Wilson-Walter  Jul 6,1905-Jun 7,1973   ossw Beatrice


Winchester-Arnold Mar 9,1917-May 14,1982 ossw Willie M

Winchester-John D  Oct 1875-Nov 1932  ossw Molly G

Winchester-Molly G   Jun 3,1881-Aep 20,1948  ossw John D

Winchester-Noah  Feb 26,1924-Feb 26,1937

Winchester-Rose  1894-1983

Winchester-Willie Mae Oct 21,1920-Sep 19,1980  ossw Arnold married: Jan 21,1939


Wright-James R  1922-1980  ossw Kathleen



Worley-Effie E Jones  Oct 29,1927  one date  ossw Richard L

Worley-Faith Ann  Oct 4,2001-Oct 15,2001

Worley-Hurstle"Whiz"  Dec 6,1929-Jun 20,2001  ossw Jean Foster  married: May 15,1946

Worley-Jean Foster  Sep 13,1929  one date  ossw Hurstle

Worley-Hobert  Nov 9,1924-Mar 6,1996  ossw Mishie

Worley-Kathleen 1925-1995  ossw  James R

Worley-Kelly  Dec 27,1914-Feb 24,1997  ossw Lucy Mae

Worley-Larry  1947-1983   ossw Myrtle married: Jan 21,1939

Worley- Lucy Mae  Aug 26,1918  one date  ossw Kelly

Worley-Mary  1907-1990  ossw Thomas H married: Jun 8,1927

Worley-Mishie  Feb 13,1926-Jun 23,2005

Worley-Myrtle  1949 one date   ossw Larry married: Sep 4,1966

Worley-Richard L  Dec 13,1923-Oct 2,1998  ossw  Effie E

Worley-Sherry Lynn  Aug 2,1971-Apr 7,2004

Worley-Thomas H  1907 -1991 ossw Mary married: Jun 8,1927

Worley-Thomas Kelly  Aug 11,1947-Apr 10,1998

Worley-Troy Timothy  Aug 8,1961-Apr 30,1977 (Photo)

Worley-William G  Apr 4,1936-Apr 4,1969


Wood-Charles Apr 24,1919-Nov 25,1991  ossw  Delores E

Wood-Delores E  Oct 2,1919-Apr 28,1999  married: Oct 24,1939


Wright-Barry Wayne  Apr 20,1962-Feb 3,2002

Wright-James R  1922-1980   ossw Kathleen

Wright-Kathleen  1925 one date   ossw James R

Wright-Magdaline  Feb 12,1911-Jan 17,1998  ossw  Royce E

Wright-Royce E  Apr 28,1908-Apr 23,1972