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                                                 Bell/Dolen Cem

                                                 Hilltop/Yamacraw. Ky

Directions:From Yamacraw Bridge Ky.92 across the BSF takeKY 1363 SW to Bell Farm.Where Ky 1363 intersects

 with Rock Creek-Bell Farm Road, go RIGHT toward Dolen School and LEFT towards Great Meadows Campground.Turn Left at the junction of Parkers Mountain Rd.and Rock Creek Rd.The Bell Cem is approximately 2.5 miles  West of Rock Creek.

Cooper--Infant (no dates) c/o Jf & S Cooper


L.B-(one date 14 Jul__

Bell-Dortha Jan 1,1927-Nov 7,1942

Bell-Glymon May 24,1917-Feb 5,1933

Bell-Hiram Jan 27,1825-Oct 30,1906

Bell-J (one date) 1863

Bell-Joseph Everette Dec 17,1895-Sep 14,1896

Bell-Margaret Oct 12,1897-Mar 30,1874

Bell-Nancy (one date) Apr 12,1867 w/o Hiram Bell

Bell-Nancy T Mar 5, 1849-Feb 21, 1888

Bell-William Oct 18,1889-Oct 1,1949

Blevins-Florida Dec 24,1884-Jan 15,1934(body reburied in Spring 1987-moved to Taylor Place,Jamestown Tn

                                                            w/o Jupiter "Bud" Blevins



 ED-(no info)

Dolen-Clane V Jul 15,1865-May 6,1940

Dolen-Fred May 11,1915-Nov 3,1916

Dolen-M.E Apr 19,1851-Mar 17,1883 w/o N.I Dolen

Dolen-Teddy R Oct 4,1900-Feb 11, 1917

Dolen-Tleigh T. Dec 15,1902-Aug 31,1948




Gaueni-Bettie (one date) Mar 1897



Roysdon-Annie Slavan(one date) Aug 9, 1939



Sandusky-Malinda 1827-Sep 2,1893

Spradlin-Female (no info) c/o Peter Spradlin

Spradlin-Female(no info) c/o Peter Spradlin

Spradlin-Baby Oct 4,1897-Oct 4,1897

Spradlin-Mary (one date) Nov 2,1822

Spradlin-Polly J Apr 3,1881-Mar 5,1920

Spradlin-Susan(one date) Jun 23,1900



Welch-Charlie (no info)