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                                                       Barr Cem.


Directions:From Yamacraw Hwy bridge  on Ky 92, across the BSF take Ky 1363 SW.Go 2.2 mile from the bridge and at Oz turn South onto Devils Creek Road.Contiknue on this road South across Rock Creek, and up the mountain to Beech Grove Church for about 4.6 miles.About .1 mile from the Church turn SE or Left and contiknue.25 .The Cemetery is on the Right.



Coil-Doyle E Apr.22,1921-Jun 14,1921


       War Memorial

       Ky Pvt.1 Cl;.59th Inf. 4the Div.

Coil-Thelma Jan 13,1923-Jul.29,1937


T.H-Sep 25,1891-Sep 25,1923 (bird carved in stone)

B.S Feb 25,1891-Sep 25,1892 ( D backwards & S 26-1892)



Hill-Gila 1857-Jul 21,1907

Hill-Ike(no info)

Hill-Mary(no info)

Hill-Ollie(no info)

Hill-Sid (no info)


F.T.R(no info) field stone only



Roysdon-Dissie May 13,1918-Apr 30,1975

Roysdon-Lenville 1941-1941



Trammell-Martha Dec.20,1894-Feb 12,1926



Vaughn-Beverley S Jun 27,1961-Jun 27,1961

Vaughn-Leonard Nov.23,1943-Niv 26,1943



Waters-Tapley Jan 11,1882-Mar 5,1972

Waters-Virtie Apr.10,1932-Jun 12,1932

Watters-Elaney Apr15,1876-Apr 21,1941 w/o Tapley Waters

Watters-Henry Apr1,1892-Sep 13,1953 ossw Lillie J.

Watters-Lillie J Aug 19,1896-Jul 28,1972 ossw Henry

Watts-Hattie M Nov.30,1899-Dec 5,1901